Pathfinder Second Edition

Just a Second, PF2sday means 2 days left in Boricubos: Latin American Monsters & Adventures!   Recently updated !

The final hours are here for the amazing Boricubos: Latin American Monsters and Adventures Kickstarter, now at nearly 19 times its funding goal with just 2 days left to go! This awesome project includes TWO terrific tomes–the Latin American Monsters bestiary of over 120 incredible creatures from Central and South America and the Caribbean and Boricubos: The Lost Isles, a killer campaign setting inspired by the Taino and Arawak cultures of the Caribbean with 7 new playable races/ancestries and over 100 class and character options including new spells, feats, archetypes, and more!

These two books are available in PDF and print Pathfinder RPG & Pathfinder Second Edition (and DnD 5E too!), so pick your favorite system or get them all . Plus, you can get awesome add-on books and  VTT support for Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and Shard! Even more exciting stretch goals are within reach in the final days to make these books even more amazing.

It all ends Thursday, September 16, at 7 PM PT/10 PM ET, so don’t miss it! 

But that’s not all! Today we also relaunch our Just a Second series of micro-PDFs for Pathfinder Second Edition! Each one delivers 2 pages of killer content for Pathfinder 2E, sometimes feats, sometimes spells, sometimes magic, always something amazing and produced by veteran PF2 creators! Today’s release is Just a Second #6: The Verdant Emissary by Sasha Laranoa Harving, with two new imperial backgrounds and half a dozen fantastic focus spells for the all-new Second Edition Class: Emissary class from Legendary Games! Grab a copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, or DrivethruRPG!




Another new class for PF2-sday: The Emissary!

Another new character class debuts today for Pathfinder Second Edition, so we bring greetings from the Emissary! These arcane ambassadors embody the might of empires and mighty guilds while mastering social graces like no other. With more than 40 class feats from levels 1-20 like Catspaw Assault and Animal Sidekick, no two emissaries are the same! Whether braggadocious or cunning, a merciless intimidator or a gregarious gadabout, any emissary can brand their foes with their empire’s mark, setting them up so their allies can lay them low. Plus, find the emissary multiclass archetype to splash some imperial graces into other classes, and new weapons used by those far-off empires. Grab this incredible new 26-page class book by veteran Pathfinder 2E author Sasha Laranoa Harving today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazonand DrivethruRPG


Plus, in case you missed it last week, cards are not just for magic tricks any more in PF2, as Legendary Games presents Second Edition Classes: Cartomancer for Pathfinder Second Edition! This new spellcasting class dabbles in every magical tradition as they draw power from a card deck that is equal parts weapon and magical focus. Mystical gamblers and masters of chance, cartomancers use their cards as tools for weaving spells with decks that may focus on divination, illusion, and mental manipulation through occult magic, elements and flora and fauna with a primal deck, raw power of life and death with a divine deck, or the diverse and balanced options of an arcane deck, along with over 50 class feats, a complete system of Card Casting, with nearly 60 unique spells you can heighten and empower by varying the number of cards drawn from your mystical hand. Plus nearly a dozen specialized card constructs to unleash on your enemies. Deal yourself in to an awesome new kind of class and grab this spectacular Second Edition supplement in PDF or print at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazonor DrivethruRPG

Last but not least, we are gearing up for the Boricubos: Latin American Monsters and Adventures Kickstarter, set to launch the first week of August! This two-book Kickstarter features both the Boricubos: The Lost Isles campaign setting and our latest fantastic bestiary, Latin American Monsters, and it’s going to be available for Pathfinder Second Edition, Pathfinder RPG and also for DnD 5E! We have submitted the Kickstarter page for review and will be able to start sharing the preview page with everyone soon. If you’ve enjoyed our past projects for all three systems, like our class books and the amazing 600-page Aegis of Empires Adventure Path, we hope you’ll check it out (sample cover images are for the 5E versions)!



Fear in the Forest on PF2-sday! And coming soon, the Cartomancer!

This PF2-sday brings you the Boreal Bestiary for Pathfinder Second Edition, featuring a variety of vicious villains perfect for populating the far-off frozen forests of your game world! Inspired by myths and legends of cold climates around the world, you’ll find 10 richly developed and beautifully illustrated for you to insert in your campaign, plus bonus bits like special weapons and treasures associated with these terrifying haunters of the winter woods! These monsters are perfect for any power level, from tiny terrors like the low-CR insect-loving gruen and the chilling green children to the mighty maniitok and diabolical hiisi trapmasters, each one sure to give your heroes nightmares and leave you cackling with glee! It’s also an ideal companion volume to the Coldwood Codex for Pathfinder Second Edition, with even more fantastic fey and undead of the chilly north! Grab this 28-page monster book today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazonand DrivethruRPG

Of course, monster books like these are terrific for the GM, but we want to take care of our Pathfinder 2E players too! We’ve created a number of PF2 classes adapted from old-school PF1 like the Legendary Kineticists: Second Edition and Legendary Mesmerists: Second Edition, as well as the brand-new  Legendary Cabalists: Second Edition, and we gearing up for our next all-new PF2 class, the Cartomancer! The manuscript is complete and we are just waiting on a few pieces of art to come back before we send it to layout, but it’s coming your way in June! For a quick preview…

The Cartomancer

For others, cards are a diversion, a source of profit, or maybe a means of peaking into the future; for you, they are the stuff of magic itself. Your touch turns a deck of cards into a stack of spells, each draw unlocking new power. The stuff of chance, your magic waxes and wanes with the luck of the draw. Play the hand you are dealt, or toss it away and hope for a better one?

During Combat Encounters…

You draw your cards, receiving a variety of powers based on chance. You might risk a close fight, using spells and throwing cards, or you may stand back and support your allies and weaken your foes. Given time, you can always reshuffle the deck, but in the heat of battle you must balance drawing and playing cards against using up your deck.

During Social Encounters…

Your natural charisma and fondness of games of chance can win you friends…or debtors.

While Exploring…

You may have an ace up your sleeve that solves the problem, but you are as likely to take risks to get past a challenge quickly, winning bets on your own prowess or falling hard.



Join the Cabal with a brand-new occult class on PF2-sday!!

At long last, our latest brand-new class is here for Pathfinder Second Edition! The cabalist by Onyx Tanuki is a very different take on the “witch” concept, an occult spellcaster with ties to the spirit world and the animus forces that suffuse all of reality. They tap into the hidden mysteries of the world through their familiars and either the teachings of a secret cabal of lore-weavers and spirit-channelers, or through daring to delve the deep magic as unbound cabalists on their own. You’ll find over 150 class options, including over 50 class feats plus new spells, over 20 different kinds of familiars from oozes to imps and the incredible tome of teeth or broomstick mimic! All of it comes with our Legendary flair, beautiful artwork, and a sample cabalist with full history and personality ready to drop into your campaign and show off what this new class can do! Check it out today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazon, and DrivethruRPG

But wait, that’s not all! We’ve got another Pathfinder Second Edition book coming your way next week on PF2-sday, Beasts of Legend: Boreal Bestiary (PF2), a terrific companion to the Coldwood Codex! What can you find between these covers? Take a look below and get ready for more amazing monsters for your game!

A Magnificent Bestiary of Frozen Fear!

The Boreal Bestiary is a fantastic bestiary book for Pathfinder Second Edition, featuring 10 sinister creatures awesome to unleash on in the cold and forlorn forests far beyond the edge of settled lands. Where the lonely taiga verges into the vast and empty tundra and the eternal snows of the high ice beyond, pitiless spirits rise far from humanoid civilization, from pitiless indifference to a raw and ravening hunger that threatens to devour interlopers from warmer lands and send them screaming back to their so-called civilization. Vermin-obsessed gruens surround themselves with chittering horror, while wiitikowan transform humanoids and animals alike into cannibalistic killers. Regal orruols rule the mountain peaks while green children rise from their sodden graves and strangling poleviks poach the souls of the unwary. The hard-hearted torden are cursed to hunt forever, while towering hiisi are masters of trap and whose blood unravels magic itself and vodenjaks strike clever bargains. Arctic harpspiders enrapture prey with their resonant webs, while the titanic maniitok are embodiments of living tundra, filled with loathing and wrath for the clamorous din of outsiders. These beautifully illustrated creatures await in our latest Beasts of Legend volume, and we hope you check out all of the amazing monster supplements coming your way for your Pathfinder Second Edition game!


New Monsters for PF2sday from the Frozen Faerie Forest!

We are excited to unleash our first new bestiary book for Pathfinder Second Edition, the Coldwood Codex, featuring 10 tantalizingly terrifying denizens of the winter woods and fey forests! Discover murderous naekk rivermaidens, untamed bokereyders, and rapacious chernobogs. Less cruel but no less deadly, the silent totemoqs flit on the winter winds and care not whose blood they freeze, while the amadan is the very essence of ill fortune. The dead themselves are unquiet in the coldwood, with undead fey ugrohters and deathless druid sloughs culling the living amid the trees. The faleich-wyrm is a veritable engine of death now plaguing the cold lands with corruption, while greedy barrow wights cling to long-lost lordship and forlorn boreal wights writhe in frozen, brambled agony! Grab all of these fantastic forest fiends today for PF2 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

We’ve got even more monsters coming your way in the companion volume, the Boreal Bestiaryin development right now and hopefully headed your way by the end of March with the savage wiitikowan, the aloof and imperious orruol, and so many more!  Our next PF2 class book is also very nearly here with Legendary Classes: Cabalist, a whole new kind of witch, which should be here by the end of February. Finally, we’re very excited to be finishing development on a brand-new magic expansion for PF2 with the Asian Spell Compendium! What can you find inside that upcoming volume? Check it out!

The Asian Spell Compendium brings you over 100 amazing new magical spells for Pathfinder Second Edition inspired by the mysteries of the Orient, from the frozen tundra and boreal forests of the far north to the serpent jungles of the south. Drawing from the myths, legends, and lore of China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, Siberia, and more, you’ll find tons of new spells for every school and 20 spellcasting classes, from ancestral wrath to word of pain and all spells in between. You’ll see offensive spells like flame shuriken, tiger trap, and blessed jade strike and defensive incantations like spirit ward, toad’s kiss, and sublime detachment, from minor magics like awful apparition, drowsy fireflies, and punji pit to mighty enchantments like divine wind, rain of sacred lotus petals, terra cotta legion, and the deadly marvelous chopsticks. Whether you favor arcane, divine, or psychic spells, tapping the power of elements or magic of the mind, you’ll find an incredible array of new and inventive spells perfect for introduction into an all-Asian campaign or one that simply draws a bit here and there from the magic and mystery of the unapproachable east.


More Magic Items for PF2-sday! For the Horde! (or against them)

Today brings you the Treasury of the Crusade, our second collection of awesome new PF2 magic items, these themed around noble crusaders and sinister heretics battling against or treacherously aiding invading armies of devils, demons, and the hosts of the lower planes! Strap on the abyssal carcass, wield the deadly crimson helix, call upon the powers of a locust rod, or unleash devastation with a dimensional bomb. You’ll find over 30 fantastic new magical items for Pathfinder Second Edition between these pages, from handy trinkets to mighty relics fit for the highest-level heroes. Grab this 22-page magic item book today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

While you’re stocking your storerooms with legendary loot for your next Pathfinder Second Edition adventure, don’t miss last month’s spectacular Treasury of Winterfeaturing over 30 delightful devices featuring the magic of ice and snow, many touched by the mysteries of the fey or the wonders of Slavic myth and legend! Plus get ready for even more magic item supplements coming soon like the nautical Treasury of the Fleet, the Egyptian-inspired Treasury of the Pharaohs, horror-themed items in the Treasury of the Macabre, and more!


Let the Hunt Begin on Pathfinder Friday!

Legendary Hunters is here! Our incredible series of class expansions reaches its silver anniversary with our 25th product, and that’s just counting the core line, with more than a dozen additional hybrid classes and villainous class expansions! Connor Bates, Cerise Herndon, and W. Hervay redesign the hunter from the ground up as the ultimate pet class, hunter and companion as intertwined souls who use their connection to overcome challenges and hunt down threats with wilderness skills, tandem tactics and training, and primal magic to protect their domains. The class also brings five new archetypes, six redesigned and updated archetypes, a pair of archetypes using the Spheres of Might and Spheres of Power rules, and more like new spells, feats, magical traps, and more, as well as a new iconic sample character to show what the class can do! Grab this amazing 50-page character class supplement today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazon, and DrivethruRPG

Even more class expansions are in process at Legendary Games for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, including Legendary Druids, Legendary Sorcerers, Legendary Bloodragers, Legendary Spiritualists, and more! You can check out all of this amazing product line with awesome expansions like Legendary Paladins, Legendary Fighters, Legendary Gunslingers, Legendary Kineticists, Legendary Wizards, and so many more at the Legendary Games webstore, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!

This product line is not just for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, however, as we also have begun rolling out our new class expansions for Pathfinder Second Edition! In addition to our Second Edition Class Guides for alchemists, monks, and wizards and our best-selling Legendary Kineticists: Second Edition from Vanessa Hoskins, we have just sent not one but two new PF2 class books to layout, Legendary Mesmerists: Second Edition and the brand-new Legendary Cabalist: Second Edition, introducing a very different take on the witch class! More details are coming soon for these classes, but know that whichever version of Pathfinder you play, Legendary Games has got you covered with incredible new class content!


Holiday Treasures Await for Pathfinder 2E!

It’s just two weeks until Christmas, but it’s not too late to get something shiny at the last minute! This Pathfinder Friday brings you the Treasury of Winter, an awesome assortment of terrific treasures themed for winter and fey-filled campaigns! Get three dozen magnificent magic items for Pathfinder Second Edition, including whimsical items like the feyfrost brush and foxfire stone, sinister and deadly weapons like the diamondice dagger, gorynych scale, and phosgene flail, and fantastic treasures like winterbark barding, spirit samovar, and the sledge of the great bear! Grab it today in PDF and print at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

This is just the first of our upcoming line of themed magic item collections for Pathfinder Second Edition, with the Treasury of the Crusade coming up next with tons of terrific items perfect for sacred champions, pitiless inquisitors, and corrupted servants of the demoniac invasion! Plus the forest and fey-themed Treasury of the Kingdom, the Egyptian and desert items in Treasury of the Pharaohs, nautical and pirate-themed items in Treasury of the Fleetand more!

For Pathfinder 1st Edition fans, the 25th!!! installment in our amazing series of class expansions and revisions is in layout now with Legendary Hunters! More books are coming soon with Legendary Bloodragers, Legendary Druids, Legendary Sorcerers, and more! Plus, we are hard at work on our incredible streamlined, revised, polished, and perfected version of the Pathfinder RPG with our Corefinder Project – you can check out all of the incredible updates at the Legendary Games Patreon (get great discounts, free products, early previews and purchases, priority playtest opportunities, and more for as little as $1 a month, with great benefits at higher support levels) and interact with the dev team on our Discord channel



PF2-sday is here with Legendary Planet and Adventures Galore!

We are excited and delighted to bring you a ton of PF2 news!

  • Four amazing new ancestries for all campaigns, plus bonus material for the Legendary Planet saga in Legendary Planet Player’s Guide!
  • Kick off your Legendary Planet adventures in The Assimilation Strain
  • The biggest Pathfinder Second Edition adventure we’ve ever published arrives this Friday in Race for Shataakh-Uulmthe 5th chapter in the Aegis of Empires Adventure Path!
  • And coming soon, the sequel to our best-selling Legendary Kineticists: Second Editionwe continue to explore psychic powers with the Legendary Mesmerist: Second Edition! 

1.  Check out four new amazing ancestries for use in your Pathfinder Second Edition campaign! Check out the the clockwork-cybernetic auttaine, the chlorvian plant people, the four-armed psychic tretharri, and the mischievous winged reptilian zvarr! These ancestries are perfect for introduction to any campaign from fantasy to sci-fi, with over 60 ancestry feats and heritages, special equipment, and more!

Of course, these species were originally designed as part of the spectacular Legendary Planet Adventure Path, and you’ll also find 11 campaign feats, a complete pantheon of 20 deities, and tons of character advice to give you and your players a roadmap to guide their path to adventure among the stars!

Whether you want new ancestries for your fantasy campaign or to set up your heroes to dive into Legendary Planet, you can get this fantastic 36-page Pathfinder 2E supplement right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon! 

2.  Did we mention Legendary Planet? Because you can definitely get started on that awesome adventure saga today with the horror-themed prequel adventure The Assimilation Strain! This best-selling standalone introductory small-town horror adventure is a delight to run and play in any campaign, regardless of whether you end up going on with the rest of the campaign, but it also provides the perfect entry point to introduce extraterrestrial enemies into an otherwise unsuspecting fantasy campaign world! There are strange things afoot indeed in the humble hamlet of Holver’s Ferry, but the full tale of deadly danger from beyond the stars awaits those who dare to go beyond! Check out this 40-page 1st-level adventure today in PDF or print at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon!

The next adventure in the saga, To Worlds Unknown, will catapult your heroes into the cosmos. That adventure is in development now for Pathfinder Second Edition and scheduled for release in January!

3.  In Babylon 5, G’Kar told us that, “Once the avalanche has begun, the pebbles have lost their right to vote!” In the penultimate adventure in the Aegis of Empires Adventure Paththe avalanche has definitely begun! This incredible 170-page wilderness adventure for 12th-level characters features an epic journey in search of legendary treasure, following in the footsteps of a lost expedition and racing against time and your rivals to claim the prize! Look for it on Friday wherever fine RPG products are sold!

4.  Last but not least, we’ve been delighted by the response to Legendary Kineticists: Second Edition, and we are very excited to debut our second psychic class to unleash in your Pathfinder 2E campaigns. This mesmerist class retains all of the mind-bending trickeration of the original class, with tons of class feats, sample characters, and exciting options to make them come alive for the new edition. Coming in December from Legendary Games! 


Aegis of Empires and Pat R. Eon for 5E, PF1, PF2, and Corefinder!

The second half of the amazing Aegis of Empires Adventure Path is underway with Legend of the Burning StarThis massive adventure is over 100 pages of urban intrigue, sinister secrets, murder, madness, mayhem, and the beginnings of an epic wilderness journey to the Wizard’s Wall and beyond! Explore the Lost Lands as your heroes follow the trail of a long-lost legendary treasure and uncover a conspiracy that threatens to shake the foundations of the Lost Lands! This 10th-level adventure is available for DnD 5E, Pathfinder RPG, and Pathfinder Second Edition, and you can get it today from all of our terrific partners or right here at the Legendary Games webstore!

DnD 5E: Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, Amazon

Pathfinder RPG: Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, Amazon

Pathfinder Second Edition: Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, Amazon


Adventure #5 in the series, Race for Shataakh-Ulm, is even bigger, between 160 and 176 pages between the three versions, and it’s already gone out to our Kickstarter backers, with the final adventure in the saga, Knight Fall in Old Curgantium, on its way in November, followed by the massive compilation version! We are excited and delighted to be getting this incredible adventure saga out to you in record time! You can get the entire Aegis of Empires Adventure Path so far at DrivethruRPGand you can still preorder the entire saga on Backerkit!

In addition, we have a pair of exciting Patreon programs available to our fans! We’ve relaunched our Legendary Games Patreon, with a FREE PATRON LIBRARY of over 600 pages of Pathfinder 1E and 2E content including adventures, magic items, monsters, ready-to-use NPCs, new rules subsystems, and more, plus new content coming all the time. This project also has a special focus on Legendary Games Corefinder Project, rebuilding the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game from the ground up to create a “PFRPG 1.5” that streamlines, condenses, and clarifies a decade’s worth of rules and more into a modular system ready to plug into fantasy, sci-fi, modern, and more! Patrons get early previews and playtest opportunities and a host of other benefits as well, including discounts and FREE PRODUCTS, so check it out today with Patron levels as low as $1 a month!

We’ve also created an all-new separate 5E-focused Patreon called Legendary Loot, that is all 5th Edition, all the time, featuring magnificent magic items, marvelous monsters, spectacular spells, and so much more! This week kicks off with a killer collection of Halloween-themed items and additions for your 5E campaign, like the perfect spells for a haunted house, a literal bogeyman, and items like a witch’s broom, werewolf cape, and sack of gluttony! Every one is beautifully illustrated, with magic item cards in production as well. Check it all out with Patron levels as low as $3 a month!