Yesterday we announced the imminent release of a new collection of marvelous magic items for you, the Treasury of the Crusade! 


Today’s preview brings you a run-down of the items you’ll find within its pages! This treasury does include a number of items that use the mythic rules, as the official Demon Crusade Adventure Path does. Such things can be a bridge too far for some gamers, and if they are not your cup of tea feel free to ignore them. However, it is important to note that even items designed as mythic can easily be used in a non-mythic campaign, as such items have an array of abilities available to non-mythic characters, and for that matter you can simply ignore the mythic requirements for an item’s more potent abilities. The mythic rules are a toolbox for enhancing your campaign, and we think they can be a great addition to your campaign, as are items dealing with mass combat, another feature of the Demon Crusade AP. The items are listed by price in the table below, and their descriptions are broken up by item type thereafter.

Armor and Shields: abyssal carcass, crusader aegis, ironstretch buckler, mind mirror, screecher, strangling straps

Weapons: crimson helix, fiend leash, firespitter, flareup arrow, mythscourge, razor bow, splitting bolt, warforge hammer

Rings: kinship pledge signet, ring of alternate paths, ring of backstepping

Rods: locust rod, rod of torment

Staves: staff of the raised horde, summoner’s scrambler staff

Wondrous Item: ascension catalyst, box of the rapturous choir, fluid modulation gloves, planar atlas, pleading of the crusades, seed of discord, Stygian coin

Artifacts: deva wings, dimensional bomb



A TREASURY OF SAVINGS – and a preview of the CRUSADE #1!

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Yes, that’s right. Not one, not two, but THREE new Treasuries are on the way, penned by some of Legendary Games’ newest stars and following in a glorious tradition! The very first product Legendary Games released back in 2011 was the Treasury of the Macabre, featuring 30 marvelous magic items suited for horror campaigns. Last year brought the Treasury of the Fleet, with 30 more items both nautical and piratical. This spring we are set to bring you not one, not two, but THREE more Treasuries for your looting pleasure!  First up, and available this weekend if all goes well in layout, is the Treasury of the Crusade by Superstar finalist Pedro Coelho! Pedro has been a regular contributor to Legendary Games with his beautiful cartography, but his skill with writing and design is definitely up to Legendary standard, and we are proud to welcome him to the team!

We’ll be diving deeper into the items within this new treasury in tomorrow’s preview, but for now let’s just say that the 31 magic items in this product are designed specifically to fit within a campaign against the demon hordes, whether a published adventure path or a demon-war campaign of your own devising. Some items may be long-lost holy relics of fallen kingdoms long since swept aside by the fiendish onslaught, while others are tokens of the crusader kingdoms founded to push back the demonic invasion and keep it contained, and might be given as boons to those who serve well the forces of good. Some items, of course, are tainted with perfidy and corruption, like the heresies and bloodthirsty inquisitions that grow like tumors within the crusader armies, and are tools of terror and sedition for collaborators with the armies of darkness. These items range from the militant to the mundane in this book, from weapons and shields to bindings, books, and music boxes. It’s true that a crusader’s heart is not quite so deeply invested in treasure as a mercenary’s or explorer’s, but if it’s a rich assortment of gear for good and bad alike they seek, they are going to love what they find in the Treasury of the Crusade.




TWO DOWN, one to go!

The Mythic Spell Compendium is now off to the printers!!!!!

Final page count: 288.

Final spell total: I lost count somewhere after 2,000, plus appendices including notes on Communal spells as well as more mythic metamagic feats than you can shake a stick at. They’re also in the Mythic Hero’s Handbook, but we thought including them in this book would be a nice touch since, after all, people casting spells might want those too.

Years taken off my life getting the final formatting bits ironed out? No comment.

Hairs remaining on my head: Double no comment.


This book joins the Mythic Monster Manual already in the review and prep cycle at the printer, and if all goes well by the end of this week the Mythic Hero’s Handbook will be off as well!  The book text is written, final sponsored items are in, and now I just need to finish up the introduction, make sure all the backer/sponsor listings are correct, and write the back cover text, and we’ll call it a day.

If everything breaks right, there’s a small chance we could have the three books available for PaizoCon in late May. More likely, the books will arrive in early June and we will begin sending them out to backers then.



This MYTHIC MONDAY is ready for its close-up!

If your character looks forward to each battle as a chance to show off his bombastic flair and dazzling panache, Mythic Minis 55: Performance Feats is right up your alley!  From performing ridiculous feats with a flick of a whip to an array of combat feats embracing the virtues of showmanship, this mythic mini has 10 fantastic feats for you!

Pick up your copy today at the Legendary Games webstore or from our partners at the Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG! - Mythic Minis 55 - Performance Feats (cover)



Now available from the mighty minds of Legendary Games, Path of the Genius brings you an all-new mythic path focused on the power of the mind. This path is not about psionics or magic (though there are certainly parts of this path that work with them as well), but about the power of unfettered intellect, stretching the boundaries of the possible with imagination, invention, an analytical mind, studied expertise, and judicious application of technology from alchemy and clockworks to electromagnetism and cybernetics! If you’ve ever wanted to unleash your genius upon a world in need of heroes, this book is for you!

Pick up your copy today at the Legendary Games webstore or from our friends at the Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG! - Path of the Genius cover


PATH OF THE GENIUS preview #2!

Yesterday we introduced the Path of the Genius with an introduction as to what this brainiac is all about, but we also promised you’d be seeing a full list of all the path abilities for this fabulous new expansion to the mythic rules. But you don’t want just a boring list, do you?  You need some context for what kind of character you might build with this path, and what kind of iconic archetypes it’s supposed to represent. Look no further, for we proudly present to you…



When selecting your genius’s path abilities, you may wish to consider the following themes. Each one suggests a variety of complementary path abilities, with different interpretations about what it means to be a mysterious mythic scholar.

Battlemind: You apply a powerful intellect to the field of battle, using your mind to anticipate and counter your enemies as you analyze them for weaknesses you can exploit. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─analytical eye, deadly guidance, directed assault, imprinting hand, knowledgeable guardian, lesson learned, perfect aid, strange style; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─blade of reason, studied striker, that trick doesn’t work on me anymore; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─regression to the mean.

Curious Professor: You are a student of lore, a broad-based scholar of all things and an obsessive specialist in your particular areas of interest. Your keen mind is always questioning and reasoning out solutions before some are even aware there is a problem. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─eidetic research, helpful rebuke, hypnotist, maestro composer, mythic discoveries, perfect polyglot, probable path, sage scholar, skeptical eye, this just might work; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─elementary deduction, escape plan, handy souvenir; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─dispassionate insight.

Inventor: You are an innovator into future technologies, combining impossible insights into quantum energies, robotics, and advanced technology that strives beyond the puerile mechanics clung to by lesser minds. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─bulletproof, crafting mastery, electroshock, engineer, manufactory, nanite antibodies, repair, shortwave implant, stealth drone, technological tinker; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─advanced gunnery, cybernetic drone, nanite replication, robot fighter; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─nanovirus, rapid robotics

Mad Doctor: You plumb the scientific secrets of life and death, blending alchemy and anatomy in a deadly and volatile mixture that warps and blends flesh and bone. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─assured drinker, electroshock, explosive alchemy, field surgeon, multiple mutagen, mythic discoveries, mythic mutagen, purging alchemy, shortwave implant; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─dirty bombs, escape plan, genegineer, mend flesh, sizing serum; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─enduring elixir, it’s alive.

Polymath: You are a student of every field and a master of many. Your ability to rapidly process, digest, and synthesize information and insight makes you good at virtually everything. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─a dizzying intellect, assured skill, brilliant inspiration, flash of omniscience, insightful calculus, master dilettante, path dabbling, perfect polyglot, probable path, unwavering skill; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─critical skill, one step ahead; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─class mimic, regression to the mean.

Tinker: You are a master mechanic, working with all manner of gears and wheels to construct functioning machines out of whatever is available, often far more effectively than their appearance would suggest. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─engineer, crafting mastery, manufactory, mythic discoveries, mythic trapster, repair, she may not look like much, sure shot, technological tinker, trap taker; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─clockwork creation, combat saboteur, dirty bombs, handy souvenir; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─ technomagical conversion


A perfect path preview for Wile E. Coyote, SUPER GENIUS!

We’ve had a Path of Villainswe’ve had a Path of Dragonsand we’ve had a Path of the Stranger! But what else could we possibly add to the panoply of mythic options available to characters as they follow their path? Maybe the kind of path for a character like this…

Mythic Path - Genius

What is this guy doing, anyway? Is it magic? Is it mysticism? Is it medicine?  Perhaps it Is simply the power of the mind, the power of someone who walks… the Path of the Genius! 


In classic fantasy roleplaying games, the most intelligent characters have always been the mighty wizards of the world, bending their will alongside their intellect to plumbing the eldritch mysteries of the universe and unpacking the nature of reality in its their wondrous detail. It is only through such careful study of the fundaments that wizards are able to tell the laws of physics and chemistry to bend, break, and reshape themselves at their command. Wizards were the most intelligent people, and the most intelligent people were wizards. Sure, you might have the occasional crusty sage secreted away in ancient his library, a keen-eyed philosopher king who masters both ancient lore and modern advances, or a merchant or councilor of surpassing cleverness and guile, but they were the exceptions that proved the rule. As fantasy has evolved, however, that equation of intelligence with wizardry is no longer the case, and that is the purpose of this book.


Path of the Genius is designed to help build characters who achieve immortality and legendary status not so much for their raw personal power but for their intellect itself. They may be researchers or writers, spreading ideas to the far corners of the world that plant the seeds of change wherever they are heard or read or understood. They may be naturalists and explorers, insightful observers into the world around them as it exists, or they may be forward-thinking futurists and experimenters always pushing the envelope of the possible. Their areas of specialization and study range from ancient history to advanced technology, from clockworks and alchemy to manipulation of fundamental forces like electromagnetism and gravity. Equal parts archivist and tinker, from calm loremasters to raving mad scientists, a genius adapts the knowledge of the past and applies it to new situations and new opportunities for breakthroughs. A genius is a character whose mind is her ultimate weapon and who has never met a problem she could not think her way through. A genius is always thinking, always imagining, always listening, always recording, always planning, and always ready to try something new.


Check back tomorrow for a complete listing of the fantastical powers wielded by a genius of legendary proportions!



Four fabulous outfits for MYTHIC MONDAY!

Amusing coincidence that this product comes out the day after the Academy Awards, but the latest Mythic Mini is ready for its close-up! Check out Mythic Minis 54: Mythic Clothing! You can rock your personal red carpet in every adventure with four marvelous mythic magic items that will help you dress to impress in your foamfollower’s jack, robe of tongues and teeth, scorpion cloak, or your ultra-glittery slippers of star-striding! Grab your copy today at the Legendary Games webstore or from our partners at shop.d20pfsrd, Paizoand DrivethruRPG - Mythic Minis 54 - Mythic Clothing (cover)


The METAL HEROES have landed!

The wait is over and the METAL HEROES have arrived at Legendary Games! Eight amazingly detailed characters with richly crafted histories and personalities, along with detailed stat blocks and advancement and roleplay notes, all by master craftsman Neil Spicer, along with full-color portraits by Bob Greyvenstein and fold-up paper minis you can print and use!

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