SUMMER PREVIEWS #18: Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main!

If you know Neil Spicer and his work at all, you know he has a mind and an eye for detail like few others, and one of his great delights is weaving character and relationships together. This comes shining through in the many fabulous adventures he’s written, of course, but he’s also penned a line of products dating back to the beginning of Legendary Games presenting sets of incredibly vivid pregenerated characters that have to be seen to be believed. Gothic Heroes for a horror campaign, Imperial Heroesfor an epic journey to the Far East, Conquering Heroes for a campaign carving out your own kingdom in a fey-haunted wilderness, and Righteous Heroesfor starting off on a crusade against the demon hordes of the wounded lands! These are far more than stat blocks; they are fully realized characters with lush backgrounds and complex backstories and relationships, complete with advancement notes for bringing the characters along so they can be used well after the campaign has begun. Each is connected in detail to the Adventure Path for which they were designed but fully usable outside of it, whether you need cohorts, allies, rivals, or even replacement characters.

Coming in early September, Legendary Games will be proud to bring you Nautical Heroes,a set of 8 seafarers and scallywags perfect for any pirate-themed campaign. Tomorrow we’ll go into greater detail on one of them, but for now here’s a quick listing of what you’ll find within.

  • 1) CathranTyvirian (Half-Elf Cleric of the Goddess of Dreams)
  • 2) LumisPrindle (Halfling sea singer Bard)
  • 3) MirielKalantee (Elf Sea Witch)
  • 4) OndirraShirahz (Undine Flowing Monk)
  • 5) EvonBloodbeak (Tengu Swashbuckler Rogue)
  • 6) SilvioDevaulis (Human Oracle of Waves)
  • 7) Taren Torrenato (Human Buccaneer Gunslinger)
  • 8) Aethan Calder (Human Swashbuckler) – using the new hybrid classes from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Class Guide

Also, since we’re looking ahead, here’s one of the preliminary sketches from new artist Bob Greyvenstein, this one for the gun-toting buccaneer Taren Torrenato!

Nautical Heroes - Taren2 sketch

Also, since it’s always interesting to see how things evolve over time, here’s a quick look at the sketch work for Miriel the elven sea-witch. Tomorrow, we’ll take a better look at her and her lovely winged pet.

Nautical Heroes - Miri-2 sketch