Treasure, treasure everywhere… let’s STEAL IT!

The glorious Treasury of the Pharaohs is now available in wide release! Over 30 Egyptian-themed magic items for your Pathfinder game, ready to be plundered by your players and ready to go at the Legendary Games webstore and from our friends at the Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG! 


But here’s the thing. Your PCs aren’t the only ones out there looking for treasure. Turns out that greed is a powerful thing, and they are bound to have many rivals in their race to the ruins to retrieve their riches! People like this…



A quartet of spectacular scribes from Legendary Games brings you Tomb Raiders, a set of four rival raiding parties to challenge your PCs on the road to riches! From the grandiose drug-dealing Eskelpian Acquisitions, Unltd. to the scrappy and resourceful Nazir Family stand ready to undermine the heroes’ efforts early in their careers, and as they grow in stature and fame they may find themselves up against the notorious Twilight Four or the diabolical Court of Slaughter, where they may find themselves happy to get away with their lives before worrying about the treasure they have left behind. With a total 16 NPCs ranging from level 1 to 11, each with their own relationships, style, flavor, and goals, Tomb Raiders will be a great addition to any campaign where you want to remind the PCs that they are not the only people in the campaign with an eye for adventure and a nose for treasure. These NPCs will become rivals your players love to hate!


Look for Tomb Raiders on sale later this month!