Legendary Exclusives and SAVINGS for PaizoCon!

PaizoCon is upon is, and in honor of this august occasion we are delighted to point you to our friends over at to save 40% off almost all Pathfinder PDFs and 20% off Pathfinder print books and bundles this weekend. Of course, starting RIGHT NOW, you can get 40% OFF ALMOST EVERYTHING IN THE LEGENDARY GAMES WEBSTORE! Just use the coupon code PAIZOCON40 and save on any and every product – whether PDF, print, or bundle – save for a handful of new products marked with **.

Speaking of new products, of course, we are proud to present a set of PaizoCon exclusives for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition, available right now EXCLUSIVELY at the Legendary Games webstore. Until after PaizoCon is over, you can’t get these products anywhere else!

Legendary Kineticists Cover

Brought to you by kineticist scribe extraordinaire Brian Jolly in his debut product for Legendary Games, this encyclopedic accessory is 46 pages jam-packed with killer kinetic content, including 140 new blasts, defenses, infusions, and wild talents, 7 archetypes, plus masterpieces, magic items, saturations, and more! Get it right here!


For 5th Edition fans, we have a 3rd-level 5E adventure in an accursed city sweltering in the shadows of long-fallen civilizations. The city trembles before the withering fury of the sun itself as an ancient evil awakens and threatens to destroy heroes and villains alike! This 42-page adventure by Pedro Coelho features urban intrigue and peril and plunder among the dusty tombs of the elder kingdoms. Get it here!


Last but not least, we have another 3rd-level adventure, this one available for both Pathfinder and 5E! This 48-page adventure by Paris Crenshaw takes the heroes through a deadly wilderness into a trap-infested lair of the mysterious Fox Prince, seeking his aid to unravel a plot that threatens the entire kingdom if they cannot meet his price. This is the third adventure in the Trail of the Apprentice saga, and is a great old-school romp for experienced players as well as an ideal adventure series for introducing new and younger players to RPGs. Get the Pathfinder version here or the 5th Edition version here!

Keep an eye here or on our Facebook page for pictures from PaizoCon, and on Saturday keep an eye out for the PowerPoint presentation from our What’s New with Legendary Games? seminar, which will reveal a TON of amazing products coming soon from Legendary Games! Meanwhile, shop right here at the Legendary Games webstore and save, Save, SAVE with coupon code PAIZOCON40.


GenCon 2015 is here, with big savings and big PLAN(E)TS!

The biggest 4 days in gaming is upon us, and this has been a great week for Legendary Games! We have just finished our amazing Legendary Planet Kickstarter, funding over 900% and hitting basically every stretch goal we had. With your help, we’ll be creating a 700+ page epic adventure saga that you and your players will be talking about for a long time, whether you play Pathfinder, 5th Edition, or both! The PDFs of the first adventure, The Assimilation Strain, and the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide have gone out  to backers already, and the first Art and Map Folio will be following shortly after GenCon, and by mid-August the next adventure, To Worlds Unknown, will be following as well! Waiting a year to get your Kickstarter goodies is so 2014!

Take your campaign OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Take your campaign OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Even if you missed the Kickstarter campaign, for the next few weeks you can still hop on board. Email us at with the selection you’d like to get from our Kickstarter and send the corresponding amount via Paypal to the same email address and we’ll add you to our Kickstarter spreadsheet and send you the download links to start going!


However, this week is not just about planets, it’s about PLANTS! That’s right, the latest in the Mythic Monsters collection is upon us, Mythic Monsters 29: Plants! From leaf leshies and assassin vines to zomoks, bodythieves, shambling mounds, and the all-new alien venusi, a psychic powerhouse from a distant green planet! Pick up Mythic Monsters: Plants exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore this week and in wide release starting next Mythic Monday!


But don’t forget, it’s also GenCon, and that means you can come see us in person at Booth #2639, including picking up your Kickstarter rewards for Mythic Mania or Legendary Planet! If you’re celebrating GenCon online, though, we don’t want to leave you out of the fun, so we’ve got savings ALL OVER THE PLACE!


– The Open Gaming Store is running a sci-fi-themed sale, so you’ll find a collection of products following those themes from Legendary Games available at a special sale price! We also have a large number of bundle deals available, including bundles of Mythic Monsters, Islands of Plunder pirate adventures, Gothic Grimoires, and more!


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We love and appreciate all that you do to help make Legendary Games a success, whether for special Kickstarter projects or just the everyday work of bringing you awesome gaming products! You truly help make US LEGENDARY! - Mythic Monsters - Plants (cover)