There are 5-star reviews and there are FIVE-STAR REVIEWS. This is one of those.

Anyone familiar with Thilo Graf, the legendary reviewer Endzeitgeist, knows his passion for reviewing the work of 3PP products, and the fact that he is not sparing in his praise or his criticism, devoting great thought and detail to his reviews. His latest review, posted on his own review website as well as on and elsewhere, takes on Beasts of Legend: Coldwood Codex from Legendary Games, one of two bestiaries we’ve created for the Kingdom-Building Adventure Path and suitable for any campaign where your PCs wander into the cold and lonely woods haunted by spirits of the living and the dead, where the forest and cold lands beyond seethe with danger. Endy gives his usual detailed rundown of the creatures in the product, from the tiny totemoq to the towering chernobog, praising the artwork, creature design, background fluff, and product presentation, including paper miniatures and full-page illustration handouts (and if you like these features, you’ll find more of the same in the companion Beasts of Legend: Boreal Bestiary). In conclusion, Endy says the following:


Tim Hitchcock and Jason Nelson are talented designers – thus it should come as no surprise that this pdf, in the best of Legendary Games tradition, is all killer, no filler – there indeed is not a single creature herein that feels like it’s uninspired, boring or bland – they all BEG to be used. With sharp implements held to your face.

Sooo…the price-point. Someone’s gotta address the elephant in the room. Yes, this pdf is not cheap – especially when adding toner/ink-cost, for you’ll want to print this out. BUT. And this but deserves its capital letters, I consider this pdf well worth every cent. Why? Because these critters come with more fluff, with superb production values – whereas I buy Paizo bestiaries mostly for crunch and not inspiration (I prefer the chronicles-books for exactly that reason and love those to death), this pdf’s monster-entries not only feature multiple signature abilities and superb artworks, they also come with deliciously-inspiring fluff that goes beyond what Paizo can offer in their bestiaries – and this, to me at least, vastly increases the value of this book. Dripping old-world flair and oozing not only Kingmaker-compatibility, but also feeling right at home in e.g. the Margreve or the Midgard Campaign Setting, this bestiary once again manages to cement Legendary Games’ status as one of the companies that just doesn’t seem to be able to fail – worth every cent, brimming with imagination, this is well worth 5 stars + seal of approval.


High praise indeed, and we hope to earn that and more with every product we create. We aren’t kidding when we say we want our products to help Make Your Game Legendary!

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