Yesterday we previewed the monster list for the latest Mythic Monsters product, MAGICAL BEASTS! The brand-new monster that comes in this is the weird and wild warpwolf. In concept he was kind of inspired by the displacer be… er, I mean, “beasts that have displacement” – wouldn’t want to trample on anybody’s protected IP. Just back in the 1st Edition days you had the good-guy blink dogs and their rivals and enemies, the cat-like displacers. Being a good grognard, I looked back and though what would make a good rival for blink dogs, and I thought about the idea of… another blink dog, but one for whom things went terribly, terribly wrong. You think about a dog that keeps blinking back and forth and back and forth between worlds. What if one time… it got stuc?. What if a whole bunch of them got stuck? Stretched and splinched between the ragged edges of the universe for so long that when they finally get free their sanity is as ruined as their bodies, constantly shifting and churning inside out, outside in, and filled with ever-burning rage. Then you take a look at Michael Jaecks’ work with what was admittedly a very weird art order.


So just what does a warpwolf do with its tragic origin story? Here are just a few of the awful things it has in store for your PCs…


Bifurcated Bite (Su) As a standard action, a warpwolf can make two bite attacks against a single opponent. These bites can originated in any square adjacent to both the warpwolf and the target for the purpose of cover and flanking, allowing the warpwolf to provide flanking for itself.

Gut-wrenching (Su) A warpwolf’s body is in a constant state of inverting flux, its inward parts and its nominal exterior constantly churning and folding in upon each other. A warpwolf gains a +10 bonus on combat maneuver checks made to escape a grapple and on saving throws to avoid becoming entangled. Whenever it is struck by an attack, it can attempt a combat maneuver check to disarm its attacker as an immediate action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If the weapon is disarmed, it is engulfed inside the warpwolf’s body and cannot be retrieved unless the warpwolf is killed. If the warpwolf expends one use of its mythic power as part of this immediate action, it can disgorge part of its transpatial innards on its attacker (including creatures using natural weapons, unarmed strokes, or melee touch attacks) as a melee touch attack, affecting the target as a tanglefoot bag on a successful hit.

Pack of One (Ex) A warpwolf gains one teamwork feat as a bonus feat, and all of its allies are treated as if they had the same feat for the purpose of the warpwolf gaining its benefits. Its allies gain no benefits from this ability. When a warpwolf uses its bifurcated bite, it gains the benefit of its teamwork feat with respect to the creature it attacked, as if the warpwolf were its own adjacent ally. A warpwolf can expend one use of its mythic power as a full-round action to switch its teamwork feat to a different teamwork feat for which it qualifies.


As you can see, the warpwolf continues the Legendary Games tradition of abilities both inventive and terrifying. You can be sure you’ll see more and more of the same coming soon in our Mythic Monsters line, but next preview takes us back to the land (or sea) of PIRATES! Check in tomorrow for the next look at our SUMMER SPECTACULAR!