Aegis of Empires Player’s Guide

Adventure Awaits in the Lost Lands! 


The Aegis of Empires Player’s Guide is here! Check out the richly detailed history and culture of the Lost Lands Campaign Setting as it plays out on the epic canvas of the Aegis of Empires Adventure Path! You’ll find evocative lore, history, and background to the peoples and lands of the Kingdom of Foere, the Grand Duchy of Reme, and the Kingdom of the Vast, connecting the lands of Akados from the Crescent Sea and the brooding and blighted city-state of Castorhage in the West to the March of Mountains in the East. See it all from a player’s-eye view in vivid detail, bringing together two decades of legends and lore from the adventures and campaign settings of Frog God Games and Necromancer Games, (and created in cooperation with the creators of those adventure epics). This book is perfect for long-time fans of the Lost Lands and ideal to bring new players and GMs into this intricately crafted campaign world, system-neutral and perfect for use with your favorite fantasy RPG!

You’ll find full-color maps of the Lost Lands and the environs of the adventures in this campaign, but beyond that you’ll also find an expansive history of nations and timelines showing events through all the ages of the Lost Lands, extensively referenced to show the ongoing story of the Lost Lands and how it has grown over nearly 20 years of products. In addition, you’ll find a comprehensive listing of the gods of the Ancient Hyperborean and Modern Foerdewaith pantheons, with rules options and game mechanics for clerics and followers of nearly 80 deities for 5E, Pathfinder Second Edition, and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! 

The Aegis of Empires Player’s Guide is the perfect accessory for GMs and players alike for playing in the Aegis of Empires Adventure Path or who want to launch their own campaign in this incredible campaign world and the newly revealed Kingdoms of Foere! Don’t miss out on this treasure trove of Lost Lands lore – grab this 46-page multi-system campaign guide today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

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Aethera Campaign Setting

Amazing Adventures Among the Stars!

Experience the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game like never before! Discover worlds where magic and technology exist together, where powerful spacefaring vessels called aetherships ply the skies and the stars. The Aethera Campaign Setting features a binary star system with multiple inhabited worlds that have only just survived a century-long war, and even now live in the shadow of an impending intergalactic invasion! Inside this massive 576-page tome you will find:


  • Four new races: Erahthi, plant-like entities with ties to a mysterious verdant elemental plane. Infused, survivors of magical experiments that possess a psychic network and telekinetic abilities. Okanta, giant-blooded humanoids endowed with powerful bestial traits and remarkable cunning. Phalanx, bio-organic constructs with living souls capable of tapping into past-life memories.
  • A new base class: the cantor, a divine spellcaster that uses the prophecy and song to debilitate enemies and enhance themselves and their allies.
  • Six new worlds to explore: The twin stars of Aethera and Ashra, the wasteland world of Akasaat, the jungle planet Kir-Sharaat, the Amrita Asteroid Belt, the gas giant Seraos, and the shrouded ice world of Orbis Aurea.
  • New rules for exciting, fast-paced vehicle combat that involves the entire party and allows you to build and captain your own ships.
  • New hybrid magical technology—aethertech—from mechanical prosthetics to unstoppable powered armor.
  • Dozens of new class archetypes, feats, spells, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

PDF available now. Print version and bundle available for preorder for Summer 2017.


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Arcforge Campaign Setting: Spheres Left Behind

Glory and Ruin Among the Stars! 

When Vandara was imprisoned, it left behind a wide variety of colonies, technologies, and peoples across the Aurin system. These forces have adapted since the Sundering, ushering in a new age of conflict and espionage across a war-ruined solar system. Discover the secrets of five scattered planets and the many moons that surround them! Gear up with over 30 new talents from the Technomancy Sphere (now with Wild Magic) and the brand-new high-octane Pilot Sphere (complete with Advanced Talents, Drawbacks, and new options for the Conscript and Prodigy classes)! Explore new facets of combat with 8 new archetypes and a variety of new high-tech mechanics, from the far-seeing Cosmic Prophet to the ever-resourceful Elite Commando to the endlessly versatile Gearmaster! In Aurin, the future belongs to those who claim it. Are you brave enough to take your place among them?


Spheres Left Behind is the eighth amazing installment in the ever-growing Arcforge Campaign Setting, providing a wealth of lore for Starfinder Roleplaying Game and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GMs and players alike. Players get 10 new archetypes and class options, plus over 70 new class features, feats, abilities, and other enhancements, including material specially designed to function with Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might from Drop Dead Studios. GMs get entirely new worlds, even more expanded material and errata, plus over 150 technomantic wild magic effects, item glitches, and more! No matter what your flavor of sci-fi, you’ll find an amazing array of awesome stuff in these pages! Check out the spectacular 54-page Spheres Left Behind by Matt Daley today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

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Arcforge: Ravages of the Qlippoth

Destroyers of Worlds! 

When the otherworldly horrors known as the qlippoth descended from the depths of space, they brought unimaginable devastation in their wake, an apocalypse for the world of Vandara. As entire continents lie in ruin, Vanadara’s people have adapted to this cosmic threat, wielding the psionic mysteries and alien technologies of these beings against them to turn the tide! In their desperate battle, the Vandarans have unearthed twisted secrets about the very origins of their planet that may shape the future of their world!


Ravages of the Qlippoth brings you some of Vandara’s most powerful and legendary monsters, including 15 types of psionic qlippoth and the seven CR 20+ qlippoth lords! Plus explore the lore of the lost lands devastated by the nightmare host from beyond the stars, from the once-prosperous Dorukalad to the death-stalked tunnel-runs of the Erebine. Harness the horrific powers of the qlippoth infestation with new templates or battle them with archetypes like the desperate apostate, the uncanny bio-experiments of the reshaper, or the war machines of the steelduster or rustworn hunter! As absolute destruction gazes down on you, what choice is there but to fight? Grab this amazing 60-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign expansion and monster book today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

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Hypercorps 2099 Wasteland (5E)

NUCLEAR FIRE HAS CONSUMED THE WORLD in this 5th Edition OGL campaign setting sourcebook for apocalyptic science fiction roleplaying!

This alernate timeline of Hypercorps 2099 has been wracked by atomic weapons, the surface of the Earth raised and nearly devoid of life. Recently miraculous events have made the world a bearable place for those who hid below in underground shelters and as they explore the apocalyptic planet, the mutants and other survivors that have claimed the land as their own fight for this new stock of wide-eyed prey.

Can you survive 2099 Wasteland?

Unlike many other campaign settings the 2099 Wasteland is not static—it is a campaign setting generator. Every GM and party of survivors that explore the Wasteland uncover a landscape unique to them built using the rules systems inside this fantastic fully-illustrated (perhaps overly illustrated) 183 page book!

What you’ll find in 2099 Wasteland:

  • An indepth timeline following the original Hypercorps 2099 until this alternate world splits off in the mid-20th century!
  • 4 original classes for 5th Edition: master serums as a doctor, transform into a mutated freak, stalk the Wasteland in power armor as a mechanics, or destroy your foes with SCEINCE as a scrapper!
  • 13 different class archetypes for all core classes to bring the original rules into the brutal apocalyptic future!
  • 10 character backgrounds: alien abductee, Atomic Army cadet, feral raider, medic, radiation refugee, scientist, shelter captain, shelter dweller, and survivalist!
  • 4 new races wandering the Wasteland: synthetic androids, gaxian aliens, lumbering mutants, and nearly-undead smart walkers!
  • 8 pages worth of new items, tool kits, prosthetics, grenades, melee weapons, ranged weapons, and CUSTOM-BUILDING RULES for BOTH!
  • Over a dozen feats for Aimed Shooting, enhancing mechaframes, healing through radiation, fighting tactically, and a host of other unique new abilities!
  • 10 spells designed for use on this scorched Earth or any other world!
  • New rules for dehydration, radiation, starvation, the Science and Technology skills, and three new attributes: Irradiated, Luck, and Reputation!
  • Life in the Wasteland detailing radio towers, wandering undead, magic bag couriers, the altered short rest and long rest rules (1 day or 1 month respectively—good luck!), fast searching ruins, Vend-Co Drinks & Snacks, ranged critical failures, options for a less brutal Wasteland, and more!
  • Settlement rules because after the PCs have explored their Wasteland, the next task is rebuilding society as they see fit!
  • Hazards of the Wasteland that plague settlements and explorers alike, ranging from bandit attacks and radtwisters to unexpected detonations!
  • SIXTY-THREE (63!) monsters and NPCs of all challenge ratings! Rad-dragons, rad-drakes, building-sized atomic mutants, brain slugs, technomages, Atomic Army soldiers, Knights of the Living Dead, The Wyrm, walkers—the list goes on!
  • 6 unique Warlords of the Wasteland and their retinues each with a mapped headquarters! Major Bridgette Beauregard of the Atomic Army, Chainbeard’s Roadmasters (along with two pages of VEHICLE RULES!), the Cult of Slaarsh, Merlin (yes, that Merlin) and the Magitechnologists, Morgan le Fay, and The Bureau!
  • 13 surviving operators from the pages of Hypercorps 2099, either dimensional counterparts or in the case of Lucky Mack, one unfortunate mercenary that stumbled into the wrong portal. 😉

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the robust product preview and the free PDFs from the Kickstarter last year!

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Legendary Planet: To Kill a Star (5E)

An Empire Must Fall

The legions of the Ultari Hegemony have been turned back once again, their parade of victories turned to rout, but even now their rulers plot revenge from their long-hidden sanctuary in the deeps of space. Their ruin never will be complete unless their stronghold is overthrown, and the heroes must pursue their fleeing leaders beyond the boundaries of known space and through an endless nebula where dead gods drift and living entropy reigns through a rip in the fabric of reality to find a vast realm left behind by an elder race, where magic, mighty machines, and the power of the mind rule all. Here a corrupted sun is caught in the grip of an impossibly vast sphere spanning hundreds of millions of miles, joined by an intricate network and dominated by the collective psychic power of countless minds. Breaching this shell, the heroes face technological terrors and wonders in equal measure, guarded by the souls of the damned and the scions of the sun, and infiltrating a thought-controlled bureaucracy to find long-lost friends, unlikely allies, and an end to immortality itself. To shatter the power of the Hegemony and bring peace to the galaxy, they must shatter the chains of destiny and unleash a power beyond imagining To Kill a Star! 

To Kill a Star is an adventure for 19th to 20th-level characters using the 5th Edition rules. This is the double-sized final chapter in the amazing Legendary Planet Adventure Path, a spectacular sword-and-planet saga from Legendary Games blending sci-fi and fantasy, magic and machines with an exciting pulp sensibility and style. To Kill a Star includes not only a massive interstellar adventure but also brand-new monsters, magic, and technology, including rules for explosives and heavy weapons, a full gazetteer of a star-spanning Dyson sphere and its inhabitants, and an ongoing fiction series. Here you will find amazing adventures that span the stars and plunder the planets in a campaign that takes your heroes to 20th level and beyond! Grab this exotic epic today and Make Your Game Legendary!

This 166-page PDF or 164-page print volume contains the following:

• “To Kill a Star,” a 5E adventure for 19th to 20th-level characters by Jason Nelson and Steven T. Helt.

• A “Planetary Bestiary” by Mike Welham and Steven T. Helt, featuring nine new monsters: the void-blasted locusdaemon, the gleaming diamantem, the psychic erebus, the deadly griever, the kaulvrex hive, the savage pelkrev, the ghostly yllosan, and spacefaring amorphs like the living nebula and star blight!

• New technological and magical items like the klaven spacesuit, black ray pistol, disintegration torc, and The Unbroken Blade!

• A detailed gazetteer of the massive Dyson sphere that encompasses the entire star.

• Expanded rules for adventuring in the void, including dealing with gravity, radiation, vacuum, zero-gravity maneuvering, and more!

• Expanded rules for explosives and heavy weapons, including feats, class features, grenades, and heavy weapons!

• “Planet Killer,” the final chapter in Chris A. Jackson’s ongoing tale of Anasya, an interplanetary adventurer just hoping to survive the literal end of the world!

For further information on the earlier adventures in the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, pick up the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide and check the Legendary Games website!

The Legendary Planet Adventure Path includes the 1st-level prequel adventure The Assimilation Strain and the following adventures:
#1: To Worlds Unknown (2nd to 5th level)
#2: The Scavenged Codex (5th to 7th level)
#3: Dead Vault Descent (8th to 10th level)
#4: Confederates of the Shattered Zone (11th to 14th level)
#5: The Depths of Desperation (15th to 17th level)
#6: Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons (17th to 18th level)
#7: To Kill a Star (19th to 20th level)
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Vast Kaviya (5E)

Blood, grit, and survival in lands primordial!

If you like Conan the Barbarian, Xena the Warrior Princess, Tarzan, Fafrhd, Khal Drogo, Thundarr, Red Sonja, Grognar, the Scorpion King, Beowulf, Kull the Conqueror, Fire and Ice, or are just a fan of savage adventures on a primal and untamed world—Vast Kaviya is for you!
This super massive world of primal struggle is a decentralized campaign setting and bestiary (22 areas with 100+ statblocks) for D&D 5th Edition. Within are 21 different warlords all with their own lairs, minions, and guidelines for how they interact with one another, giving GMs a new toolbox of NPCs and unique areas to either include in their homebrew fantasy setting for some old school sword and sorcery, or to gradually discover using the book’s Exploration Rules! There are 13 major tenets about the world that are true no matter where one travels however—for more details on those check out or the free primer PDF.

In addition to what’s in the core 5th Edition rules Vast Kaviya has a variety of new character options for the brave souls that strike out across its countless lands.

  • New Races! Joining classics like boggards, gnolls, and mongrelfolk are the plant-like alai, insectile kanca, parasitic ottunni, and saurian taino-kar. There’s also new subraces for aasimar (elated, soul, and vindico) as well as genasi (acid, ash, mist, and mud), dwarves (mistdweorg), and halflings (mistling).
  • New Class Archetypes! Path of the Psion-Primal barbarians, Lunar clerics, Burning druids, Primal Leader fighters, Pyrokine monks, Oath of Web paladins, Primal Hunter rangers, Savage Poisoner rogues, Animator sorcerers, Dreamer sorcerers, and two new warlock patrons (the Grandmother and Hivemind).
  • New Classes! The dual-natured agile warrior gemini class appears here with the atavist, equalist, and reluctant hero balances, and it’s got a new archetype that revolves around day and night—the nychthemeron. If you’ve always wanted to tame a simple-minded creature to go on adventures with (be that an aberration, beast, dragon, monstrosity, or ooze of Intelligence 5 or less), look no further than the monster tamer class! There are also four unique 8 level prestige classes: elementalists that ultimately transform into their chosen element, fractured soul shapeshifters with nuanced control over their bodies, magic-eaters that become tougher and more lethal by rejecting all things supernatural, and primal shamans that unlock primitive psionic powers.
  • New Options! Discover who your Amnesiac background adventurer truly is, gain control over slivers of magic using naturally occurring raw mana, or take a feat to embrace your mistdweorg ancestors or the illumination granted by the underground City of Lost’s potent Sun Stone—or set your sights on stealing the legendary gemstone!

There’s a bestiary chapter with more than thirty different monsters—ranging from the little forvirskrípi to the enormous megawolf—and a host of devastating versions of creatures players will think they already know how to handle, but the real focus of Vast Kaviya is the warlords fighting to carve out more of the world for themselves.

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