Yesterday we announced the imminent release of a new collection of marvelous magic items for you, the Treasury of the Crusade! 


Today’s preview brings you a run-down of the items you’ll find within its pages! This treasury does include a number of items that use the mythic rules, as the official Demon Crusade Adventure Path does. Such things can be a bridge too far for some gamers, and if they are not your cup of tea feel free to ignore them. However, it is important to note that even items designed as mythic can easily be used in a non-mythic campaign, as such items have an array of abilities available to non-mythic characters, and for that matter you can simply ignore the mythic requirements for an item’s more potent abilities. The mythic rules are a toolbox for enhancing your campaign, and we think they can be a great addition to your campaign, as are items dealing with mass combat, another feature of the Demon Crusade AP. The items are listed by price in the table below, and their descriptions are broken up by item type thereafter.

Armor and Shields: abyssal carcass, crusader aegis, ironstretch buckler, mind mirror, screecher, strangling straps

Weapons: crimson helix, fiend leash, firespitter, flareup arrow, mythscourge, razor bow, splitting bolt, warforge hammer

Rings: kinship pledge signet, ring of alternate paths, ring of backstepping

Rods: locust rod, rod of torment

Staves: staff of the raised horde, summoner’s scrambler staff

Wondrous Item: ascension catalyst, box of the rapturous choir, fluid modulation gloves, planar atlas, pleading of the crusades, seed of discord, Stygian coin

Artifacts: deva wings, dimensional bomb