Ultimate Battle POD is on the way

All files have been uploaded and all boxes checked. It takes about 24 hours for the CreateSpace review process to work its way through the system, but once it does I’ll give the book a final pass and it’s good to go. Should be up and ready by tomorrow night barring any unforeseen complications.


As always, we encourage you if possible to purchase the print version of our product from the CreateSpace estore. It does require creating an account, but it also charge by far the lowest fee to us for selling our print books. If you are unable for some reason to create an account, you can also purchase from amazon.com and amazon.eu (though, strangely, not from amazon.ca; I’ve yet to hear a response as to why). We will be ordering some books to sell directly through the Legendary Games website, but those will not be available until we have the print products in stock.


We hope you are looking forward to the Ultimate Battle Print Edition as much as we are. If it’s as beautiful as the Ultimate Rulership Print Edition, and I have no reason to think it will be anything less, I will be a very happy publisher.

Ultimate Battle cover


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