SUMMER PREVIEW #5: Time to let off some STEAM!

No, not the “Steam sale” on virtual video games! I’m talking about the latest pirate adventure from Legendary Games, Islands of Plunder: Scourge of the Steaming Isle!Once again brought to you by the master of maritime menace, Superstar author Matt Goodall (who also authored Tempest Rising, the third adventure in the official pirate adventure path which would be a great place to insert this plug-in adventure), this time with the able assistance of Kickstarter backer Joshua Root, the artistic talents of Ivan Dixon, and the layout skills of Rick Hershey!


This delightful tale takes you face-to-face not only with notorious pirates and scallywags like Captain Sculberd Craggs  and the crew of the schooner Storm Wolf, but also into the watery domain of the mysterious gillmen, led by their chief oracle Akoria. With whom will your piratical PCs side, and what will they find when the arrive at the deadly and dangerous Steaming Isle. A simple pirate lair for the sea raiders to count their plunder, or a mysterious citadel of the ancient holding a treasure long forgotten? Explore and find out… if you dare!