Ultimate War underway once more… and other news from LG!

While we at Legendary Games have been furiously working away behind the scenes to get our new line of products ready to support the new mythic rules, we haven’t forgotten about our other product lines!

– For fans of our Kingdom-Building Adventure Path Plug-Ins, Horns of the Hunted is nearly finished with the layout process. I should have final galleys ready for review in the next day or two, so barring any unforeseen setbacks this product will be ready for purchase this week. In addition, the fey supplement Beyond the Bright Veil will be moving up the queue in the not-too-distant future as Neil Spicer and Todd Stewart team up.

– For fans of our Far East Adventure Path Plug-Ins, I have a pile of new martial arts goodness from Clinton Boomer that has been simmering on the back burner for too long, and it’s on my list to percolate to the surface, with a few new ideas injected.

– For fans of our Gothic Adventure Path Plug-Ins, we have not one but TWO new products in the pipeline, including a product dealing with magical mutation as well as a new adventure from the master of disaster (for your PCs), Greg Vaughan.

– For fans of the new Righteous Crusade (wink, wink) Adventure Path, we have not only the already-announced Righteous Heroes pregenerated characters but also a new adventure from Jim Groves and another product featuring some decidedly UN-righteous adversaries, enemies both inspired and deranged (would you expect anything less) from Clinton Boomer, Todd Stewart, and the rest of the team.

– And, of course, as the headline implies, Ultimate War is once again on the march. I’m approaching the halfway point on the manuscript, having just buttoned up the “simple” ship rules, for those who just want to use ships as an adjunct to their rulership or their battlefield, and I’m now hip deep in full-bore NAVAL COMBAT. Yknow, if you’re into that sort of thing. Like this.

FIRE, ye black-hearted bilge rats!

FIRE, ye black-hearted bilge rats!


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