Askis World Primer (5E/Shadow of the Demon Lord)

So Good to be Bad!
The Askis World Primer brings you all you need to explore the fantastic world of Askis, where angelic avatars reign with stifling order and unsullied virtue, where those seeking freedom must step into the secret dark underbelly of the world to strike a blow… a murderous, blook-soaked blow… to throw off the gilded shackles of their beatific masters. Or you can play the glorious heroes seeking to stamp out those who would rebel against perfection. This 140-page resource contains all the player-facing information for antiheroes or exalted servants exploring the world of Askis, as introduced in the incredible Book of Exalted Darkness campaign setting available for 5E and Shadow of the Demon Lord, including amazing equipment, killer character options, setting and world lore, and so much more!

Within the Askis World Primer you’ll find:

  • history about the decopunk utopia’s rise
  • rules for particularly good characters (innate harmonies for 5E) and the despicably evil (inherent heresies, Sanctity, Sin, and vilis points in both 5E and SotDL)
  • details for each of the world’s three continents and dozens of cities therein
  • more saints than you could ever possibly need
  • the equipment chapter (covering mundane items, drugs, augmetics, inaequa technology, and vehicles for 5E)
  • a character sheet (5E)

NOTE: This book is an ideal supplement to the Book of True Evil, but the rules and lore in this book already are included in the massive Book of Exalted Darkness. If you already have the Book of Exalted Darkness, the Askis World Primer is designed to share with your players so they can have the rules and common knowledge of the campaign world they need, while keeping all the secret GM stuff for you! 

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Book of Celestial Heroes (5E)

The demigod Celestial Heroes have conquered the world and raised civilization to precipitous heights but only YOU can save it from destruction!

On the eve of evil’s twilight as malevolence nearly became undone on the decopunk utopia of Askis the terrible machinations of rogue mad scientists instilled a vein of corruption throughout the populace. Though they are few these malcontents are irreprensibly vile and in tandem with the foul minds that touched their nascent souls with evil, the world once more needs heroes.

You are one such hero!

What’s in the Book of Celestial Heroes?

  • The goody-two shoes twin of the Book of Exalted Darkness
  • Two new classes–the Exemplar (a hero all about glory) and the revised Feywalker (when flight and fancy are more important)–along with holy archetypes for every class
  • Holy spells
  • Holy rituals
  • Holy feats
  • Heck, there’s even a holy hand grenade (which explodes on the count of 3–not 5, but 3)
  • The decopunk utopia world and Spheres of Askis, great works the PCs must bolster to save civilization from destruction
  • Tailored magic items that become more powerful as an adventurer gains prowess
  • Equipment and inaequa-technology that run the gamut from flashlights to jetpacks and locomotives (along with vehicular combat rules)
  • All the poisons plus a few new ones, diseases galore, and extra madness and insanities
  • Six powerful mad scientist villains each with their own lackeys and lairs joining more than 50 NPCs and monsters
  • Searching the River Styx, a scaling adventure for PCs of 3rd-16th level and just the right thing when the group goes down from an evil TPK!

Rise to the challenge of true goodness and mercy in this 286-page blessed book for 5th Edition today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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Book of Exalted Darkness: Reduci Castle (5E)

Carstigle Wormhand is dead.

The powerful mage was said to have kept an apprentice and yet his lair remains abandoned, the many treasures and wonders within left for the taking.

There are defenders of course—creatures left to protect his legacy—but they are unique, laying in a cunning and clever trap that has claimed every intruder so far.

What makes you think you’ll fare any better?


Book of Exalted Darkness: Reduci Castle is a locale and coterie of NPCs best suited for adventurers between 8th–10th level. Within you’ll find statistics for 10 monsters and castle denizens, the Vile school of magic (over two dozen new and truly evil spells), as well as rules on expanded madness (more options for the short-term, long-term, and indefinite varieties).

If you aren’t already in the know, check out the Book of Exalted Darkness campaign setting book, and should a quick skim fail to convince you to try out the free Killing the Golden Twins adventure then take a gander at the (also free) Evil Primer and then take the plunge into evil adventuring!



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