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Black Friday lasts all month long this November as we we celebrate sci-fi and science fantasy from Star Wars and Star Trek to the classics of the genre from Barsoom to the Big Bang and beyond with our second Starfinder Super Bundle, with over $100 in spectacular sci-fi supplements over 80% off for just $20! Get 14 PDFs containing over 650 pages of new monsters, character options, spells, feats, magic and technological items, perilous planets, postapocalyptic sci-fi/horror adventure, and grand sweeping sci-fi epics. Products included in the Starfinder Super Bundle II: Wrath of Con include the following:

-Aethera Field Guide
-Arcforge Campaign Setting: Gleam of Eternity
-Arcforge Campaign Setting: What Lies Beyond
-Cosmic Curses
-Legendary Planet 6: Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons
-Legendary Worlds: Calcarata
-Legendary Worlds: Polaris VII
-Plant Symbionts
-Star Classes: Class Grafts
-Star Classes: Nanomancer
-Stellar Options #1: Inferno Soldier
-Stellar Options #2: Soldier Archetypes
-Stellar Options #3: Outer Rim Themes
-Wanted in the Wastes

Grab this incredible collection today for your Starfinder game and Make Your Game Legendary!

PS – Don’t forget to pick up the original Starfinder Super Bundle for even more amazing Starfinder products at a spectacular savings – 14 more killer PDFs for just $20!


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