Hypercorps 2099 Wasteland (5E)

NUCLEAR FIRE HAS CONSUMED THE WORLD in this 5th Edition OGL campaign setting sourcebook for apocalyptic science fiction roleplaying!

This alernate timeline of Hypercorps 2099 has been wracked by atomic weapons, the surface of the Earth raised and nearly devoid of life. Recently miraculous events have made the world a bearable place for those who hid below in underground shelters and as they explore the apocalyptic planet, the mutants and other survivors that have claimed the land as their own fight for this new stock of wide-eyed prey.

Can you survive 2099 Wasteland?

Unlike many other campaign settings the 2099 Wasteland is not static—it is a campaign setting generator. Every GM and party of survivors that explore the Wasteland uncover a landscape unique to them built using the rules systems inside this fantastic fully-illustrated (perhaps overly illustrated) 183 page book!

What you’ll find in 2099 Wasteland:

  • An indepth timeline following the original Hypercorps 2099 until this alternate world splits off in the mid-20th century!
  • 4 original classes for 5th Edition: master serums as a doctor, transform into a mutated freak, stalk the Wasteland in power armor as a mechanics, or destroy your foes with SCEINCE as a scrapper!
  • 13 different class archetypes for all core classes to bring the original rules into the brutal apocalyptic future!
  • 10 character backgrounds: alien abductee, Atomic Army cadet, feral raider, medic, radiation refugee, scientist, shelter captain, shelter dweller, and survivalist!
  • 4 new races wandering the Wasteland: synthetic androids, gaxian aliens, lumbering mutants, and nearly-undead smart walkers!
  • 8 pages worth of new items, tool kits, prosthetics, grenades, melee weapons, ranged weapons, and CUSTOM-BUILDING RULES for BOTH!
  • Over a dozen feats for Aimed Shooting, enhancing mechaframes, healing through radiation, fighting tactically, and a host of other unique new abilities!
  • 10 spells designed for use on this scorched Earth or any other world!
  • New rules for dehydration, radiation, starvation, the Science and Technology skills, and three new attributes: Irradiated, Luck, and Reputation!
  • Life in the Wasteland detailing radio towers, wandering undead, magic bag couriers, the altered short rest and long rest rules (1 day or 1 month respectively—good luck!), fast searching ruins, Vend-Co Drinks & Snacks, ranged critical failures, options for a less brutal Wasteland, and more!
  • Settlement rules because after the PCs have explored their Wasteland, the next task is rebuilding society as they see fit!
  • Hazards of the Wasteland that plague settlements and explorers alike, ranging from bandit attacks and radtwisters to unexpected detonations!
  • SIXTY-THREE (63!) monsters and NPCs of all challenge ratings! Rad-dragons, rad-drakes, building-sized atomic mutants, brain slugs, technomages, Atomic Army soldiers, Knights of the Living Dead, The Wyrm, walkers—the list goes on!
  • 6 unique Warlords of the Wasteland and their retinues each with a mapped headquarters! Major Bridgette Beauregard of the Atomic Army, Chainbeard’s Roadmasters (along with two pages of VEHICLE RULES!), the Cult of Slaarsh, Merlin (yes, that Merlin) and the Magitechnologists, Morgan le Fay, and The Bureau!
  • 13 surviving operators from the pages of Hypercorps 2099, either dimensional counterparts or in the case of Lucky Mack, one unfortunate mercenary that stumbled into the wrong portal. 😉

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the robust product preview and the free PDFs from the Kickstarter last year!

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Hypercorps 2099 Wasteland: Primer


Nuclear fire from World War 3 cleansed the surface of the Earth in 1969 but life in this alternate Hypercorps 2099 timeline persists—now, nearly a century and a half later, survivors are exiting their underground shelters to comb the ruins of civilization and fight for a new world. Are you set on staking a claim and defending what’s yours, will you champion justice and battle for what is right, or become one of the mad warlords that rules over the Wasteland?

Hypercorps 2099 Wasteland aims to deliver a means to do all of those things as a campaign source book for Fifth Edition, helping GMs generate their own personal Wastelands with gameplay that reinforces exploration of a procedurally generated world where survival is as important as anything else!

This is a promotional PDF for the Hypercorps 2099: Wasteland Kickstarter, funding from Tuesday November 29th to Sunday December 18th! Please check out the project page and consider making a pledge.

What you’ll find in Hypercorps 2099 Wasteland: Primer:

  • Radraider Primal Path – An archetype for barbarians that do not fear radiation but wield it instead, using their rage to turn atomic energy on their foes!

  • Wasteland Character Backgrounds – Play as an alien abductee from the past, a lucky escapee from an underground shelter, or a captain from an underground shelter that’s decided the Wasteland offers a brighter future.

  • Wasteland Gear – In order to survive the irradiated landscape you’ll want a geiger counter, some iodine pills, and if you can afford it, a lead-lined backpack to keep your food from becoming poisonous.

  • Wasteland Skills – You can’t say “mad science” without “science” and you can’t adventure in the Wasteland without a nod to Technology!

  • Radiation and Irradiated – Radiation is a vital element of Hypercorps 2099 Wasteland and the rules for atomic energy are included with a new attribute for once you’ve gathered up too much of the stuff in your cells.

  • Wasteland Monsters – Brain slugs to take over your mind with the slug-brained template, an irradiated bear (via another template!) because those are just too tough to die out, the dreaded purple people eater, and zombie-like walkers (including short rules for the smart walker player race)!

Hypercorps 2099 is not required for exploring the Wasteland and this is a standalone supplement.

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Hypercorps 2099: FAMOTH

Failures And Merits Of The Hypernet!

Looking to travel the realms digital but not sure where to start your journey?

Been to a bad server and got hacked?

Heard all those scary stories about the nasty things that wander the byways of cyberpsace and now you’re spooked?

This is the book for you.


I’m the dwarf that led the research team at Raeon Industries when they finally broke the upload barrier—the hyperjack in your neck is probably a derivative of my original design. In short, chances are good you’ll never find a better source of wisdom as far as the Hypernet is concerned.


So take my advice and read this document carefully. Some of what you’ve heard or seen is sensationalized but not all, and there’s a great many things on the Hypernet worth being cautious about. An unwary user doesn’t last long, that’s for certain.


Scan it all and keep it in mind—the Hypernet is as dangerous as it is compelling.


In Hypercorps 2099: FAMOTH you’ll find:

  • Planar rules for the Hypernet and a dozen servers ranging from the old-timey frontier of Maliku to the endless oceans of Aquatica, sprawling forests of the Unyielding Green, curiously medieval Harsanath, and more!

  • Dangers of the Hypernet—whether it’s the dangers of being meat stripped or a viral infection, we’ve got you covered.

  • Over a dozen creatures and netjackers from the Hypercorps 2099 core rulebook supplemented by new digital assets!

  • The Netjacker base class for all your hacking, drone-controlling, proxy-possessing needs.

  • Fourteen class archetypes for technoclerics, cybersurfing monks, digital detectives, and even the dreaded /\/008 |<|-u5h3|-!

  • New digital feats, digital items (including nanosymbiotes!), and digital hypernaut powers!

  • Hyper flaws not included in the Hypercorps 2099 core rulebook.

  • Four pregenerated PCs with statblocks for use in the Hypernet.
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