Lots of places offer you special deals for Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the US, but at Legendary Games we want to show our thanks for you all month long! To celebrate, for the entire month of November we are offering an incredible deal for your 5E pleasure, the 20 FOR 20 bundle – 20 PDFs, over 550 pages of material, for JUST 20 DOLLARS! You’ll save over 80% on an array of adventures and accessories for your 5th Edition game, bringing you adventures ranging from 1st level to 10th level, monsters from CR 1 to CR 17, magic items from common everyday treasures to mighty artifacts, ready-to-use creatures and characters, and much, much more, all with amazing artwork, delightful design, and flat-out 5E fun! Grab this bundle today at the Legendary Games webstore, and DrivethruRPG and soon at the Open Gaming Store and Paizo!


Please help us spread the word on this amazing deal. It’s a great time to get a taste of all the incredible 5E product lines Legendary Games has to offer, from fairy forests to Egyptian ruins, Gothic horror to high seas pirate adventure, and even venturing to the stars and beyond! Hit up the links above and share them with your friends!

LG:  http://www.makeyourgamelegendary.com/products-page/5th-edition/20-5e-products-for-20/

DrivethruRPG:  http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/197222/20-for-20-BUNDLE?affiliate_id=343951

Paizo:  http://paizo.com/store/byCompany/l/legendaryGames/dungeonsDragons

Open Gaming Store:  https://d20pfsrd.refersion.com/l/075.70875

While you’re at it, we’d also encourage you to check out some of our new releases for 5th Edition!

– Legendary Planet: The Scavenged Codex brings you sword-and-planet adventure extraordinaire as the epic Legendary Planet adventure saga continues in this 120-page deluxe adventure for 5th-8th levels, including treachery and double-dealing in the shady underworld that leads to an ill-fated expedition to the desolate planet of Rythes, where cult fanatics and wasteland bandits battle over the broken remnants of a paradise planet turned terribly wrong! This book includes 9 new monsters, 10 new magical and technological items, extensive rules for vehicles, races, and chase scenes, a detailed gazetteer of the planet, an ongoing fiction saga, and more! Now available at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon!

– Scorpions of Perdition is an 8th-9th level adventure that also blends sci-fi and fantasy with elements of western and horror as a simple expedition into a lost mine complex on the edge of the wastes turns strange and deadly as the long-slumbering survivors of a warlike alien race threaten to rise and unleash an onslaught upon an unsuspecting world.

– Gothic Grimoires 1: The Necrotic Verses is the first in a series of short products designed to introduce novel and disturbing elements of horror into your 5E campaign with new class features, feats, spells, and similar options, each one themed around a single terrifying tome with its own unique history. Heroes or villains might discover these eldritch writings and use them to claim power… or madness!

– The Way of Ki and Meditations of the Imperial Mystics are companion products designed to expand the concept of ki beyond the monk class, with new feats, spells, and class features available to a wide array of martial and magical classes, perfect for adding a dose of Asian wuxia flavoring to your campaign.

– The Trail of the Apprentice Adventure Path is a 300+ page adventure saga for 1st-5th level characters, great old-school fun for players of all ages and skill levels but ideal for use with new players or younger gamers, with accessories like our Image Cards to show off key creatures, characters, locations, and events in the saga!

We haven’t even touched on our best-selling kingdom-building and mass combat supplements like Kingdoms, Ultimate Rulership, and Ultimate Battle (with Ultimate War scheduled for release by the end of the month). Check out our entire line of fantastic 5th Edition products at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG, and grab that amazing 20 FOR 20 deal!

5th - LB-Trail of the Apprentice AP