Spring Preview #4: Beyond the Bright Veil… a new member of the team

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Kingbreaker Adventure Path is the strong presence of the fey, especially in the early and latter phases of the AP. Not so much in the middle… though we are looking to change that with some of our amazing upcoming plug-ins!

There’s a lot more to an Adventure Path than adventures, though, and the presence of the fey is hardly limited to that AP. One of the great strengths of our AP Plug-Ins is that, while ideally suited for use with a particular AP (or several of them), they have broad applicability and usefulness for any campaign featuring the same design themes. It goes without saying that many campaigns make liberal use of the fey. Heck, the first 3rd Edition campaign I ever played in was one run by Julia Martin over at the WotC offices based on the setting of Diane Duane’s Tale of the Five series, which at least in Julia’s interpretation of the Middle Kingdoms had a very heavy fey presence. Whether it’s called the Bright Lands or the Fey Realms or the First World or Fair Lands or simply Faerie, the places inhabited by the fey and that feel their touch are places of mystery, majesty, and magic.

Describing the amazing richness of alternate planes and dimensions for the Pathfinder RPG requires a special talent, and it was with this project in mind that I introduce the latest addition to the Legendary Team, Todd Stewart. I worked with Todd on the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting, Osirion: Land of the Pharaohs, and on developing the proteans race of chaos-shaping outsiders for The Great Beyond (and their stat blocks in the Legacy of Fire AP and Bestiary 2), usually with me as the crunchy stat arm and Todd as the weaver of glorious flavor text.

When we were planning the products we wanted to do for the Kingbreaker AP (which Todd also worked on, telling us everything we ever wanted to know (and plenty we didn’t) about the “Ecology of the Boggard”), I knew we wanted to delve more deeply into the influence of the fey upon the world. If you’ve followed the evolution of Paizo’s game world, you know like I do that Todd is absolutely the best man for the job.

Want proof? Check out tomorrow’s preview when we take YOU Beyond the Bright Veil.


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