The Mechanical Monsters Quick-Starter for 5E, PF2, and PF1 is LIVE!

Mechanical Monsters is a softcover bestiary featuring over 140 incredible creatures for DnD 5E, over 130 for Pathfinder Second Edition, or over 100 for Pathfinder RPG. These mechanical monstrosities may be born from mad sciencists and magitech, steampunk and clockworks, and advanced cybernetics and

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5E Friday with Mediterranean Monsters & The Dragon’s Hoard!

Just in case you missed it last week, you are going to love our incredible Mediterranean Monsters bestiary for DnD 5E! This massive 184-page creature collection brings together monsters from the mythology of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Morocco, Algeria, Libya,

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PF2 Kingdoms Expand with Ultimate Cities!

Legendary Games is the undisputed king of kingdom-building rules for D&D 5E and Pathfinder RPG and now for Pathfinder Second Edition! Building upon the rules introduced in the Kingmaker Anniversary Edition Adventure Path by Legendary Games and Paizo, and we’re excited to release our second

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More Legendary Classes for Pathfinder 1E!

We still love creating killer new content for Pathfinder RPG, especially with expansions and options for the vast array of classes available in PF1. We’ve created over 50 incredible class books for this edition, and we’ve got two more on

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