Another new class for PF2-sday: The Emissary!

Another new character class debuts today for Pathfinder Second Edition, so we bring greetings from the Emissary! These arcane ambassadors embody the might of empires and mighty guilds while mastering social graces like no other. With more than 40 class feats from levels 1-20 like Catspaw Assault and Animal Sidekick, no two emissaries are the same! Whether braggadocious or cunning, a merciless intimidator or a gregarious gadabout, any emissary can brand their foes with their empire’s mark, setting them up so their allies can lay them low. Plus, find the emissary multiclass archetype to splash some imperial graces into other classes, and new weapons used by those far-off empires. Grab this incredible new 26-page class book by veteran Pathfinder 2E author Sasha Laranoa Harving today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazonand DrivethruRPG


Plus, in case you missed it last week, cards are not just for magic tricks any more in PF2, as Legendary Games presents Second Edition Classes: Cartomancer for Pathfinder Second Edition! This new spellcasting class dabbles in every magical tradition as they draw power from a card deck that is equal parts weapon and magical focus. Mystical gamblers and masters of chance, cartomancers use their cards as tools for weaving spells with decks that may focus on divination, illusion, and mental manipulation through occult magic, elements and flora and fauna with a primal deck, raw power of life and death with a divine deck, or the diverse and balanced options of an arcane deck, along with over 50 class feats, a complete system of Card Casting, with nearly 60 unique spells you can heighten and empower by varying the number of cards drawn from your mystical hand. Plus nearly a dozen specialized card constructs to unleash on your enemies. Deal yourself in to an awesome new kind of class and grab this spectacular Second Edition supplement in PDF or print at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazonor DrivethruRPG

Last but not least, we are gearing up for the Boricubos: Latin American Monsters and Adventures Kickstarter, set to launch the first week of August! This two-book Kickstarter features both the Boricubos: The Lost Isles campaign setting and our latest fantastic bestiary, Latin American Monsters, and it’s going to be available for Pathfinder Second Edition, Pathfinder RPG and also for DnD 5E! We have submitted the Kickstarter page for review and will be able to start sharing the preview page with everyone soon. If you’ve enjoyed our past projects for all three systems, like our class books and the amazing 600-page Aegis of Empires Adventure Path, we hope you’ll check it out (sample cover images are for the 5E versions)!



Fear in the Forest on PF2-sday! And coming soon, the Cartomancer!

This PF2-sday brings you the Boreal Bestiary for Pathfinder Second Edition, featuring a variety of vicious villains perfect for populating the far-off frozen forests of your game world! Inspired by myths and legends of cold climates around the world, you’ll find 10 richly developed and beautifully illustrated for you to insert in your campaign, plus bonus bits like special weapons and treasures associated with these terrifying haunters of the winter woods! These monsters are perfect for any power level, from tiny terrors like the low-CR insect-loving gruen and the chilling green children to the mighty maniitok and diabolical hiisi trapmasters, each one sure to give your heroes nightmares and leave you cackling with glee! It’s also an ideal companion volume to the Coldwood Codex for Pathfinder Second Edition, with even more fantastic fey and undead of the chilly north! Grab this 28-page monster book today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazonand DrivethruRPG

Of course, monster books like these are terrific for the GM, but we want to take care of our Pathfinder 2E players too! We’ve created a number of PF2 classes adapted from old-school PF1 like the Legendary Kineticists: Second Edition and Legendary Mesmerists: Second Edition, as well as the brand-new  Legendary Cabalists: Second Edition, and we gearing up for our next all-new PF2 class, the Cartomancer! The manuscript is complete and we are just waiting on a few pieces of art to come back before we send it to layout, but it’s coming your way in June! For a quick preview…

The Cartomancer

For others, cards are a diversion, a source of profit, or maybe a means of peaking into the future; for you, they are the stuff of magic itself. Your touch turns a deck of cards into a stack of spells, each draw unlocking new power. The stuff of chance, your magic waxes and wanes with the luck of the draw. Play the hand you are dealt, or toss it away and hope for a better one?

During Combat Encounters…

You draw your cards, receiving a variety of powers based on chance. You might risk a close fight, using spells and throwing cards, or you may stand back and support your allies and weaken your foes. Given time, you can always reshuffle the deck, but in the heat of battle you must balance drawing and playing cards against using up your deck.

During Social Encounters…

Your natural charisma and fondness of games of chance can win you friends…or debtors.

While Exploring…

You may have an ace up your sleeve that solves the problem, but you are as likely to take risks to get past a challenge quickly, winning bets on your own prowess or falling hard.



Join the Cabal with a brand-new occult class on PF2-sday!!

At long last, our latest brand-new class is here for Pathfinder Second Edition! The cabalist by Onyx Tanuki is a very different take on the “witch” concept, an occult spellcaster with ties to the spirit world and the animus forces that suffuse all of reality. They tap into the hidden mysteries of the world through their familiars and either the teachings of a secret cabal of lore-weavers and spirit-channelers, or through daring to delve the deep magic as unbound cabalists on their own. You’ll find over 150 class options, including over 50 class feats plus new spells, over 20 different kinds of familiars from oozes to imps and the incredible tome of teeth or broomstick mimic! All of it comes with our Legendary flair, beautiful artwork, and a sample cabalist with full history and personality ready to drop into your campaign and show off what this new class can do! Check it out today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazon, and DrivethruRPG

But wait, that’s not all! We’ve got another Pathfinder Second Edition book coming your way next week on PF2-sday, Beasts of Legend: Boreal Bestiary (PF2), a terrific companion to the Coldwood Codex! What can you find between these covers? Take a look below and get ready for more amazing monsters for your game!

A Magnificent Bestiary of Frozen Fear!

The Boreal Bestiary is a fantastic bestiary book for Pathfinder Second Edition, featuring 10 sinister creatures awesome to unleash on in the cold and forlorn forests far beyond the edge of settled lands. Where the lonely taiga verges into the vast and empty tundra and the eternal snows of the high ice beyond, pitiless spirits rise far from humanoid civilization, from pitiless indifference to a raw and ravening hunger that threatens to devour interlopers from warmer lands and send them screaming back to their so-called civilization. Vermin-obsessed gruens surround themselves with chittering horror, while wiitikowan transform humanoids and animals alike into cannibalistic killers. Regal orruols rule the mountain peaks while green children rise from their sodden graves and strangling poleviks poach the souls of the unwary. The hard-hearted torden are cursed to hunt forever, while towering hiisi are masters of trap and whose blood unravels magic itself and vodenjaks strike clever bargains. Arctic harpspiders enrapture prey with their resonant webs, while the titanic maniitok are embodiments of living tundra, filled with loathing and wrath for the clamorous din of outsiders. These beautifully illustrated creatures await in our latest Beasts of Legend volume, and we hope you check out all of the amazing monster supplements coming your way for your Pathfinder Second Edition game!


New Monsters for PF2sday from the Frozen Faerie Forest!

We are excited to unleash our first new bestiary book for Pathfinder Second Edition, the Coldwood Codex, featuring 10 tantalizingly terrifying denizens of the winter woods and fey forests! Discover murderous naekk rivermaidens, untamed bokereyders, and rapacious chernobogs. Less cruel but no less deadly, the silent totemoqs flit on the winter winds and care not whose blood they freeze, while the amadan is the very essence of ill fortune. The dead themselves are unquiet in the coldwood, with undead fey ugrohters and deathless druid sloughs culling the living amid the trees. The faleich-wyrm is a veritable engine of death now plaguing the cold lands with corruption, while greedy barrow wights cling to long-lost lordship and forlorn boreal wights writhe in frozen, brambled agony! Grab all of these fantastic forest fiends today for PF2 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

We’ve got even more monsters coming your way in the companion volume, the Boreal Bestiaryin development right now and hopefully headed your way by the end of March with the savage wiitikowan, the aloof and imperious orruol, and so many more!  Our next PF2 class book is also very nearly here with Legendary Classes: Cabalist, a whole new kind of witch, which should be here by the end of February. Finally, we’re very excited to be finishing development on a brand-new magic expansion for PF2 with the Asian Spell Compendium! What can you find inside that upcoming volume? Check it out!

The Asian Spell Compendium brings you over 100 amazing new magical spells for Pathfinder Second Edition inspired by the mysteries of the Orient, from the frozen tundra and boreal forests of the far north to the serpent jungles of the south. Drawing from the myths, legends, and lore of China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, Siberia, and more, you’ll find tons of new spells for every school and 20 spellcasting classes, from ancestral wrath to word of pain and all spells in between. You’ll see offensive spells like flame shuriken, tiger trap, and blessed jade strike and defensive incantations like spirit ward, toad’s kiss, and sublime detachment, from minor magics like awful apparition, drowsy fireflies, and punji pit to mighty enchantments like divine wind, rain of sacred lotus petals, terra cotta legion, and the deadly marvelous chopsticks. Whether you favor arcane, divine, or psychic spells, tapping the power of elements or magic of the mind, you’ll find an incredible array of new and inventive spells perfect for introduction into an all-Asian campaign or one that simply draws a bit here and there from the magic and mystery of the unapproachable east.


Assimilation Strain for Pathfinder Second Edition!

The most spectacular saga to ever grace the pages of Legendary Games is now here for a brand-new system! Catch The Assimilation Strain for Pathfinder Second Edition! This best-selling standalone introductory small-town horror adventure is a delight to run and play in any campaign, regardless of whether you end up going on with the rest of the campaign, but it also provides the perfect entry point to introduce extraterrestrial enemies into an otherwise unsuspecting fantasy campaign world! There are strange things afoot indeed in the humble hamlet of Holver’s Ferry, but the full tale of deadly danger from beyond the stars awaits those who dare to go beyond! Check out this 40-page 1st-level adventure today in PDF or print at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon!

The Legendary Planet Player’s Guide is on the way for Pathfinder Second Edition as well, as is the first extraterrestrial alien-abduction adventure, To Worlds Unknownfor 2nd-5th level characters. Look for them in October from Legendary Games!


A Classy Pathfinder Friday – Monk Style!

We are delighted to bring you the third installment of our Second Class Guides, this time dedicated to the masters of the martial arts in Pathfinder Second Edition – Monks! You’ll find a ton of advice and recommendations for how to build the best monk for what you want to do in PF2, including detailed analysis of ancestries, class feats, general feats, magic items and gear, and so much more, including a full set of ready-built sample monks with advancement notes to show you how! If you love the monk class, check out N. Jolly and his team’s terrific take on them in Second Class Guide: Monks! Grab this terrific supplement today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

In addition to this brand-new class guide, we also are offering our earlier installments in the series at HALF PRICE – that’s right, you can grab Second Class Guide: Alchemist and Second Class Guide: Wizard (DrivethruRPG links) or SCG: Alchemist and SCG: Wizard (Legendary Games webstore links) for just $2.99!

We’re looking forward to even more Pathfinder Second Edition expansions coming soon, especially for our new PF2 Legendary Kineticist by Vanessa Hoskins and N. Jolly, but we’ve also got Legendary Clerics (with Matt Daley joining Nathan Reinecke) and Legendary Bloodragers (with Jeff Collins joining Dave Nelson) for Pathfinder RPG back on track and hopefully ready by next month, *AND* already in layout this week we have Fighters Unlimited by Darrin Drader for 5E! We are excited and delighted to keep things classy for all your favorite systems, and we have many more amazing products coming your way soon!


Second Edition Saturday means Adventure!

And we are delighted and excited to get our latest Pathfinder Second Edition adventure ready for you with the mystery, majesty, and magic of ancient empires and elder civilizations with The Lost Library of Thotha 7th-level PF2 adventure set amid the fantastic ruins of the pharaohs! Uncover tricks, traps, and eldritch guardians and discover all-new spells inspired by Egyptian myths and legends! Grab a copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Our next Pathfinder Second Edition adventure is rolling along as well, as Erik Keith tackles The Fiddler’s Lamentan ideal companion as a low-level horror adventure to The Murmuring Fountain! Each adventure offers new and exciting opportunities for your PF2 characters, and those are just the beginning! Our final sets of Second Edition Spell Cards are moving again after a delay while our card guy moved to another country, and work likewise has resumed on our Legendary Class: Kineticist for PF2!

Speaking of PF2 projects, we also wanted to give another update as we are gearing up for early 2020’s big release of the Aegis of Empires Adventure Path! All six adventures are complete for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, with 5E versions complete for the first three adventures, and we are likewise closing in on completion of the first three adventures for Pathfinder Second Edition! Layout is already underway on the first adventures, and maps for adventures 1-4 are complete, with maps for adventures 5 and 6 underway now! PLUS, in addition to the adventures, we also have created a 48-page Aegis of Empires Player’s Guide with rules for all three systems, which will release later this month!


Second Edition Spell Cards, Egyptian SWADE, and more!

We are delighted to debut phase two of our spectacular Second Edition Spell Cards for Pathfinder Second Edition! The first set of Arcane Basic, Divine Basic, Occult Basic, and Primal Basic brought you all the spells for each spellcasting tradition up through 2nd level. Our Master sets are coming next month, with the remaining spells all the way up to 10th level, but phase two is rounding out all those extra spells you need, including Domain Spells for all 37 cleric domains, Devotee Spells for those special spells granted by every official deity in the PF2 pantheon, and Class Focus spells for the killer class-based magics wielded by bards, champions, druids, monks, sorcerers, and wizards that are uniquely their own! You can get all three of these awesome expansions in printable PDF or ready-to-use card decks today to make prepping and casting spells with your PF2 character a breeze! Every card has the full text of the spell, with a handful of the very complex spells spanning 2 or even 3 cards if needed to make sure you’ve got your spells at the ready without having to flip back and forth in the big book to find them! Grab them all today!

Class Focus Spells – Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG

Devotee Spells – Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG

Domain Spells – Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG

Speaking of new game editions, Savage Worlds debuted their new edition this year with the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE), and we have an awesome new accessory for you in Ancient Tombs! This encyclopedia of all things necropolitan brings you lore and legends about tombs and burial rites, tables and tables of funerary goods, terrifying tomb guardian creatures, and new Edges for looting tombs on your own. Plus, it contains an entire system of mystic idols, many with a mind and will of their own, drawing power from worship and sacrifice and able to provide great power… at the cost of soul and sanity! You’ll even find sample idols ready to drop into any adventure, merging spirit power, ley lines, undying curses, and so much more. Bring the amazing flavor of fallen empires and ancient ruins to deadly life with this 30-page SWADE expansion at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and soon at Amazon!

Ancient Egypt is coming to life for Pathfinder Second Edition soon as well, as your 8th-level heroes can investigate the magical secrets of The Lost Library of Thoth (PF2) soon, as it just headed to layout this week. Low-level horror adventure is following soon after with The Fiddler’s Lament for PF2!

5E fans can look forward to even more amazing treasures, as the Treasury of Winter likewise went to layout this week, coming soon to join the Treasury of the City and Treasury of the Orient! GMs running horror campaigns also can look forward to a bundle of amazing NPCs ready to drop into your campaign with Gothic Heroes (5E), and sci-fi fans are THISCLOSE to getting to see the Aethera Field Guide and Alien Codex (5E) coming soon!

Classic Pathfinder RPG fans are not forgotten either, as both Legendary Bloodragers and Legendary Clerics are hurtling towards completion this fall, and the high-level adventure Sentence of the Sinlords has the manuscript in and is now waiting in the art and map queue to get its final pieces assembled, but should be ready by the end of the year.

And coming soon for ALL THREE SYSTEMS… the Aegis of Empires Adventure Path is drawing ever closer, with the first installments already in layout as we speak!

Too. Much. Good. Stuff. Stay Legendary, my friends!


Sci-Fi Friday Fires up the Arcforge, plus PF2, Aethera, and 70% off at Drivethru!

This SCI-FI FRIDAY brings you the latest installment in the amazing Arcforge setting with an incredible 88-page campaign expansion, Gods and Peoples! This titanic tome brings you information on dozens of races, species, and ancestries and dozens more deities of the war-torn world of Vandara, where high-tech psychic civilizations are collapsing into postapocalyptic scavengers in the aftermath of eldritch invasion by the ravaging qlippoth hordes of primordial chaos, and only the strong cling to the slivers of civilization and sanity as they try to rebuild. This spectacular supplement also includes divine fighting techniques and deity data, with rules for both Pathfinder and Starfinder! You can grab this terrific new sci-fi/fantasy setting book right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

Stepping away from sci-fi for the moment, in our ongoing quest to create even more amazing and easy-to-implement content for Pathfinder Second Edition, we also are delighted to bring you Just a Second #3: Defensive Magic eight new spells of protection and guardianship to keep your PF2 spellcaster safe in a dangerous world! You can grab the latest installment of Just a Second right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPGAnd don’t forget to pick up the first two installments – #1: Convergence Feats and #2: Specialist Spells!

But wait, the SCI-FI isn’t done! We have just released the incredible 204-page Aethera Field Guide for 5th Edition to our Kickstarter backers, and once they all have their final copies we’ll be launching it live for everyone! You already can pick up the Aethera Field Guide (Pathfinder) and Aethera Field Guide (Starfinder)this new book will take your 5E campaign across the universe and into the stars of the incredibly detailed Aethera Campaign Setting in this massive 204-page exploration of the planets of the Aethera system and the flora and fauna that inhabit them! Inside you’ll discover dozens of new monsters ready for use. Each entry includes detailed 5th Edition statistics alongisde entries outlining creatures’ habitats and life cycles and how they fit into the cosmology of the Aethera System. It’s not just about the monsters, though! You’ll also find new types of gear, character options, and more! Here’s just a sample of the things you’ll find in this monster-filled tome:

• Dozens of new monsters of the animal, humanoid, plant, and vermin creature types. Each one with their own unique ecological entries and full color art. From planar-bound giants trapped between elemental transitions, to hive-mind plant creatures!

• New options for playable races, like mindlink feats for the infused or fey morphs for zahajin.

• New animal companions for all animals and vermin, allowing you to play a character that uses alien wildlife in battle.

• Discover the secrets of the mythic paragons of Orbis Aurea!

• New templates, including the immortal rootsworn and the botanical verdant creature!

• Challenges for every adventurer and level of play.

• New alchemical items, artifacts, feats, magic items, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Last but not least, be sure to check out the INSANE 70% OFF PATHFINDER BLOWOUT SALE AT DRIVETHRURPG!!! Get 70% off almost every Pathfinder Roleplaying Game product in the vast library of Legendary Games! If you’ve been holding out and waiting to pick up something amazing, WAIT NO LONGER!!! GET IT NOW AND SAVE HUGE!!!


A SECOND Second Edition Spellcaster Spectacular!

Either way, you get a double-shot of spectacular stuff for Pathfinder Second Edition!  We have the second edition of TWO new product lines for Second Edition, starting with Second Class Guides: Wizards! This delightful deep dive into the masters of the arcane arts brings you a step-by-step guide to success in building your PF2 wizard character, with advice and analysis of the infinitude of options for ancestries, class feats, skills, spells, magic items, and so much more! You get 32 pages packed full of sage advice for making your wizard truly WAND-erful!!! Grab a copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand soon at Amazon as well! And don’t forget to pick up the first book in the series, Second Class Guides: Alchemist

But wait, there’s MORE! Today is all about the arcane arts as we unleash our second installment in the Just a Second series with Steve Helt’s first in a multie-part series of dynamic and devastating spells, kicking off with #2: Specialist Spells, with eight new arcane spells from cantrips to 10th level, chock full of specialized critical success and failure effects perfect for customizing your specialist mages and arcane casters! Grab this mini-PDF for just $1 right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Finally, if you’re going to play a spellcaster in Second Edition, you have GOT to get your hands our comprehensive collection of Second Edition Spell Cards! The Basic decks are ready for all four casting traditions – Arcane, Divine, Occult, and Primal – containing EVERY cantrip and 1st and 2nd-level spell for each tradition, perfect for you to get started with your campaign. These cards contain complete rules for every spell on a single card (save a handful of highly complex spells spread over 2-3 cards). Print the cards you need or order a set of printed cards, perfect to use with your own deck boxes or card sheets! Second Edition Spell Cards make life easy on you as the player. Just pull the cards you’re preparing for that day and you’re always ready for action! You can get all four decks in PDF or print right now at all your favorite providers of awesome gaming stuff!

Arcane Basic deck – Legendary Games webstore, DrivethruRPG, Paizo, and the Open Gaming Store!

Divine Basic deck – Legendary Games webstore, DrivethruRPG, Paizo, and the Open Gaming Store!

Occult Basic deck – Legendary Games webstore, DrivethruRPG, Paizo, and the Open Gaming Store!

Primal Basic deck – Legendary Games webstore, DrivethruRPG, Paizo, and the Open Gaming Store!

In addition, our next set of cards, including Domain Spells, Devotee Spells, and Class Focus spells, are in layout now and coming soon, with the Master decks for each tradition following in September with all higher-level spells! If you’re playing Pathfinder Second Edition, these killer card decks will definitely help Make Your Game Legendary!

Next week, 5E Friday returns with even more magic, with an awesome array of Asian-inspired antiquities and artifacts in Treasury of the Orient (5E), with two more treasuries coming hard on its heels – the urban adventuring items of the Treasury of the City and the frosty fey fantasy items of Treasury of Winter! Plus more awesome Arcforge accessories heading your way soon as well!!! Check them all out and have a truly Legendary weekend!