Legendary Planet for Starfinder is here!   Recently updated !

Launch day is here for the newest sci-fi sensation, the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, and Legendary Games is right here for you! First and foremost, you can kick off the amazing Legendary Planet adventure saga, To Worlds Unknown for Starfinder! From an interplanetary prison break and race against time, you land on a crossroads world and a corrupt city-state where rival gangs, powerful factions, and deadly alien scientists surround you on every side and your next mistake in whom to trust could be your last! You can grab this 100-page adventure book, including new monsters, magic items, technology, detailed gazetteer and bonus campaign setting material, and an ongoing fiction saga by award-winning author Chris A. Jackson right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and Amazon!

This initial adventure will take your Starfinder characters from 1st through 5th level, and the sequel is already nearly ready for you in The Scavenged Codex (Starfinder), when your heroes start their search for a way home first by brokering a deal with inhuman interplanetary gangsters before plunging into an apocalyptic world of blasted deserts dotted with seductive oases, all in search of ancient alien wisdom that can restore the stargates of old!

Next week also will bring the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide (Starfinder), featuring four brand-new playable races for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, with the towering four-armed tretharri, the cybernetic auttaine, the clever winged zvaar, and the green-touched chlorvians, as well as information on classes, races, religion, and unique campaign traits! Even players and GMs not using the Legendary Planet saga will find great information here they can use in their own spacefaring campaigns.

Likewise, our line of ready-to-play planets for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game kicks off later this month with the Legendary Worlds series, each one with a detailed history, geography, and society of a brand-new world, as well as new creatures, feats, spells, equipment, and more! From the slag-seas of the foundry planet of Volretz to the tainted oceans of Melefoni where the aquatic natives war in their supermersibles against the survivors of a fallen colony ship, and many more following in rapid succession!

Farther down the road, you’ll find new technology in the Treasury of the Machine, awesome adventure and plummeting peril aboard a long-range explorer ship hiding a horrifying menace in Starfall, android bounty hunters and mutant cultists in the radioactive ruins of a crashed starship in Scorpions of Perdition, and so much more.

Starfinder is here, and you know we will help Make Your Game Legendary Starfinder-style!


Into the Depths of GenCon Week with Legendary Planet!   Recently updated !

Today we are excited to release the latest chapter in the Legendary Planet adventure saga for 5th Edition, the incredible aquatic invasion epic, The Depths of Desperation (5E)! Journey to the water-world of Vareen, where the implacable bil’djooli have mounted an all-out assault in the name of the Ultari Hegemony and their dread masters. Your heroes must rally their aquatic armies and allies while seeking out the secrets of this strange submerged planet where dry land is a myth! Pick up this awesome adventure today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!

But wait, that’s not all! Of course you can get great bonus material for your interplanetary campaign in the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide (5E), interstellar gateways in Stargates (5E), and in our upcoming line of Legendary Worlds ready-to-play planets of adventure coming up right after GenCon! These products and more, as well as the full line of Legendary Planet adventures can be found for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game as well at the Legendary Games webstoreOpen Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and most titles on Amazon as well! Starting this Thursday, you’ll be able to grab this incredible product line for the new Starfinder Roleplaying Game as well, and you can even pick up the debut adventure, To Worlds Unknown (Starfinder) in person at GenCon, either by preordering it from us at the Legendary Games webstore or in person at the booths for Studio 2 Publishing (1929 and 2029) or Lone Wolf Development (343), with tons more Starfinder material coming as soon as layout ramps back up after GenCon.

And last but certainly not least, you didn’t think we were ONLY doing Legendary Planet, did you? We also have the latest installment in the amazing Legendary Hybrids series just about finished in layout, with a brand-new class blending stealth, subtlety, and shapechanging, the Skinchanger by David N. Ross and Patrick N.R. Julius!

The skinchanger brings you a 20-level hybrid class that combines the druid’s shapeshifting with the vigilante’s flexibility and brilliantly devious ploys. They can transform into almost any shape and pass as anyone they have studied. Those who survive learning of these secretive operatives struggle endlessly with the fear that anyone they meet, no matter how trusted, might be a disguised skinchanger watching for the perfect opportunity to strike. You can grab this killer class book very soon from Legendary Games!

Happy GenCon week everybody!


Stars, Planets, and a War-torn Water-World Await!

First of all, we are excited to unleash the latest new world of adventure for you in the epic Legendary Worlds series by Legendary newcomer Joel Flank! In Legendary Worlds: Melefoni, pollution and strife rage on a war-torn water-world between the survivors of a fallen colony and the aquatic natives in this ready-to-play planet, available right now for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and soon for both 5th Edition and the Starfinder Roleplaying Game! Grab it today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!

The first installment in this series for 5th Edition, Legendary Worlds: Volretz (5E), is complete and ready for layout, though due to travel and time commitments by our layout staff in and around GenCon, it may not be ready for release until later this month, after the con. We will see if we can get it out for you beforehand, but even if not it’ll be ready for you before the end of August for sure! Similarly, the Starfinder Roleplaying Game versions of both Legendary Worlds books already out are heading to layout soon and will be in the queue for after GenCon.

Speaking of that new game, streaking towards its dazzling debut next week, let’s talk Starfinder! First of all, you’ll find the Starfinder product category logo on our vendor partners at Paizo and DrivethruRPG, as well as on our own site, of course, and this is the place you’ll find the most incredible new products for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game!

And what will you find there? On launch day, you’ll find the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide and the first installment of the very first 3PP Adventure Path for Starfinder Roleplaying Game, developed and edited by the incredibly talented twosome of Lyz Liddell and Landon Winkler, who also just happened to edit the actual Starfinder Roleplaying Game itself! This new edition of To Worlds Unknown (Starfinder) kicks off the action for your soldiers, solarians, technomancers, and envoys right at 1st level and takes them on a pulse-pounding action-adventure through collapsing prison planets, escaped alien monstrosities, malevolent genetic engineers, and most dangerous of all the corrupt metropolis of a crossroads world!

You can preorder this amazing interplanetary adventure right now exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore, with files and print copies available starting August 17!

Of course, we have much, MUCH more coming your way soon. In addition to those day-one releases, we have the following books already in production and scheduled for completion in the next month or two:


  • Legendary Planet: The Scavenged Codex – a 5th-level Starfinder adventure from the dark alleys of a planetary metropolis to the blasted wastes of a world cut off and ruined, in search of ancient secrets that may unlock the spaceways
  • Starfall – a 13th-level Starfinder adventure featuring a mysterious colony explorer ship of a forgotten race, haunted and hunted by a horror beyond comprehension as their crippled ship hurtles towards oblivion
  • Cyborgs – a 20-level character class specializing in body modification and cybernetic enhancement
  • Legendary Worlds: Volretz – a fiery foundry world where daring miners surf the slag-seas to extract wealth beyond imagining
  • Legendary Worlds: Carsis – a shattered jungle-world infested with hives of deadly sentient insects and their crawling kin
  • Legendary Worlds: Melefoni – a war-torn water-world where survivors of a crashed colony battle aquatic natives of a poisoned ocean
  • Treasury of the Machine – dozens of awesome new technological and magical items

And we’re not stopping there! Those are just the products ALREADY on the way. Once that wave is up and out, you also can look forward to Starfinder supplements like these:

  • All other Legendary Planet adventures – Dead Vault Descent, Confederates of the Shattered Zone, The Depths of Desperation, Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons, and the epic climax, To Kill a Star!
  • Planetary Heroes – A full set of ready-to-play pregenerated characters with detailed backstories and histories, perfect for crewmates, rival adventurers,
  • Scorpions of Perdition – An android bounty hunter, an alien infestation, and the radioactive mines beneath a crashed starcraft await.
  • Stargates – A complete system for creating and manipulating interplanetary and interstellar gateways to span the stars, if you dare!
  • Legendary Aliens – A compendium of awesome alien enemies and allies from playable races to inhuman cosmic abominations!

Of course, that’s just the beginning. There’s a whole universe of adventure out there for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, and every light-year of it is going to be Legendary!


The Fleet Arrives on 5E Friday!

Today we are excited and delighted to bring you the next installment in our fantastic 5E product series for pirate-themed and nautical campaigns, Treasury of the Fleet (5E)! This awesome assortment of over 30 brand-new magic items is perfect for any campaign sailing the seven seas in search of adventure, or during an aquatic interlude in your regular campaign. You can drop this into any campaign or use it with the rest of our killer series of Pirate Plug-Ins to really enrich your maritime adventures! Grab this terrific treasury today starting at just $4.99 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!

We have even more awesome pirate products coming soon for 5E, including killer collections of ready-to-use NPCs both friendly and fearsome and ready to adventure alongside your heroes as their captains and crew in the Pirate Codex, Nautical Heroes, and Cutthroats and Crew!

Of course, we’ve also had a slew of fabulous 5E products coming out this past month, from all-ages adventures like Crisis at Falling Spring Station and A Feast of Flavor to fey-themed campaign expansions like Faerie Bargains and Beasts of Legend: Fairy Tale Creatures. We even take your 5E campaign out of this world with star-spanning supplements like Stargates (5E) (already out) and Legendary Planet: The Depths of Desperation and the Legendary Worlds series coming later this month!

It’s a spectacular summer for 5th Edition with Legendary Games, including running several D&D summer camps this year at Meeples Games in Seattle. If you’d like some product assistance to set up a D&D summer camp in your hometown, let us know at makeyourgamelegendary@gmail.com!


Welcome to Legendary Worlds!

As the Legendary Planet Adventure Path rolls to its conclusion this summer, we are here to open up new worlds of adventure for you today, with our latest product line: Legendary  Worlds! Each one of these dynamic and delightful destinations provides you with a richly detailed planetary gazetteer, including history and geography, with important people, places, and adventure hooks to draw your heroes into visiting. Plus, each one contains a brand-new monster and new rules content unique to that planet, from feats and spells to magic items, technology, archetypes, special terrain and hazards, and more. The first in this series, the fantastic foundry planet of molten seas and savage slag-beasts that is Legendary Worlds: Volretz by Kate Baker, is available right now from the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!

But wait, there’s more! We have half a dozen new planets already in production for you, and each and every one will be available not only for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game but also for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game (after August 17) and for 5th Edition! The next installments are already on the way right now, including Legendary Worlds: Melefoni by Joel Flank!

On the ocean planet of Melefoni, the intrepid colonists of the Trailblazer have built a home amid the ruins of their fallen colony ship. The dwellers in the deep oceans below face ruin of their own as the shattered drive core poisons their homes in the pelagic depths, leading to all-out war above and below the sea against the invaders from beyond. New feats, spells, and gear to help you survive this war-torn water-world await, along with a detailed planetary gazetteer, adventure hooks, and a brand-new monster, the sonic warrior asquenti!

From fire to water, of course there must be *some* planets where it’s just solid ground, right??  But what lies beneath the surface on a broken hive-world barely held together by shifting gravitational forces and the eldritch webbing of insectile hosts. You won’t be waiting long to find out, as Legendary Worlds: Carsis is on its way too!

There are even more Legendary Worlds coming soon from the powerful pens of Wendall Roy, Jeff Lee, and Eric Hindley, from dream-worlds to frozen ice planets to the secret lairs of planet-hopping pirates and beyond. All coming your way soon. For adventure that is out of this world, you know where to look: Legendary Games!


The Final Forest Friday! And a whole new world is coming!

Today brings the debut of the final book in our Forest Kingdom product line, and it’s been a long time coming. Here at last, Royal Tournaments! This book is an encyclopedic accessory for all manner of festival and tournament events, from mock battle like archery and jousting (along with boxing, tag-team wrestling, and more) to athletic events with running, jumping, racing, and more. You’ll find simple homespun country entertainments and tests of skill and craft alongside social events to elevate your fame and fortunes. Plus, you’ll find an awesome assortment of high-stakes, high-fantasy contests like the Siege Mortis, the tower of jewels, and the pillars of life and death! Over 40 pages of festival fun can be yours right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and soon at Amazon!

The Pathfinder version is here now, and the 5E version is also moving along with our development team and should be available soon! This is the final chapter of new material for the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium, and once we finish editing our Kickstarter backer-contributed new kingdoms, that book will be ready for final assembly!

Speaking of Kickstarters, we also have big news in the world of Legendary Planet! The latest installment, The Depths of Desperation (5E), is in layout now and should be finished up this weekend, allowing us to send it out to our faithful backers at the beginning of next week. Right on its heels, Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons is scheduled to finish its development pass this weekend as well, and it will be headed to layout soon thereafter, along with To Worlds Unknown for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, which will start characters at 1st level and bypass the introductory prequel adventure, The Assimilation Strain! Our Starfinder conversion team is already hard at work on The Scavenged Codex too, and we are excited to provide this awesome adventure for all three systems.

But wait, there’s MORE! Today is also the dazzling debut of our Legendary Worlds product line, featuring the Legendary debut of Kate Baker with Legendary Worlds: Volretz, featuring a fiery forge-world swimming in molten slag-seas while the hardy mining colonies plunder its riches and stave off marauding monsters! This new book is available right new exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore and will be available next Monday in wide release!

Every installment of the Legendary Worlds series brings you a richly detailed planet to visit, complete with history, geography, and adventure hooks for why your heroes would ever want to find themselves there. Plus, every issue comes with new rules elements like feats, spells, magic items, and more, plus a brand-new monster. We have half a dozen new planets already in production, and each one will be presented for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Roleplaying Game (after August 17, of course), and 5th Edition!

If you’re a Legendary Planet Kickstarter backer, check your email, as you’ve got a special discount code that you can use on every issue of Legendary Worlds, but at just $4.99, anyone can afford to check out an entire world of exciting adventure! Plus, from fire to water, get ready for the polluted ocean planet of Legendary Worlds: Melefoni, where survivors of a fallen colony mission clash with the aquatic inhabitants in a race between domination and destruction!


An Ending and a Beginning on 5E Friday!

Today we are proud to present the latest adventure in our awesome all-ages adventure series, Crisis at Falling Spring Station (5E) by Brian Suskind and Ben McFarland! Face off against the savage warlord of the north as he marshals his armies to lay waste to a lonely keep way out on the borderlands! You can grab this fantastic 56-page adventure right now for 5th Edition at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and Amazon! Plus, it’s also available for Pathfinder too!

Plus the final installment in the Forest Kingdom product line is now off to layout, with the long-awaited Royal Tournaments coming your way first for Pathfinder and once development is complete for 5E as well! This is the final chapter of rules content for the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium, leaving only the new kingdoms created by our backers to be edited and finalized and then the book will be complete! A quick preview of the table of contents for you!

Table of Contents


Winning Friends and Influencing People

Contests and Champions


At the Fair


Mock Battle

Special Events

Appendix: Festival Edicts


I am incredibly excited to have this book finally out the door to layout; this is one of my “big three” products that has been lingering on the back burner for years, and it feels so good to have it moving along. Fort Scurvy is up next, getting ready for our Pirate Campaign Compendium Kickstarter coming this fall, and Ultimate Armies after that! But meanwhile, let’s enjoy the festival. And yes, there are rules for aerial jousting. Just sayin…


It’s 5E Friday… now on Saturday!

Hey, I’m on vacation so I didn’t get to posting up the latest announcement yesterday! Blame Universal Studios Hollywood!

Yesterday we were proud to continue a great beginning to the summer with the release of our latest all-ages adventure for 5th Edition: A Feast of Flavor (5E) by Rachel Ventura! This spectacular 64-page adventure across the fey frontier pits your heroes against tests of battle and bravery, alongside challenges for their cleverness and spirit. You can grab this awesome adventure today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and Amazon!

Of course, earlier this week we also debuted the Pathfinder version of Crisis at Falling Spring Station by Brian Suskind and Ben McFarland, and the 5E version is also on the way… maybe even by next 5E Friday!


A Legendary Beginning to a Crisis!

We are excited to announce the Legendary debut of Brian Suskind and Ben McFarland, an adventure equal parts bombastic and beastly as the latest installment in our all-ages Legendary Beginnings series: Crisis at Falling Spring Station! This awesome escapade on the wild and woolly frontier pits the PCs against treacherous fey and the savage soldiers of an ambitious warlord who wants to take over his very own keep on the borderlands! You can grab this marvelous module right now for Pathfinder at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and soon at Amazon, and the 5E version is in layout now! 

This adventure was commissioned by special request from our Kickstarter backers on the Trail of the Apprentice project, and we are excited to bring it to you today! For a quick preview:


Crisis at Falling Spring Station takes your heroes into a world of adventure! In the mountains at the western edge of the Kingdom of Threll, brave soldiers stand guard against the frightening creatures that dwell in the lands beyond. Falling Spring Station controls one of the passes leading through the mountains into the Westerlands and the Darkvale Forest, keeping the people of Threll safe. But a terrible illness has weakened the soldiers in this vital fort. After delivering medicine to help fight the disease, the heroes discover that there is more going on than just a simple illness. It’s up to them to put things right and find out what’s behind the strange happenings. What they uncover is a monstrous plot that threatens the safety of the whole kingdom. Can a small group of adventurers stand up to the mysterious Warlord of the North and his beastly army?


Of course, this is just the start of the amazing adventures to come! First up, we have A Feast of Flavor (5E) coming your way this 5E Friday. Plus, we’ve just received a pair of awesome new adventure manuscripts, the horrifying The Whisperer in the Pit by the terrific Tom Phillips and the The Horseshoe Calamity by the radical Ron Lundeen, a terrific appendix to the first half of the Witches of Winter Adventure Path! Art orders are out and we look forward to having those adventures ready for you next month!


To the Stars on this 5E Friday, plus more Legendary Planet news!

Today we debut the latest Legendary Planet supplement merging sci-fi and fantasy for your 5E campaign: Stargates (5E)! You’ll find a robust system for creating and designing your own system of gateways to bring interplanetary adventure to your campaign, from local system portals to intergalactic wormholes, and not just the basics like direction and range but mysterious manifestations of transmaterialization energies, the dangers of activating dormant or damaged gateways, including malfunctions like biomutation, psychic backlash, and temporal displacement! Plus sample gateways, spells, feats, and more for launching your own interstellar network to bring the universe just a little closer together! You can pick up Stargates (5E) today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and soon at Amazon!

You also can pick up Stargates for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and Amazon!

We also are excited to announce that Legendary Planet is coming to a whole new game system next month! For anyone planning to try out the new sci-fi RPG from Paizo debuting next month at GenCon, you’ll be able to use Legendary Planet as a campaign. We have added the amazing Lyz Liddell, who edited the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, to our team to assist in this project. She is working behind closed doors on Starfinder versions of the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide and To Worlds Unknown, which we should have ready in time for GenCon, and is continuing on with the remainder of the series as well.


Starting with a sci-fi game as a baseline removes the need for a fantasy-world prequel like The Assimilation Strain, so the Starfinder version will begin right off on the prison planet of Garsilt. Though the rules are different, the core theme and focus of Legendary Planet remains on exotic sword-and-planet action. Though the tech level is dialed up compared to the Pathfinder and 5th Edition versions, FTL starships remain unknown as the Legendary Planet setting can be assumed to be either on the far frontier, beyond the reach of FTL exploration in the core Starfinder universe, or to exist at some point in the past, during the mysterious gap in the historical record before FTL drives were developed.

Finally, we are delighted to announce a new product line we are working on for Legendary Planet, a series of standalone planetary supplements called Legendary Worlds! Each one contains a detailed planet, including history, geography, culture, points of interest, and adventure hooks, plus a brand-new monster and new rules elements unique to that planet. Each installment of Legendary Worlds will be available for 5th Edition, Pathfinder, and Starfinder. The first four installments are already underway, with the new planets ready to debut in August! Check out the dream-world badlands of the penthe, the aquatic asquenti in their water-sheathed supermersibles, the asteroid hives of Carsis hives of the endless forest, and the molten planet of Volretz!

Concept Sketch – Asquenti Armada, by Tyler Clark

Of course, Legendary Planet is just one of our many product lines – get ready for a new double dose of Legendary Beginnings next week, with A Feast of Flavor (5E) and Crisis at Falling Spring Station both coming your way! More previews to come this weekend!