The Countdown to LEGENDARY PLANET begins!

The beginning of an idea seems so simple. Just a few pencil strokes, a few notes, a notion, a plot, a possibility, an impossible adventure that takes you out of this world. The countdown to LEGENDARY PLANET has begun.


This adventure idea has been rattling around the marvelous mind of Neil Spicer for many years, and it’s a project we’ve been slowly concepting and building behind the scenes for almost two years. We believe in careful building at Legendary Games, to make sure that you get the most amazing products we know how to make, and this project is going to redefine Legendary. Over the next few days we’ll be telling you more about the project, which if it goes all the way will be stretching well over 700 pages, but size is less important than how you use it. We are very excited about the people involved in this project, and we are looking forward to opening this project with a bang. We are looking forward to unveiling this project to everyone, but for now we encourage you to spread the word about Legendary Planet and to get ready for the ride of your lives.


Oh, and one more thing:  FIVE