Legendary Games is pleased to kick off our SUMMER SPECTACULAR as we look forward to summer convention season. We will be there in force at both PaizoCon starting NEXT WEEK and at GenCon in August, hosting seminars on What’s New With Legendary Games? where you’ll be able to get an inside look on where we’ve been and where we’re going, with sneak previews of upcoming products and in-depth conversation with the creative team about some very special things coming down the road, and we will have new previews and news for you EVERY DAY leading up to PaizoCon next week!


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ve got a load of stuff to bring to you RIGHT NOW. What is the one thing that every adventurer likes? More than xp. More than the glory of bashing monsters. Why do they do what they do? FOR THE LOOT! LOOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!


In the spirit of loot, we are delighted to bring you the next installment in our series of Pirate Adventure Path Plug-Ins, the amazing Treasury of the Fleet! Packed with plunder for your pirates to purloin, or for your nautical heroes to unearth at the end of a treasure map where X very definitely marks the spot, Treasury of the Fleet is a call-back to the very first product we ever produced at Legendary Games, the fabulous and frightening Treasury of the Macabre, but this product goes one better and then some compared to its worthy predecessor, including 31 magic items, from minor expendables to a minor artifact, as well as four new magic weapon properties. With terrific artwork from James Krause highlighting items designed by Jason Nelson, Matt Goodall, Jim Groves, and Jonathan Keith, the Treasury of the Fleet has a collection of baubles sure to delight any adventurer sailing the seven seas. We’ll take a closer look at some of them tomorrow, but for now we present the table of contents of the enchanted items you will find within the Treasury of the Fleet!


Item Name                                 Price

lookout’s eyeblack                       400 gp

earring of farseeing                       500 gp

castaway’s flare                            600 gp

gloves of certain grip                   1,850 gp

gullwing cape                              2,300 gp

treacherous hook                        2,500 gp

mutable hook                             4,400 gp

eyepatch of adjustment               4,600 gp

roperunner sandals                     6,000 gp

sharkskin suit                            6,275 gp

admiralty parade kit                    9,000 gp

ensign of parley                          9,000 gp

sails of extinguishing                  10,800 gp

shanty shiv                                12,302 gp

captain’s cutlass                        13,345 gp

raven’s perch                              16,200 gp

pirate brand                                17,000 gp

whispering wheellock                   20,300 gp

sharpshooter’s carabine               23,300 gp

wavebreaker                               24,900 gp

hateful hook                                25,310 gp

bullet buckler                              29,165 gp

shadow sextant                           30,000 gp

cannonball breastplate                 32,070 gp

sea lord’s tricorne                         37,500 gp

spiral saker                                 42,300 gp

spiral saker (fiend’s mouth cannon) 45,300 gp

hurricane harpoon                        61,505 gp

golden gun                                  83,300 gp

rod of the ebb tide                      100,000 gp

Pirate Queen’s pearl                   – (artifact)

New Weapon Properties: chaining (+1), skimming (+1), stormshaft (+1), tracer (+1)