More Legendary Classes for Pathfinder 1E!

We still love creating killer new content for Pathfinder RPG, especially with expansions and options for the vast array of classes available in PF1. We’ve created over 50 incredible class books for this edition, and we’ve got two more on

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Templars, Tyrants, and Treasure for 5E!

We’ve entered the second half of our Templars & Tyrants Quick-Starter, featuring an awesome 80-page class expansion packed with paladinly perfection, dastardly antipaladins, and spells and magic items of pure good and ultimate evil! Best of all, the book is

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5E Friday: False Prophecies and Templars & Tyrants!

We are excited and delighted to unveil today False Prophecies, the latest adventure in the fabulous Mother of Monsters Adventure Path, inspired by the classical myths and legends of Ancient Greece! This spectacular sequel to Stone Mother’s Assault drives deeper

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The Templars & Tyrants Quick-Starter is Live!

Some like to celebrate Halloween with horror, but as the calendar flips to November we’re flipping the script and celebrating All Saints Day with a tribute to paladins, the saintliest class in 5E – the paladin! – and their nefarious

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On 5E Friday, it’s time for ALL DRAGONS! And Level UP!

We love dragons here at Legendary Games. It’s right there in the name of the Dungeons and DRAGONS game, so 5E Friday is the perfect time to release an incredible collection of delightfully detailed dragons for your campaign with Oops! ALL DRAGONS!  This spectacular

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Ultimate Rulership makes PF2 Kingdom-Building Legendary!

Legendary Games is the undisputed king of kingdom-building rules for Pathfinder RPG and now for Pathfinder Second Edition! Building upon the rules introduced in the Kingmaker Anniversary Edition Adventure Path by Legendary Games and Paizo, Ultimate Rulership is a massive expansion that brings you new rules for

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