The LORDS OF LAW are coming!

Tomorrow marks the official release of the 25th book in the Mythic Monsters series! - Lords of Law Cover

Yeah, you’ve had your Demons and Devils, your Abyssal creatures, Emissaries of Evil, and Guardians of Good, but with our last release being Masters of Chaosyou just knew that the Lords of Law needed their day in the sun! Devoted to order and relentless discipline, as awesome as they are arbitrary, check out the creatures lying in wait within!



CR 3/MR 1           Mythic archon, lantern

CR 3/MR 1           Mythic inevitable, arbiter

CR 3/MR 1           Mythic kyton, augur

CR 3/MR 1           Mythic azer

CR 5/MR 2           Mythic archon, hound

CR 7/MR 3           Mythic kyton

CR 10/MR 4         Mythic axiomite

CR 11/MR 4         Mythic inevitable, zelekhut

CR 15/MR 6         Mythic inevitable, kolyarut

CR 15/MR 6         Sakathan

CR 17/MR 7         Mythic archon, trumpet

CR 18/MR 7         Mythic inevitable, marut

CR 23/MR 9         Mythic archon, star


Oh, and what’s that you say? They’re available RIGHT NOW exclusively on the Legendary Games webstore?  Maybe you’d better break the rules and go grab your copy right now!