The latest LEGENDARY PLANET is here!

From the deranged scrivenings of the redoubtable Richard Pett comes the latest adventure in the star-spanning interplanetary saga – Confederates of the Shattered Zone! This massive hundred-page book includes a harrowing adventure for 11th-14th level characters through a polluted puritanical post-industrial paradise of cyborg fanatics, asteroid mines, and long-buried horrors crawling forth to infest body and mind alike, but that’s not all! You also get brand-new monsters, magic and technological items, cybernetic enhancements, a gazetteer of the asteroid field, and the latest in Chris A. Jackson’s ongoing fiction series! You can pick up this adventure today for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition at the following places:

Pathfinder – Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

5E – Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

We are also delighted with the response to last Friday’s release of Asian Archetypes: Magical, with over a dozen new character options for infusing the magic of the Far East into your campaign, and I’ve just completed my final review of the layout on its sequel, Asian Bloodlines, with over 20 bloodrager and sorcerer bloodlines drawing on the myths and legends of the Orient, from nagas and rakshasas to kitsune, tengu, and imperial dragons! There’s also a little Asian flavor in the upcoming Legendary Kineticists II, which we’ll preview more later but for now how about a sneak peek at another great piece of artwork!

However, it’s not all about Asia! For a fantastic resource for featuring the fey in your campaign, we’ve also sent Faerie Mysteries (5E) to layout, and it will be on its way soon, and we’re happy to provide a preview of that for all our 5E fans!

Faerie Mysteries explores the influence of fey creatures and the faerie realms on a 5th Edition campaign world. It is not so much about monsters and magic as it is about how the influence of the fey can change the feel and flow of a campaign, and it gives you a game-mechanical system for describing and representing that in-breaking of raw, untamed, primal magic that make the fey what they are. Fey do not simply walk about within the world; they carry their version of the world along with them, and make our world more like theirs with every step. The rumors and ripples and ruptures in our reality really lay the groundwork for enriching any campaign where civilization is not the only power in the world, and where the force and spirit of nature can push right back.


Like its companion product, Faerie Passions, this product provides a fantastic primer on the use of fey creatures in a campaign, balancing the hardcore game rules with explorations of fey creatures’ mythological origins and role in real-life history and legends. What this product is really about is making fey different, to make them strange, unpredictable, and menacing in turn. They are never quite what you expect, and this product describes subtle shifts you can use to create an interesting variety of alternate creatures. The fey represent the raw and wild extremes of the life and spirit of the land and those that dwell within it, possessed of a mercurial emotionality and an integration with the natural world that flits between an impossibly saturated hyper-reality and the dreamily surreal. A campaign featuring the fey should feel different than other campaigns, and when you introduce Faerie Mysteries, it will.

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