Sentence of the Sinlord (PFRPG)

Ultimate Power, Ultimate Sin


For thousands of years, a war between the great wizards known as the Sinlords has burned across the nation of Larisen. In this conflict, countless adventurers have given their lives to stopping the dominion of these ancient mages, foiling them at great cost. And yet, in spite of their efforts, one foe still remains: a Sinlord who has endured this war since its inception and now stands as its sole survivor.  Unchallenged in his rule, Kazsethil, Sinlord of Lust pursues one final mission in his great fortress beneath Rasonia, a magical endeavor with the capacity to reshape the multiverse itself. With all other heroes defeated or enthralled by his magics, it falls to a small band of elite adventurers to stop this final act and bring about the Sentence of the Sinlord!


Sentence of the Sinlord is an epic Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for heroes of 20th level and beyond! It features new magic and monsters of magnificent might, using the mythic rules to enhance the villains into truly worthy threats for your high-level heroes. This adventure can serve as a standalone soul-shattering climax to any campaign but also is an ideal capstone to the official PFRPG adventure path series battling the returning Lords of the Runes! If you want to end your campaign in truly spectacular fashion, grab this amazing 96-page adventure today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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