They’re heeeeeeerrrrrrreeeee!!!!!

At long last, the Imperial Heroes have arrived, ready for your buying pleasure at, DrivethruRPG, RPGNow, and the d20pfsrd webstore!

The all-star cast of Imperial Heroes... REPRESENT!

You may note this product is a dollar more than our regular Adventure Path Plug-Ins, and there’s a very simple reason – you’re getting MORE! Imperial Heroes clocks in at a robust 28 pages, about 25% longer than our standard Adventure Path Plug-Ins. Combined with eight full-color character portraits by three talented artists, we think you will not find this product lacking in value. We have Legendary standards, and so should you as a customer. We think you’ll find Imperial Heroes meets and exceeds your expectations and leaves you wanting more…

… which you will be getting soon! (but that’s for the next preview)


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