SUMMER PREVIEWS #24: WAR! What is it good for?

Today was a work day both furious and productive on the war-front… specifically, the ULTIMATE WAR front! Aerial combat is complete, which now brings us to the home stretch. Perhaps a color-coded list will help illustrate. Everything in green is done, finished, complete! Things in orange are not quite done, but are moving along well. The unit record sheets are being put together by ace layout man Dain Nielsen, while I’m expanding the naval combat section tonight with an eye towards finishing it by tomorrow night. The finished parts are already going out for review and if all runs smoothly I think we will be good to go by GenCon Eve. Alas not with print copies, though those will be available pretty soon thereafter, and you’ll be able to preorder print copies and bundles on our site as soon as the product goes live.



Command Boons

Magic Items and Mass Combat


                Magical Siege Weapons

Combined Arms

War in the Sky

                Aerial Units

                Airship Tables

                Aerial Combat

                Fighting Units on the Ground

War at Sea

                Naval Units

                Simple Ship Table

                Naval Ship Table

                Naval Combat

Siege Warfare

                Siege Weapons

                Ranged Siege Weapons

                Close Assault Siege Weapons

                Siege Tactics      

Unit Record Sheets

One element I had intended to include in Ultimate Warwas a whole section on mercenaries and sample units, but even without naval combat complete this product looks to be about as long as Ultimate Rulershipalready. It looks like we’ll just have to have ANOTHER sequel: Ultimate Armiesanyone? I promise it won’t take a whole year to get done!

Meanwhile, how about a look at the cover art by the redoubtable Tim Kings-Lynne:

Have fun storming the castle!

Have fun storming the castle!