Ultimate Battle and Ultimate War

Along with the exciting news of releasing the Ultimate Rulership Print Edition, the news is out that there will be not one but TWO sequels to it, these products focusing on expanding the mass combat rules published in the new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign hardback by Paizo Publishing, LLC. Why two? Simply put, the chapter on kingdom building and mass combat had more than twice as many words dedicated to kingdom building as it did to mass combat. Even with the lion’s share devoted to kingdom building, there was a lot more ground to cover that just couldn’t fit into the product Paizo Publishing wanted to create. As you might guess, that’s even more true with the smaller section devoted to mass combat. So what’s inside these two upcoming volumes?



This rules supplement delves into mass combat with the same verve and creativity as Ultimate Rulership does to the more peaceable aspects of ruling a kingdom. From advanced tactics and strategy to casualties and prisoners of war, Ultimate Battle takes you from ambush to aftermath with new systems for camouflage and scouting, casualties and prisoners of war, tactical initiative and battle zones, and commanders and mercenaries. In addition, it provides you with expansions of existing rules, including new equipment and dozens of new tactics, command boons, and creature and character special abilities help bring almost any army to life, and robust rules for battlefield conditions from terrain and weather to visibility and the fog of war.  This terrific expansion to the mass combat rules found in Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Campaign contains everything you need to recruit, train, equip, maintain, and unleash your armies on the battlefield like never before.



This rules supplement takes mass combat to above and beyond the battlefield, adding even more options to conduct military campaigns across land, sea, and sky. Extensive rules for sieges and siege weapons bring war from the battlefront to the home front, while aerial combat and naval combat radically expand the range of potential battlefields. An extensive system for creating mercenary and common military units is included, as well as a broad range of detailed sample armies, navies, and soldiers of the sky. Ultimate War also features a unique modular combined arms approach to unit construction that is designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with the standard mass combat rules in Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Campaign and the additional rules and options introduced in Ultimate Battle, and all rules are compatible with both the standard rules and the combined arms rules for unit creation.

Plan for BATTLE! Prepare for WAR!

Plan for BATTLE! Prepare for WAR! And know that there will always be casualties…


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