Ultimate Commander and Cyborgs!

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1.  You can download our PaizoCon 2015 presentation from “What’s New with Legendary Games” right here!

2.  We have two new releases you can get nowhere else: Ultimate Commander and Cyborgs!

makeyourgamelegendary.com - Ultimate Commander Cover

Ultimate Commander is the next supplement in the blockbuster Ultimate Plug-Ins line, offering you a brand-new 20-level base class called The General, a martial commander whose class features are focused around leadership, tactics, and command of a troop of soldiers called a squad. It also includes his opposite number, the nefarious Hordelord, who does the same with a horde of zombies! Add in feats and archetypes galore, and this product beautifully bridges the gap between small-scale adventuring-level combat and mass combat!


But that’s not the only 20-level base class we just released!


This terrific new entry into the Metal Gods AP Plug-Ins brings you a mechanical mastermind who experiments on himself with techno-organic tweaks and multiple modifications to become more machine than man. An array of feats and archetypes to tailor their skills and talents to different applications of cybernetics to make them the equal of any adventurer!


Both will be available next week in wide release, but right now you can only get them right here from Legendary Games!