COMING SOON from Legendary Games!

Thanksgiving week is a great time to look back at a marvelous year, but we’re not quite to the end of it and there’s still a bit of time to finish off some long-simmering projects too! Three projects that have been on my personal to-do list for far too long are actually all on my desk now getting worked on!

Royal Tournaments – This supplement for royal events, from classics like archery and jousting to more exotic and magical contests like the Tower of Jewels and the Pillars of Life and Death, as well as non-contest events you can use to build your reputation and renown. Got some work done on this in October and it’s still coming along, incorporating more of the subsystems from Ultimate Campaign for better integration.

Fort Scurvy – This high-level pirate adventure involves invading the fearsome fortress of a terrible pirate king with a hand of gold and a heart of coal! The maps should be going out soon for this adventure as I continue revising the text to incorporate more rules involving the troop template and continue massaging the stat blocks, and this book has gotten several new pieces of artwork, including the aforementioned Pirate King! GoldenPirateWIP6-1

Ultimate Armies – Did I mention the troop template? That will be one of many things featured in this simmering sequel to Ultimate Battle and Ultimate War, along with mercenaries and more. This is being worked on in tandem with Fort Scurvy as many pieces of the rules cross over. It will also include a large section of premade unit stat blocks, including those for iconic battles in the long-running Adventure Path series from Paizo, Inc.!

I’ll be having a long plane trip during the Thanksgiving holiday and should get a fair amount done on these books, and my hope is to get all three out by the end of the year if I can. Of course, those long-awaited titles are not the only things awaiting!

Tomorrow I’ll be announcing more of our upcoming products that should be ready next month. Suffice to say, this year will be going out with a ROARRRRRRRR!!!!!!