Kingmaker Anniversary Edition – COMPLETE!!!

In addition to our usual ongoing cycle of new releases and our own massive projects coming to completion like Ultimate Kingdoms and Legendary Planet, one of the biggest new projects Legendary Games undertook this past year was our partnership with Paizo Inc. to do the official Pathfinder Second Edition conversion for the Kingmaker Adventure Path 10th Anniversary Edition! As big projects do, this one just kept getting bigger, eventually turning into FOUR fantastic volumes with the Companion Guide, Pathfinder RPG Bestiary, and 5E Bestiary to accompany the massive 640-page Adventure Path book itself. Spurred on in part by the success of the Owlcat Kingmaker CRPG, these weren’t just going to be updated stats but completely rewrites of the six original Kingmaker adventures, PLUS *four* brand-new adventures, PLUS redesigned and massively expanded kingdom and mass combat rules, PLUS tons of new material for wilderness adventures, PLUS mini-adventures and new rules options like feats, spells, items, and roles for NPC companions in kingdom, mass combat, and downtime rules… it’s a LOT of stuff, somewhere over 1000 pages of material altogether. Some of the original Kingmaker authors like Tim Hitchcock, Jason Nelson, and Richard Pett were able to revisit the Stolen Lands, and we had a ton of new contributors as well to develop the PF2 adventures and all the PFRPG and 5E material as well.

And now it’s done!

I should say, the Legendary Games part of the project is done (aside from continuing conversations as needed with the Paizo design and development staff as they do their final passes and assembly work to make sure everything fits just right). Paizo will continue work on their end, with the project scheduled for release around November of this year. It was a massive project that was a lot of fun but required the contributions of a ton of great people, so shout-outs are definitely in order for our killer crew of adventure authors in Tom Phillips, Tim Hitchcock, Jacob Michaels, Ron Lundeen, Steve Helt, Scott Young, Alex Riggs, Mike Welham, Dennis Muldoon, and Jason Nelson, plus piles of amazing additional material from Alex Augunas, Russ Brown, Carlos Cabrera, Jeremy Corff, Darrin Drader, Joel Flank, Robert J. Grady, Eric Hindley, Jeff Ibach, Victoria Jaczko, Matt Kimmel, Jeff Lee, Tom McQueen, Julian Neale, Chris Perrin, Richard Pett, David Ross, Justin Sluder, and Linda Zayas-Palmer! 

Thanks to everyone who was a part of creating these books or supporting this project, and we hope you’ll be looking forward to it coming out as much as we are! Anybody wanting to revisit Kingmaker can already get our incredible expansion of the setting with the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium (Pathfinder RPG) and Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium (5E) available right now, and you also can definitely count on a ton of great Kingmaker-friendly Pathfinder Second Edition product coming soon, as well as massive expansions to the new kingdom-building and mass combat rules. Ultimate Rulership, Ultimate Battle, Ultimate War, and that entire line have been among our all-time best-selling products for both Pathfinder RPG and 5th Edition, and we’re already working on new ideas for Pathfinder Second Edition. The kingdom and mass combat rules you’ll get in the Kingmaker Adventure Path Anniversary Edition are already more than twice the size of the PFRPG rules in Ultimate Campaign, but there’s room for so much more to come!

We’ll take a well-deserved sigh of relief and then jump back into the fray to finish up Legendary Planet and Ultimate Kingdoms over the next week or two, and then on to new horizons with the Aegis of Empires Adventure Path, coming soon to Kickstarter!!! No time for stopping when you’re too busy being LEGENDARY!!!


Celebrate PaizoCon week ULTIMATE STYLE!!!

PaizoCon week is always a big one for Pathfinder fans, and Legendary Games is giving you a big reason to celebrate with the release of the titanic 280-page Ultimate Kineticist Compendium! This killer compilation collects kineticist content from nearly 100 different books all in one place, including official core rules content, softcover splatbooks, the full Kineticists of Porphyria series from Purple Duck Games, of course Legendary Kineticists and Legendary Kineticists II (and more!), and even more with a veritable mountain of 5-star reviews between them, all organized and refined to work together in perfect union. Get over 50 archetypes for both the classic kineticist and legendary kineticist, nearly a thousand talents including hundreds of infusions, hundreds of blasts, hundreds more wild talents… you get the idea. Plus massive piles of feats, magic items, kinetic saturations, and sample NPCs from CR 4 to 20! If you love the kineticist class – and it looks like a lot of you do – then you cannot miss having the definitive work on the class in your hands, available RIGHT NOW from the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!


Of course, Legendary Games also is partnering with Paizo, Inc. on their amazing Kingmaker Adventure Path project for both Pathfinder (1st and 2nd Edition) and 5E. If you haven’t checked out their crowdfunding portal for this amazing project, head over to Game On Tabletop for the Kingmaker 10th Anniversary project and help push this project to $300,000 and beyond! You can pick up the PDF versions of the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium as part of your pledge there at $5 off, and if you back for the PDF there you can get the print book at half price after the campaign ends! Of course, you also can pick them up right here anytime! 🙂

Among the questions people have asked about the Kingmaker project is what is going to happen with the kingdom-building and mass combat rules. Nobody has more experience working with those rules than Legendary Games, and we’ll be converting those rules for Pathfinder 2nd Edition. Exactly how extensive those rules end up being remains to be seen with how many stretch goals are reached in the crowdfunding project. As for 5E and Pathfinder 1st Edition kingdom-building and mass combat, well… we have you very well covered in that department with our Ultimate product line, with books like Kingdoms (5E), Ultimate Rulership, Ultimate Battle, Ultimate Commander, and more, but we’ve got a BIG announcement coming soon about that. That’s going to need its own post, but readers of our newsletter have some heavy reading ahead of them.

Speaking of crowdfunding projects, our friends Lou Agresta and Rone Barton are teaming up with Sean Astin (yes, *that* Sean Astin) to bring you the Grimmerspace Campaign Setting for Starfinder! Take cosmic horror and gritty, grungy sci-fi to a whole new level and check out their Kickstarter campaign (going on now and already funded in the first few hours) as well as their FREE preview adventure, Abattoir 8! And if you want to check out more about Starfinder and try a ton of terrific products at a truly star-studded spectacular discount, there is just over a week left in our STARFINDER SUPER BUNDLE, with 14 fantastic products over 80% off! Get character options, magic items, technological gear, spells, feats, playable races, ready-to-use exotic planets, spectacular stargate rules, and an assortment of adventures ranging from wasteland horror to the opening chapters of an epic saga! Check out the STARFINDER SUPER BUNDLE right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!





Seattle, WA, (May 7th 2016) – Legendary Games announces today their partnership with Paizo Inc. on the Kingmaker 10th Anniversary! The project will include expanded hardcover compilation of the Kingmaker Adventure Path, Kingmaker Companion Guide, a Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition, and a Kingmaker Bestiary for 5E.

Paizo’s Kingmaker 10th Anniversary crowdfunding campaign at is based around four books: the Kingmaker Adventure Path converted to the newest Pathfinder edition, the Kingmaker Companion Guide inspired by the Owlcat Games CRPG, an old-school Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition, and a Kingmaker Bestiary for 5E converted by Legendary Games. More add-ons and unlocks will be revealed as the campaign progresses over two weeks on Game On Tabletop. The campaign will end on May 21 at midnight.

Paizo Publisher, Erik Mona said, “We are excited to bring 10 years of development and innovative expansions back to the gaming table. The only question is… how ambitious do we get? That’s where you come in. Help us celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Kingmaker Adventure Path and bring this epic campaign to a new generation of gamers—and to your own tabletop!

A stunning 576-page hardcover, the Kingmaker Adventure Path provides GMs everything they need to run this epic campaign. All six chapters published by Paizo in 2010 will be updated to Pathfinder Second Edition rules, incorporating a decade of player and GM feedback and new characters, conflicts, and plots inspired by the best-selling digital adaptation of the campaign that released last fall—including a new prologue making its tabletop debut in this release! Detailed appendices provide GMs with flavorful gazetteers of the campaign’s myriad locations, from the Stolen Lands at large to the rival city of Pitax. The Kingmaker Adventure Path also features complete rules for hex-map exploration and kingdom building and management to bring the campaign’s most innovative elements to life at the table. Lastly, a bestiary of new and updated monsters that feature prominently in the Adventure Path give GMs of any campaign new tools to torment their player characters with! As the campaign levels up, the size of this book will grow to include new content!

The adventures don’t stop in Kingmaker’s core campaign, though. Inspired by the hit CRPG from Owlcat Games, the Kingmaker Companion Guide is a 32-page softcover compendium designed for Pathfinder Second Edition. Additionally, the book has the potential to increase in pages as the crowdfunding campaign levels up.

Paizo and Legendary Games both have old-school Pathfinder players who will be covered with the hardcover Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition; a 160-page monster and NPC resource that converts the new companions, NPCs, and monsters unlocked by this campaign into Pathfinder First Edition. They can play along in the new and updated encounters with this helpful conversion guide featuring back-converted stats for the entire Kingmaker campaign, plus other rules conversions, tips and tricks to run the campaign as smoothly as possible.

Why limit the fun of the Kingmaker Adventure Path to Pathfinder players? With the Kingmaker Bestiary for 5E add-on, GMs and players of the fifth edition of the world’s oldest roleplaying game gain access to more than 140 monsters and key NPCs from the Kingmaker Adventure Path! With 5E conversions by Legendary Games, this 160-page hardcover volume is an add-on from day one. Whether used as a companion volume to help convert the entire Kingmaker campaign or as a handy way to add new challenges and foes to 5E campaigns of all varieties, these time-tested critters and foes are sure to keep players on their toes!

Legendary Games Publisher Jason Nelson exclaims, “”We love Kingmaker at LG, with our team having written 5 of the original adventures plus tons of new adventures and accessories like Ultimate Rulership and the Forest KingdomCampaign Compendium to expand the AP, kingdom building, and mass combat, and we are thrilled to lend our multi-system expertise to this project. This project is a great opportunity to introduce 5E fans to the great stories, rich flavor, and killer design that have always been the trademarks of Paizo and LG, while also providing awesome updates to long-time Pathfinder fans and creating a whole new legend for the new edition!”

Go to to learn more.

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Aethera, Legendary Planet, and the Forest Kingdom Await!

Today marks the wide release of the amazing Aethera Campaign Setting for Pathfinder RPG! This magnificent and MASSIVE (nearly 600 pages) interplanetary adventure setting combines hard sci-fi, cosmic horror, magical fantasy, alien invasions, and mystical noir in a unique blend that suits all manner of genre-crossing campaigns. You can get the PDF right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPGand you can preorder the print version and print/PDF bundles exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore (expected delivery August 2017).

The Aethera Campaign Setting includes a vast amount of world-building and lore for the war-torn planets of a binary star system, with rich and evocative history, politics, religion, and more. You’ll also find over a hundred pages of character class options alone, including the brand-new cantor class and dozens of new archetypes, feats, skill unlocks, and more, plus extensive chapters detailing new playable races, magic items, technology, and monsters galore! Aethera is a spectacular setting to use on its own with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules, as a more sci-fi-heavy companion to the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, or as a more magical setting for the upcoming Starfinder Roleplaying Game.

Speaking of Legendary Planet, this week saw the general release of the latest chapter, Dead Vault Descent, for Pathfinder, and the 5E version is in the final stages of layout and should be available to Kickstarter backers next week and to the general public soon thereafter. The editing and development for the next chapter, The Depths of Desperation, is nearing its conclusion as well, so we should be able to put it into the layout phase right after Dead Vault Descent (5E) is done! You can get this fantastic adventure for Pathfinder right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon!

Of course, we love traditional fantasy as well as genre-straddling sci-fi crossover epics, and there is nothing more classic in fantasy than adventures into the forest, from fanciful fairy glades to shadowy tangles of monster-filled menace beneath the boughs of the endless wood! The Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium Kickstarter project for Pathfinder and 5th Edition is getting ready to launch TOMORROW MORNING!

This incredible accessory is perfect for any campaign ranging into the wilderness, especially those dealing with the fey or exploring and founding a keep and kingdom of your own on the borderlands of the wild! Among the bonus material that will become part of this compendium will be the long-awaited Royal Tournaments supplement as well as an incredible collection of character options in Royal Archetypes, each of which will be available for sale separately after the conclusion of the Kickstarter. The latter will include an array of terrific character options including the explorer and hidden guardian ranger, jester bard, knight-surgeon and order of the woodlands cavalier, fey mesmerist, huntsman medium, and MORE, including the unicorn charger prestige class and an array of delightful and deadly forest feats from Walk of the Wendigo to True Love’s Kiss! This incredible compilation for Pathfinder and 5E launches tomorrow, April 1st – GET READY!


Last but not least, TODAY IS THE FINAL DAY of our incredible 60 BOOKS, 30 BUCKS Pathfinder MEGA-BUNDLE at! The same spectacular savings – over 90% off on 60 Pathfinder PDFs totaling 1,487 pages and with a regular sale price of $337! You also can get this great bundle right here at the Legendary Games webstore, but only until midnight tonight! When March is gone, so is this incredible deal! DO NOT MISS IT!