TRAIL OF THE APPRENTICE Kickstarter is live NOW!

When we want to bring new gamers into the hobby, whether friends our age or younger players, starter sets and boxes for beginners are great, but not enough. That’s why we created Legendary Beginnings, products designed to be tons of fun for experienced gamers but with structure and content suitable for beginners, young and old. Now we’d like to take that to a whole new level with a 5-part series of exciting adventures, suitable for all ages, the Trail of the Apprentice!

A hidden danger threatens the kingdom of Threll and brave adventurers must answer the call! A bold attack and a mysterious theft set a group of heroes on a mission to find the mastermind behind them. They must follow clues, face terrible threats, and uncover ancient secrets to stop a madman before he can unleash a terrible evil upon the world.

The adventure saga includes 5 adventures, which are available in PDF or as a print compilation, for Patfinder, 5th Edition, or both:

The Bandit’s Cave for 1st-level characters
The King’s Curse for 2nd-level characters
The Thieves’ Den for 3rd-level characters
The Oracle’s Test for 4th-level characters
The Wizard’s Dungeon for 5th-level characters

Each adventure is an action-packed delight, but also include simplified stat blocks and other rules adjustments to keep gameplay fun and fast for new players, with helpful sidebars that provide advice on how to run RPGs for younger gamers so your whole family can Make Your Game Legendary!

Hop on board now with the Trail of the Apprentice right now! The Kickstarter runs for 4 weeks, ending on April 22nd!

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LB - Wizard's Dungeon