Epic Treasures (5E)

Treasures Fit for a Legend

Legendary adventures deserve truly legendary treasures, and Epic Treasures brings you a spectacular set of over 60 magnificent magic items to adorn your 5E campaign. Each one offers exciting and dynamic options drawn from myth, legend, literature, and gaming history, like the dread fangs of the hydra and yoke of the brazen bull, including an array of items inspired by cultures around the world like the crane kimono. Every item has detailed powers and effects for heroes of every level, but all have additional abilities that can be unlocked only by those mighty mythic adventurers with the touch of destiny. You’ll find amazing armor and wonderful weapons like the cuirass of miracles and blade-eating battleaxe alongside fabulous rings, mighty rods, and truly wondrous items like the midnight beacon, diamond of everwinter, and slippers of star-striding. These extraordinary items also have hidden powers revealed only with proper turn of fate, or in the hands of characters anointed with epic boons or divine blessings! Check out this incredible 28-page book of treasures for the 5th Edition of the world’s most famous RPG and Make Your Game Legendary! 

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Legendary Adventures: Epic 5E

I’ve been designing books for D&D 5E since the release of the Fifth Edition System Reference Document (you can check them out here) and the urge for even bigger stories finally reared a couple years ago. Since then I’ve been playtesting epic games with berserkers able to fell fortresses with one momentous blow, druids transforming into the land itself, and wizards reworking magic in the most wondrous ways! Now I’ve got a 128 page sourcebook that provides everything you’ll need to go beyond the core ruleset—or to fill up the GM’s toolbox with a host of new epic creatures if you’re already there.

The table of contents for Legendary Adventures: Epic 5E

  • Epic rules for every character class—attack with devastating swiftness, transform into the land itself, see magic in all its intricate glory, and much more
  • 18 Epic Feats to choose from to customize your legendary adventurer. Transform one of your favorite magic items into a sentient creature, become resistant to types of damage, emulate the legendary resistance of monsters.
  • 10 Epic Hazards including antimagic clouds, wild magic zones, planar bleeds, and other environmental anomalies to keep battles exciting as the threat of foes increases.
  • Over 50 monsters ranging from all-powerful gods of magic to the Four Harbingers of  the Final Judgment, assassins from the future, and elementals formed from lava.
GIF that cycles through half a dozen 2-page spreads of Legendary Adventures: Epic 5E

Epic Archetype Support

Among the more painful decisions when making this book was how to approach archetypes for epic play. One thing that makes legendary adventurers so deft is that you gain *more* than one archetype for your class—your assassin can also become an arcane trickster, or your evoker can learn to master divination! But what of making archetypes themselves epic? At 25th and 30th level legendary adventurers acquire additional prestige, and at the GM’s discretion they can also (or alternatively) acquire epic features for every archetype from the 5E ruleset. These epic archetype features are not included in the core rulebook because this isn’t intended to be a lengthy tome but all 19,000 words of them are available for free at www.epic5e.com!


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  • Preview article (and forum thread!) on EN World [https://www.enworld.org/threads/legendary-adventures-epic-5e-kickstarter.679038/]
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More Legendary Adventures

Keep an eye out for the Epic Depths, Heart of War, Forgotten Crowns, and Dismantling Cities epic books in the near future!

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Legendary Loot Cards: Deck #2

Terrific Treasures at your Fingertips! 

Legendary Loot Cards bring you a wealth of treasures for your DnD 5E campaign, each beautifully illustrated and with complete rules! You’ll find dozens and dozens of magic items of every kind, from the avian tiara to the witchblood stylus, from common items like the mental defense saddle and earring of farseeing to legendary treasures like pyroclastic rod and the staff of the fey queen. You’ll find magical implements like the wand of aquafire and bountiful scroll case alongside weapons like the redflame trollblade and hurricane harpoon, as well as all-purpose tools like the feareating ring, elixir of mutable flesh, rod of shadow puppetry, and map of the trailblazer! Plus, you get bonus rules for epic attunement of items for character who truly have the touch of destiny about them! Items are placed one to a card, save a handful of complex items spread over 2-3 cards. Print the cards you need or order a set of printed cards, perfect to use with your own deck boxes or card sheets!

Legendary Loot Cards bring you a killer collection of handy magic item resources that makes life easy on you as a player or a GM. Just hand out the cards your heroes find and keep them with your character sheet and you’re always ready for action! New sets of Legendary Loot Cards will be releasing quarterly, and you can get new magic items and other 5E rules content every single day at the Legendary Loot Patreonwith FREE magic items every Friday, plus new classes, spells, monsters, and more! If you’re playing 5th Edition, this 80-card deck will definitely help Make Your Game Legendary!

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