The CHAOS is coming!

This week has seen a flurry of activity in getting the final monsters queued up for the Mythic Monster Manual completed so we can get that volume off to layout, but at the same time we are closing in on our latest release in the Mythic Monsters product line! - Mythic Monster - Masters of Chaos Cover

What will you find within this fantastic tome? I’m glad you asked!

Protean, Voidworm 3 1
Azata, Lyrakien 3 1
Pard 4 1
Cayhound 6 2
Azata, Bralani 7 3
Protean, Naunet 8 3
Azata, Lillend 8 3
Chaos beast 8 3
Protean, Imentesh 12 5
Aoandon 15 6
Azata, Ghaele 16 6
Protean, Keketar 21 8

All of the above PLUS a surprise 13th monster, as always! In addition, you can look forward to some fantastic frontmatter by the master of the planes himself, Todd Stewart! Masters of Chaos should be ready for release next week, though the Christmas season is a busy time for families and travel, so a firm release date will have to wait and see.



If all goes well, we should also have a new product next week for all those people on your NAUGHTY list. You know, the kind who are ANTI everything…