Treasury of the Kingdom COMING SOON!

A few weeks ago we launched Treasury of the Crusadea marvelous collection of magic items ideal for the Righteous Crusade Adventure Path or any campaign where demons and their corruption play a major role. This week, we are delighted to bring you the next terrific treasury from Legendary Games: - Treasury of the Kingdom (cover)

Designed by the delightful Linda Zayas-Palmer, this book brings you a bevy of magical items perfect for the freeholder lords of a newborn kingdom hacked out of the wilderness, whether you’re playing in the Kingdom-Building Adventure Path or your own campaign world. Here can be found tools of war like the shield of the encroaching forest and battle standard of the fallen, but also implements of exploration to blaze trails through forest and field, hill and vale like the survivalist’s arrow and scout’s spyglass. As befits the Kingdom-Building Adventure Path for which it is designed, you will also find items that interact with the kingdom-building rules described in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign and expanded in Ultimate Rulership from Legendary Games, like instant signal towers, crown of affirmation, and the plow of the abundant harvest. Finally, since explorers in the deep wild are not moving into lands uninhabited, but rather places that are haunted by the magical and mysterious fey and monstrous tribes alike, from the burning skull mace and hag’s eye to the staff of the fey queen! In all, you’ll find over 40 magic items, from single-use ephemera to a pair of mighty artifacts; everything you’ll need to stock your wilderness kingdom campaign with an array of awesome items to intrigue your players and enrich their enemies. If it’s fantastical items that delight and excite, your PCs will love what they find in the Treasury of the Kingdom.


Items in this book range from 200 gp in price to over 100,000 gp, in addition to a pair of artifacts. The items found in this book are listed by type below.

Armor and Shields: shield of the encroaching forest

Weapons: burning skull mace, Falling Star, survivalist’s arrow, war god’s greatsword, war trident of the lizard king

Rings: feareating ring

Rods: rod of feytouched summoning, scepter of forgotten time

Staves: staff of the fey queen

Wondrous Items: battle standard of the fallen, beast talisman, black dragon’s spit, boots of the false trail, bottled wisp, crown of affirmation, cyclops monocle, dragon statuette, drowning rat charm, dryad’s wreath, faerie flute, fairy ring mushroom, frumious frock, gloves of the deft pickpocket, hag’s eye, instant signal towers, map of the trailblazer, owlbear dander, plow of abundant harvest, quickstep boots, scout’s spyglass, skittering centipede scout, stickytongue mask, wolfsbane tonic

Artifacts: aeromancer’s heart, fractured phylactery