A final blast of Winter this week!

First of all, we are excited for the diabolical debut this Friday of Legendary Villains: Wicked Witches  by Alex Riggs, the latest installment in our Winter Plug-Ins line!

Legendary Villains: Wicked Witches brings you an incredible resource for the best of the worst when it comes to sinister spellcasters for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign. Within you’ll find a ton of great new options for witches, including archetypes like the consort of fiends, curio collector, and shadow sister, along with the terrifying hag matron prestige class, complete with special abilities unique to each type of hag. Wicked witches can swear oaths to their eldritch patrons, gaining power through their devotion to natural forces like frost and waves, or to corrupt principles from lies and destruction to hedonism and madness! You’ll also find new hexes like the haruspex and skull sentinel and witch-themed magic items like the broom of chastisement and toxic cauldron. Finally, for witches who want to start play with an otherworldly familiar, you’ll find over a dozen lesser versions of exotic familiars like quasits, imps, rakshasas, and shadow drakes! Whether you are designing epic villains as a GM, or playing a character who taps into the dark side of arcane magic, Legendary Villains: Wicked Witches is a treasure trove of material to help Make Your Game Legendary!

One of the coolest new elements Alex has introduced is the concept of witch oaths, which are sworn to their patron and carry with them unique benefits as well as obeisances the witch must perform to maintain the favor of the mysterious entities that grant their power. For a quick preview, check out the following sample oaths:

Oath of Darkness

You vow to do your best to cover the world in darkness, and chase back the hated light.

Patron: Shadow.

Oath: You must spread darkness and remove light. You cannot create any source of normal or bright light, including lighting torches or lanterns, creating such items, or casting spells that create normal or bright light. At least once per day, you must extinguish a source of normal or bright light that was not lit or created specifically for that purpose.

Benefit: Your magic is more potent in the shadows. The saving throw DCs of your spells and hexes that target a single creature increase by +1 as long as both you and the target are in a single contiguous area of darkness (including supernatural darkness).

Oath of Destruction

You swear to spread entropy and destruction in your wake.

Patron: EntropyHA.

Oath: You swear yourself to be an agent of entropy, hastening the ultimate destruction of all things. Each day, you must either destroy an object or objects worth a total of at least 20 gp per witch level, or kill a total number of Hit Dice worth of intelligent creatures (those with an Intelligence score of 3 or higher) equal to 1/2 your witch level. In either case, the destruction or killing must be done for no other purpose than to fulfill this oath.

Benefit: The saving throw DCs of spells you cast with the death descriptor, as well as spells that deal damage to objects or destroy objects, increase by +1. Additionally, you gain a +2 bonus on saving throws made to resist death effects.

In honor of this new Winter release, and to celebrate the last week of winter, we are also pleased to present Winter Heroes by Liz Courts as our TWO$DAY product of the week – 8 incredible winter-themed characters with rich and detailed backstories and personalities, ready to drop into any campaign but especially one featuring the fey or the wild and woolly winterlands of the far-distant poles. Grab it this week 70% off for just $2!

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Merry Mythic Monster-mas Means Mega-savings!

We are delighted to have just released our second spectacular Mythic Monsters book devoted to real-world mythologies: Mythic Monsters: Egypt, now available everywhere! - Mythic Monsters - Egypt Cover

This new monster book is a great accompaniment to any Egyptian campaign, as well as to the already-epic Mythic Monsters: Norse! Of course, we’re not done with mythic monsters, and we’re about to start unveiling the next books in this sensational series, but there’s one thing to note first. Today is TWO$DAY, and that means our special $2 deal of the week, but since we’re in a giving mood we wanted to save you a lot of time AND a lot of money by making almost EVERY Mythic Monsters book our products of the week for the rest of December! Just use the coupon code MerryMonstermas and you’ll save $4.99 off each and every Mythic Monsters book up #1 through #30; from Demons to Heavenly Host, you can grab each PDF for just $2, or take 4.99 off the print or print/PDF bundle for each one! Head on over to our Mythic Plug-Ins page and start saving today!

Oh, and about that preview. Let’s just say the Egyptians were not the only culture on earth to build pyramids, and we are about to bring the Legendary touch to the myths and legends of the New World. Check out the first art piece for Mythic Monsters: Mesoamerica! - Mythic Monsters - Mesoamerica (cover art)

A picture is worth a thousand words (thanks to Phill Simpson for the delightful piece), but we’ll have more to come tomorrow. Any Central and South American monsters you are just dying to see made mythic? What comes next after that? Well, it’s all Greek to me!

Mythic Monsters - Greek Cover

And for those who love our Mythic Monsters focused on a monster type, fear not; we haven’t forgotten you too!

Mythic Monsters - Demons Too Cover