Askis World Primer (5E/Shadow of the Demon Lord)


So Good to be Bad!

The Askis World Primer brings you all you need to explore the fantastic world of Askis, where angelic avatars reign with stifling order and unsullied virtue, where those seeking freedom must step into the secret dark underbelly of the world to strike a blow… a murderous, blook-soaked blow… to throw off the gilded shackles of their beatific masters. Or you can play the glorious heroes seeking to stamp out those who would rebel against perfection. This 140-page resource contains all the player-facing information for antiheroes or exalted servants exploring the world of Askis, as introduced in the incredible Book of Exalted Darkness campaign setting available for 5E and Shadow of the Demon Lord, including amazing equipment, killer character options, setting and world lore, and so much more!

Within the Askis World Primer you’ll find:

-history about the decopunk utopia’s rise
-rules for particularly good characters (innate harmonies for 5E) and the despicably evil (inherent heresies, Sanctity, Sin, and vilis points in both 5E and SotDL)
-details for each of the world’s three continents and dozens of cities therein
-more saints than you could ever possibly need
-the equipment chapter (covering mundane items, drugs, augmetics, inaequa technology, and vehicles for 5E)
-a character sheet (5E)

NOTE: This book is an ideal supplement to the Book of True Evil, but the rules and lore in this book already are included in the massive Book of Exalted Darkness. If you already have the Book of Exalted Darkness, the Askis World Primer is designed to share with your players so they can have the rules and common knowledge of the campaign world they need, while keeping all the secret GM stuff for you!

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