SUMMER PREVIEW #6: Clear as Crystal

Yes, gold has a lovely shine, and every well-coiffed pirate lord wants some kickin’ threads in which to preen as they plunder, but there’s something a little magical about the sparkle of a stone cut just so. Cut crystal or dazzling diamond, mundane or magical, gems and jewelry have been classic RPG treasure since before a couple of thieves tried to pry the ruby eyes out of a giant demon statue back in 1st Edition. In Scourge of the Steaming Isle, PCs have a great chance to find a crystalline treasure long hidden, and yet sometimes things don’t go quite as planned, and what you thought was treasure for you to take turns the tables and tries to take you out instead!

The loot is attacking!

The loot is attacking!

Hey, pirates have to go on land some time if they want to GET THAT MONEY! Thanks to newcomer William Hendershot for showing us how a simple treasure grab can go terribly, terribly wrong.

One of the themes that we have used in our Adventure Path Plug-Ins is the idea of a dynamic campaign, both in the sense of a world that extends outside the lines of the primary plot of the official Adventure Path and/or brings more detail to places it has already visited, but also in putting some agency in the hands of the villains. The campaign may be flowing along perfectly well, when actions the heroes have taken in the past have repercussions down the road, from vengeful witches out to avenge a fallen child in The Baleful Covento a fateful pursuit that draws the heroes into the scheming plots of an angry fairy queen in Horns of the Hunted. So it is in Scourge of the Steaming Isle,where the growing success of the pirate PCs has drawn the ire of rivals wanting to take them down a peg and seize what has made them successful. It is not enough for PCs to climb to the top of the ladder; they have to be careful of who’s coming after them after they think they’ve got it made.

We have many more pirate products coming that will be revealed as our SUMMER SPECTACULAR preview continue,including the wretched hive of scum and villainy known as Fort Scurvy, by Jason Nelson with maps by a Crystal of our very own, making her Legendary debut. That said, tomorrow we have something completely different to announce. Something that is going to make everybody who’s been interested in picking up a few products from Legendary Games VERY HAPPY!