Two for the price of one!

Alas for you, our beloved customers, this isn’t an announcement of a sale on our products. Instead, it’s an explanation of why Legendary Games has been a little quiet lately, as both ace layout man Tim Wickham and legendary author Neil Spicer have just welcomed new additions to their respective families! Tim and his wife welcomed their first child, little Liam, about two weeks ago, while Neil and his wife tried to balance the scales of their gaggle of girls with their first son Noah today!

We are so excited about these new additions to the Legendary Games family and hope you understand that first things most definitely come first for us. We are certainly looking forward to bringing you more of our products, with our continuing Gothic Grimoires series as well as two new adventure products on the way, one more for our Far East AP Plug-Ins, as well as another to kick off our newest product line in support of a certain AP about the making of kings!

Blessings to the Wickhams and Spicers on their new additions and to you and yours in the new year!

Jason Nelson
Publisher, Legendary Games


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