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30 FOR 40 Pathfinder MEGA-BUNDLE


This April 1st is the 7th anniversary of Legendary Games, but why wait until April Fool’s Day to save HUGE? Get an incredible assortment of awesome Pathfinder Roleplaying Game products right now through next Saturday! Featuring nearly 1,400 pages of Pathfinder products for just $30almost 90% off the cover price of over $270 – this bundle brings you over a hundred marvelous magic items, 100+ magnificently menacing monsters in deliciously deadly detail, tons of new feats and spells and character options, new rule subsystems, ready-to-play characters with fantastic backstories, and 14 complete adventures running the gamut from 1st level to 13th level! Sample a wide variety of genres from the Far East to Ancient Egypt, from the rollicking south seas of the pirate isles to fey-haunted forests, and spectacular sci-fi/fantasy mash-ups from far-off worlds of adventure to postapocalyptic wastelands! Available now through April 7th! 

Products included in the 30 FOR 40 Pathfinder MEGA-BUNDLE include the following:

  • Asian Bloodlines
  • Beasts of Legend: Beasts of the East
  • Faerie Mysteries
  • Feasting at Lanterngeist
  • Hero’s Blood
  • Horrific Curses
  • Hypercorps 2099: FAMOTH
  • Islands of Plunder: Raid on the Emperor’s Hand 
  • Islands of Plunder: Scourge of the Steaming Isle
  • Legendary Beginnings: A Feast of Flavor
  • Legendary Beginnings: A Feast of Flavor Premium Cards
  • Legendary Beginnings: Crisis at Falling Spring Station
  • Legendary Hybrids: Deadeye Hexer
  • Legendary Villains: Evil Clerics
  • Legendary Worlds: Volretz
  • Mythic Magic: Advanced Spells I
  • Mythic Magic: Advanced Spells II
  • Mythic Magic: Advanced Spells III
  • Mythic Module Monsters: Red Throne 1
  • Mythic Module Monsters: Red Throne 2
  • Mythic Module Monsters: Red Throne 3
  • Mythic Monsters: Guardians of Good
  • Mythic Monsters: Mounts
  • Mythic Monsters: Shadow
  • Orphans of the Hanged Man
  • Past Lives: Secrets of Reincarnation
  • Path of the Reluctant Hero
  • Planetary Heroes
  • Road to Destiny
  • Scorpions of Perdition
  • Starfall
  • The Baleful Coven
  • The Fiddler’s Lament
  • The Lost Library of Thoth
  • The Murmuring Fountain
  • Tome of Madness
  • Treasury of the City
  • Treasury of the Crusade
  • Treasury of the Macabre
  • Winter Heroes

For those of you who purchased the original 30 BUCKS, 60 BOOKS MEGA-BUNDLE last year, there are no duplicate products in this bundle. Everything is brand new for you! Grab this incredible collection today for your Pathfinder game and Make Your Pathfinder Game Legendary! 

If you are a 5th Edition player too, you also don’t want to miss the magnificent 20 FOR 20 II 5E MEGA-BUNDLE! Grab them both and get almost 2000 pages of incredible RPG material for just $50! 


Old Price: $270.60

Price: $30.00

You save: $240.60

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40 Books, 30 Bucks Pathfinder MEGA-BUNDLE

40 PDFs perfect for your Pathfinder game!

It’s a great time to get a taste of all the incredible Pathfinder Roleplaying Game product lines Legendary Games has to offer with the THIRD fabulous mega-bundle featuring our peerless Pathfinder products! As if our 60 Books, 30 Bucks and 30 for 40 MEGA-BUNDLES were not enough, each offering around 1500 pages of Pathfinder pleasure for just $30, we’re at it again with another incredible assortment of adventures, magic items, character classes, spells, new rules, heroes, villains, and so much more, from fairy forests to Egyptian ruins, Gothic horror to high seas pirate adventure, and even venturing to the stars and beyond! For the entire month of September, you can save over 90% on an array of adventures and accessories, bringing you adventures ranging from 1st level to 14th level, monsters from measly minions to mighty menaces, magic items from common everyday treasures to mighty artifacts, ready-to-use creatures and characters, and much, much more, all with amazing artwork, delightful design, and flat-out Pathfinder fun! That’s nearly 1,400 pages of content for only $30!

We hope you love every one of these products and that you’ll keep an eye out for even more amazing Pathfinder products releasing every month from Legendary Games!


  • 1st level – Legendary Beginnings: Into the Feyweald
  • 2nd level – The Smuggler’s Seal
  • 2nd level – Trail of the Apprentice 2: The King’s Curse
  • 3rd level – Trail of the Apprentice 3: The Thieves’ Den
  • 7th level – The Horseshoe Calamity
  • 8th level – Whisper House
  • 9th level – Shrine of Serpents
  • 11th level – Legendary Planet: Confederates of the Shattered Zone
  • 13th level – On the Siberian Line
  • 14th level – Fort Scurvy


  • Killer Clowns from Hell
  • Malevolent Medium Monsters
  • Mythic Monsters 10: Sea Monsters
  • Mythic Monsters 41: India

Characters and Class Options

  • Aetheric Heroes
  • Corrupted Classes
  • Eldritch Elementalism
  • Forest Kingdom Archetypes
  • Intrigue Archetypes
  • Legendary Hybrids: Doomguard
  • Legendary Hybrids: Skinchanger
  • Legendary Villains: Wicked Witches
  • Occult Archetypes II
  • The Robot Summoner

Spells and Magic

  • Ancient Curses
  • Ancient Idols
  • Mythic Magic: Horror Spells
  • Mythic Magic: Intrigue Spells
  • Treasury of Winter

Campaign Expansions

  • Ancient Tombs
  • Legendary Worlds: Melefoni
  • Legendary Worlds: Calcarata
  • Legendary Worlds: Carsis
  • Legendary Worlds: Terminus
  • Legendary Worlds: Jowchit
  • Royal Tournaments

NOTE: Four titles have been removed from this bundle due to concerns over cultural appropriation, so this bundle is only 36 PDFs for $30. The removed titles are Asian Archetypes: Martial, Asian Spell Compendium, Legendary Monks, and Treasury of the Orient.

Old Price: $278.64

Price: $30.00

You save: $248.64

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Aethera Campaign Setting

Amazing Adventures Among the Stars!

Experience the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game like never before! Discover worlds where magic and technology exist together, where powerful spacefaring vessels called aetherships ply the skies and the stars. The Aethera Campaign Setting features a binary star system with multiple inhabited worlds that have only just survived a century-long war, and even now live in the shadow of an impending intergalactic invasion! Inside this massive 576-page tome you will find:


  • Four new races: Erahthi, plant-like entities with ties to a mysterious verdant elemental plane. Infused, survivors of magical experiments that possess a psychic network and telekinetic abilities. Okanta, giant-blooded humanoids endowed with powerful bestial traits and remarkable cunning. Phalanx, bio-organic constructs with living souls capable of tapping into past-life memories.
  • A new base class: the cantor, a divine spellcaster that uses the prophecy and song to debilitate enemies and enhance themselves and their allies.
  • Six new worlds to explore: The twin stars of Aethera and Ashra, the wasteland world of Akasaat, the jungle planet Kir-Sharaat, the Amrita Asteroid Belt, the gas giant Seraos, and the shrouded ice world of Orbis Aurea.
  • New rules for exciting, fast-paced vehicle combat that involves the entire party and allows you to build and captain your own ships.
  • New hybrid magical technology—aethertech—from mechanical prosthetics to unstoppable powered armor.
  • Dozens of new class archetypes, feats, spells, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

PDF available now. Print version and bundle available for preorder for Summer 2017.


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Old Price: from $29.99

Price: from $15.00

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Akashic Classes: Kheshig

Wear Your Power! 
Akashic Classes: Kheshig is the latest volume in our series of class-focused player supplements for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, expanding the options for using the mystical powers of akasha. The kheshig is a powerful warrior who blends akashic prowess and physical might to become the perfect bodyguard – or a deadly hunter. Alongside the kheshig in this book are 14 new melee weapon veils, 5 new ranged weapon veils, 8 new armor veils, and 30 additional veils to mix and match to create your perfect frontline fighter. This book also features a new weapon, the armored fist, allowing you to dive into melee with your fists, while still offering some protection. Finally, there’s 8 additional feats for martial characters and veilweavers alike, from fighting with a single weapon or being able to swap out powerful weapon veils at will. Whether you want to create a perfect bodyguard or a powerful hunter, the kheshig, clad in akasha, can help you achieve your goals.Grab this amazing 44-page hybrid magical-martial class book for Pathfinder 1st Edition today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

Price: from $9.99

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Akashic Classes: Volur

Veiled with Hidden Power! 

Akashic Classes: Volur is the latest volume in our new series of class-focused player supplements for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this time focusing on the mystic powers of akashaWithin this volume you will find the aforementioned class, the volur, which utilizes a connection with a spirit of the akashic record to utilize veils to bolster themselves and to blight their foes. This book also features brand new Brand Veils which are placed on your foes to curse them with debilitating effects, and rules for Akashic Spirits, a new form of familiar available to the volur! You can evolve your spirit companions within Circles of the Cycle, Elements, Wilds, and the World, with Aspects like Life and Death, Growth and Decay, Fire and Ice, and nearly a dozen more! Meanwhile, you can garb yourself in mystical accoutrements coalesced from the essence of magic itself, with expanded veilweaving rules and 16 new veils like traitor’s mark, chronomancer’s jinx, veilhex, and bloodvine embrace! Grab this amazing 32-page magical class book for Pathfinder 1st Edition today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

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Price: from $6.99

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Ancient Idols

Monoliths of Ancient Power

Ancient Idols provides a treasure trove of knowledge for incorporating the monuments and monoliths of elder civilizations into your Pathfinder campaign. Objects of cultic worship, idols draw power from adoration and sacrifice, but also provide great power to those studied in the ancient mysteries or willing to sacrifice soul and sanity! Within you’ll find tons of new rules for both animated and inanimate idols and their sacrifices and holy days, with sample idols from tiny statuettes to towering colossi, ranging from CR ½ to 20. You’ll also find rules for integrating idols and monoliths with the spirit world and networks of eldritch energies bounded in ley lines, as well as fantastic new character options like the idol champion, qahin, and idolater for devotees of these elder idols, whether heroic PCs or devious cult master NPCs. The ruined wonders of fallen empires surround you, but with Ancient Idols you can bring them to glorious life in your campaign! Grab this 32-page Pathfinder accessory today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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Price: from $6.99

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Arcforge Campaign Setting: Gleam of Eternity

Reach for Infinity!

In the far reaches of the Aurin system, where the distant sun is just another bright star, strange and ancient miracles permeate the cosmos, where the limits of both space and time bend and fray when the power of the mind interweaves with the substance of reality. Titanic mechanical moons have brought destructive change in their wake, and their weathered hulks linger in the shadows of shattered stars and planet-wide storms, yet even so the elder races of dragonkind and the younger folk of the system keep their eyes at once on the heavens above and the wild lands below, ever watchful for an irruption of the qlippoth and their chaos blight that can bring ruin to all. To those daring or reckless enough to delve their secrets, this aberrant expanse beyond the outer limits offers power beyond imagining.

Gleam of Eternity offers a wealth of new options for players, bringing the biohacker, vanguard, and witchwarper classes from the Starfinder Roleplaying Game to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, along with nearly 20 all-new archetypes like the biollurgist biohacker, stellar echo wilder, miracle soldier psychic warrior, and worldweaver psion, plus alternate class features and integration with expanded rules systems like psionics and Spheres of Power! You’ll also find over 80 new feats, spells, augmentations, combat talents, addictive power-boosting stimulants, and more to enhance your game, from Revenant Militia and powdered psicrystal to Vacuous Power and Reality-Puncturing Attack! This amazing 48-page crossover Pathfinder and Starfinder Roleplaying Game supplement will Make Your Game Legendary! 

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Price: from $9.99

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Arcforge Campaign Setting: Spheres Left Behind

Glory and Ruin Among the Stars! 

When Vandara was imprisoned, it left behind a wide variety of colonies, technologies, and peoples across the Aurin system. These forces have adapted since the Sundering, ushering in a new age of conflict and espionage across a war-ruined solar system. Discover the secrets of five scattered planets and the many moons that surround them! Gear up with over 30 new talents from the Technomancy Sphere (now with Wild Magic) and the brand-new high-octane Pilot Sphere (complete with Advanced Talents, Drawbacks, and new options for the Conscript and Prodigy classes)! Explore new facets of combat with 8 new archetypes and a variety of new high-tech mechanics, from the far-seeing Cosmic Prophet to the ever-resourceful Elite Commando to the endlessly versatile Gearmaster! In Aurin, the future belongs to those who claim it. Are you brave enough to take your place among them?


Spheres Left Behind is the eighth amazing installment in the ever-growing Arcforge Campaign Setting, providing a wealth of lore for Starfinder Roleplaying Game and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GMs and players alike. Players get 10 new archetypes and class options, plus over 70 new class features, feats, abilities, and other enhancements, including material specially designed to function with Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might from Drop Dead Studios. GMs get entirely new worlds, even more expanded material and errata, plus over 150 technomantic wild magic effects, item glitches, and more! No matter what your flavor of sci-fi, you’ll find an amazing array of awesome stuff in these pages! Check out the spectacular 54-page Spheres Left Behind by Matt Daley today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

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Price: from $9.99

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Arcforge Campaign Setting: Spheres of Influence

A Magnificent World of Magitech

Welcome to Vandara, a world where magic and technology have grown as partners rather than adversaries! Forged in an ancient war between interstellar tyrants, where gods are born, ascend, and fade into oblivion with the hopes and woes of their followers, Vandara was poised to conquer the stars before it ambitions fell to ruin with the coming of the Qlippoth scourge. Uniting their skill and will to create the almighty Arcforge, the Vandarans have joined powerful arcana and incredible machines to battle back from extinction… though within their own creations lie the seeds of their ultimate demise.


Spheres of Influence brings you the first chapter of Vandara’s lore, the three great empires of Cidalac, Taurun, and New Estaria that shape struggle for Vandara’s future supremacy, along with the great cities of Balyn and Maytar, whose industry and ideology are the fulcrums are at the heart of Vandara’s many-sided conflicts. In addition, you’ll find a wealth of character options for heroes and villains alike using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules, like the mech-riding Arcforged Champion and Morphmech Renegade, and for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game like the Forgepriest Technomancer and Machine Speaker Envoy. Plus fans of the Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might rules will find tons of new material for those systems, including the world-shaking forces of the Technomancy sphere. The world of Vandara belongs to those who have the audacity to claim it. Grab this 48-page multi-system accessory today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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Arcforge Campaign Setting: Starlight Inheritors

Cast Away into the Infinite

Explore entire new worlds with the dispossessed diaspora of the Arcforge setting! Cast out from their homeworld of Vandara, the peoples of the Aurin system have been forced to forge their own destiny amidst the strange moons and inhospitable planets of their hostile new home. In the process, their culture and physiology have adapted in a myriad of miraculous ways that open up an incredible array of new character options. Explore dozens of new racial traits and alternate abilities for nine starfaring races for the Pathfinder and Starfinder Roleplaying Game, as well as a variety of enhanced abilities that can be applied to almost any character species!


Truly ambitious or foolish players may invoke the esoteric omphaloi, semi-sentient starships powered by the spark of divinity that themselves provide power and essence in the godless domain beyond Vandara. In addition to these player options, you’ll find new and enhanced monsters ranging from the awakened demilich, the horrific charnel colossus, and the fractured letztermensch. Join the keepers of the wondrous and survivors of the sublime with Arcforge Campaign Setting: Starlight Inheritors! This amazing 42-page crossover Pathfinder and Starfinder Roleplaying Game supplement will Make Your Game Legendary! 

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Arcforge: Technology Expanded

Techs, Mechs, and So Much More!


Technology Expanded is the first book in the new Arcforge product line! This incredible expansion to using technology in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign brings a wealth of options for players and GMs alike, starting with the all-new helmsman base class, uniting the power of magic, mind, and machine, plus a dozen incredible archetypes from the circuitbreaker and road warrior to the mecha sentinel and reactor knight. Each one focuses on a different aspect of technological prowess, from piloting personal mecha to commanding robotic minions or high-tech vehicles. Explore even more options like the metaforge and psiborg adept prestige classes or any of five new variant playable races, or build your own mechanical assistants, familiars, and companion battlemechs from a variety of chassis and archetypes, each advancing in power as you gain levels, with over 20 unique enhancements. Akashic casters can construct technomagical veils (with 10 sample veils provided), and every character can benefit from over three dozen fantastic feats of inventive engineering like Artificial Spartan, Cockpit Jacker, and Machine Poltergeist. Psionic characters will find over two dozen new psionic powers like astral nanites, gravitic charge, and coded resurrection, and we also provide guidance for modeling psionics as advanced technology and akasha as cybertech, plus nearly 20 tables to make reference easy! Grab this incredible 84-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

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Price: from $14.99

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Book of Celestial Heroes (5E)

The demigod Celestial Heroes have conquered the world and raised civilization to precipitous heights but only YOU can save it from destruction!

On the eve of evil’s twilight as malevolence nearly became undone on the decopunk utopia of Askis the terrible machinations of rogue mad scientists instilled a vein of corruption throughout the populace. Though they are few these malcontents are irreprensibly vile and in tandem with the foul minds that touched their nascent souls with evil, the world once more needs heroes.

You are one such hero!

What’s in the Book of Celestial Heroes?

  • The goody-two shoes twin of the Book of Exalted Darkness
  • Two new classes–the Exemplar (a hero all about glory) and the revised Feywalker (when flight and fancy are more important)–along with holy archetypes for every class
  • Holy spells
  • Holy rituals
  • Holy feats
  • Heck, there’s even a holy hand grenade (which explodes on the count of 3–not 5, but 3)
  • The decopunk utopia world and Spheres of Askis, great works the PCs must bolster to save civilization from destruction
  • Tailored magic items that become more powerful as an adventurer gains prowess
  • Equipment and inaequa-technology that run the gamut from flashlights to jetpacks and locomotives (along with vehicular combat rules)
  • All the poisons plus a few new ones, diseases galore, and extra madness and insanities
  • Six powerful mad scientist villains each with their own lackeys and lairs joining more than 50 NPCs and monsters
  • Searching the River Styx, a scaling adventure for PCs of 3rd-16th level and just the right thing when the group goes down from an evil TPK!

Rise to the challenge of true goodness and mercy in this 286-page blessed book for 5th Edition today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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Price: from $19.99

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