The Countdown to LEGENDARY PLANET Continues…

The LEGENDARY PLANET saga does several things that most adventure paths don’t, but that we think fans will really enjoy:

1.  It doesn’t start at 1st level (unless you want it to). You can begin the campaign in media res with To Worlds Unknown, the first full-sized volume of the adventure path, with your characters at 2nd level and already in the midst of the mysterious worlds beyond. Or, you can start it right at home in the familiar environs of your favorite fantasy world, be it Greyhawk, Golarion, Faerun, Krynn, Eberron, or wherever crazed lumberjacks try to chop up knights in shining armor under the malign madness induced by The Assimilation Strain!  Begin your campaign amid the stars or just out back of Old Man Johnson’s farm – the choice is yours!


I think he wants to axe you a question!

2.  It takes your characters all the way to 20th level! You won’t just be reaching 20th level after the campaign is over, either. You’ll hit 20th level with time to actually USE those awesome capstone abilities you’ve been building towards your whole career!

Han shot first.

Han shot first.

A few more specifics coming soon, but for now.