The BIGGEST mythic monsters of them all!

Tomorrow Legendary Games will release the biggest supplement we’ve ever done for mythic monsters… at least as far as what’s inside the covers: - Mythic Monsters - Colossal (hybrid_cover)

Mythic Monsters: Colossal brings you a dozen and one terrifying titans to shake, rattle, and roll your heroes into submission. From CR 10 to the first CR 30 creatures to appear in the Mythic Monsters series, you’ll find challenges fit to shake the foundations of heaven and grind the weak underfoot in your campaign. There are tiny terrors made massive, like the titan centipede and shipwrecker crab, alongside prehistoric gargantua like the colossal dire ape, immense tortoise, and giant brachiosaurus and tyrannosaurus. You will also find fantastic foes that fill the horizon, from planar predators like the astral leviathan and god-cursed zombie titan to an entire family of behemoths to ravage air, land, and sea, and the legendary tarrasque. As if these were not enough, we also bring you the biggest monster of all, the legendary linnorm Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent! On top of 13 marvelous mythic monsters, we also present alternate rules for creature size and shape and a whole new combat climb system for your heroes to clamber and cling to their colossal opponents!


This book brings you an array of creature types, from animals and vermin to undead and outsiders, and massive magical beasts too! It provides a wide range of CR for its creatures; it just skews rather higher than our usual Mythic Monsters titles, with the least of these beasts still clocking in at CR 10. Check out the colossal creatures you’ll find within:



CR 10/MR 4    Mythic immense tortoise

CR 11/MR 4    Mythic titan centipede

CR 12/MR 4    Mythic giant tyrannosaurus

CR 13/MR 5    Mythic giant brachiosaurus

CR 13/MR 5    Mythic zombie titan

CR 15/MR 6    Mythic colossal dire ape

CR 16/MR 6    Mythic shipwrecker crab

CR 23/MR 9    Mythic astral leviathan

CR 23/MR 9    Mythic thunder behemoth

CR 25/MR 10   Mythic thalassic behemoth

CR 27/MR 10   Mythic tempest behemoth

CR 30/MR 10   Linnorm, Midgard Serpent

CR 30/MR 10   Mythic tarrasque


Check out Mythic Monsters 27: Colossal on sale tomorrow, and also look for a special deal for customers who have picked up our Mythic Monster Manual to get some special savings on filling out their mythic monster collection!