What makes a STRANGER?

Today brings our second preview of the new Path of the Stranger! Some might ask, “What makes this path different from the trickster?” The trickster is all about deception, stealth, showmanship, a dash of magic, guile, and, well, TRICKERY. There is a bit of overlap in that both work well with Dex-based builds, and the stranger does get a few trickster path abilities on its list (all paths share some abilities with other paths), but a stranger’s focus is more on revenge, intimidation, movement, secrecy (and finding out secrets), toughness, and a fair bit of stuff to do with firearms. To illustrate, we provide a list of Stranger Builds that help flesh out the archetypal concepts that flow from this path.

Caravan Master


When selecting your stranger’s path abilities, you may wish to consider the following themes. Each one suggests a variety of complementary path abilities, with different interpretations about what it means to be a mysterious mythic wanderer.

Charming Smuggler: You keep a low profile but are always ready for action with a quip. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─call in a favor, flag of convenience, none of your business, she may not look like much, skeptical eye, snatch and dash, streetwise seeker, swift swap; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─confidence, sardonic wit, vanishing move, watching the watchmen; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─apparent demise, nothing to say.

Farstrider: You have wandered everywhere across the world but call no place your home. You are light and quick on your feet in every fray. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─deadly dodge, flag of convenience, granted stride, handy souvenir, mythic hunter, mythic ki, nimble glide, speed surge, strange style; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─can’t touch this, flexible ethics, handy souvenir, shared alertness; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─ghost rider, harrier.

Flamboyant Masquerader: Living a double life, your secret identity keeps your loved ones safe as you pursue a life of charismatic crime or dashing heroics. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─carve your initials, forget it ever happened, impeccable balance, mythic panache, no one of consequence, streetwise seeker, whiplash; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─ cape glider, flexible ethics, memento, mirror dodge, use your own words against you; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─harrier, nemesis.

Last of Your Line: The fortunes and glory of your family or people are a fading memory, yet you maintain their proud traditions. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─call in a favor, defensive move, flag of convenience, forget it ever happened, hear heartbeat, heirloom, mythic hunter, mythic ki, no one of consequence, steadfast resolve; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─confidence, memento, no time for love, shared alertness; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─apparent demise, cling to life.

Man with No Name: You are a high plains drifter, with little to say unless someone crosses you or pushes too far but always rough and ready for a brawl. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─ clear your heads, endless ammunition, horse puncher, mythic grit, no one of consequence, none of your business, quick recovery, ricochet, sure shot; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─menacing whisper, take your best shot, unflinching; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─inscrutable, nemesis.

Spirit of Vengeance: You are the living avatar of righteous revenge and undying grudges. 1st-Tier Path Abilities─avenging maneuver, menacing presence, smell of fear, supreme tracker; 3rd-Tier Path Abilities─an eye for an eye, menacing whisper, strange suppression; 6th-Tier Path Abilities─ghost rider, roaring rampage of revenge.