The Ultimates are coming!

Work continues apace on Ultimate War, the hotly anticipated follow-up to the smash hit Ultimate Rulership, and should be on target for July release. But lest you think your opportunities for new ultimate goodness stop there, just wait! I’ve just turned over the expanded manuscript for the Ulimate Rulership Deluxe Print Edition! This marks a new venture for Legendary Games as our very first print product, and we are very excited to continue expanding our opportunities to provide you with the very best 3PP support material out there. You may have some questions about this, so…

What do you mean “expanded”? In a PDF product designed to be used on an electronic device, you can use external hyperlinks to connect to rules in the online Pathfinder Reference Document or That doesn’t work in a print product, so we needed to incorporate those open-source rule elements directly into the product, especially in the section describing settlement attributes.

Is there any actual NEW material?  Besides the expansions listed above, in response to popular demand artist Mike Lowe is creating a full set of new building tiles/counters for each of the new buildings we introduced in Ultimate Rulership to use with the district grid and counters provided in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign.

What if I’ve already bought the PDF? How will I get that new material?  Once the new files are ready for upload, you’ll be able to re-download them from,, or DrivethruRPG. If you bought directly from us on our site, the files will be emailed to you directly.

When will it be available?  Early July, hopefully in time to bring print copies to PaizoCon July 5-7.

How much will it cost?  To be determined once the final laid-out page count and print cost are finalized.  We also intend to set up a discounted bundle package price for selling the PDF and print version together.

Where can I get the print version?  We are planning to use CreateSpace to create these print-on-demand products, which means the easiest way to buy our print version will be directly through the store and through  We may also purchase a stock of print copies to sell through our website and/or through our partner vendors.

Map and Inkpot - LG edit with boundries


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