So GOOD at being BAD! Another 5-star review for Legendary Games!

Legendary Games has made some really rotten rascals in our time, but few as awesomely awful as the depraved demoniacs cooked up by Alistair Rigg, Todd Stewart, Clinton J. Boomer, and Nicolas Logue for Unrighteous Villains! We were so proud of this product, not just the writing but also the incredible artwork and the lovely layout, that we submitted this to the ENnies this year in the monster category; it may not have taken the award, but if you want an indication of its worthiness check out the latest review from Thilo “Endzeitgeist” Graf:


Alistair Rigg, Todd Stewart, Clinton J. Boomer and Nicholas Logue – notice something – yeah, these guys have in common that they know how to WRITE. I don’t mean “write a supplement”, but really WRITE. Evoke moods, atmospheres and multi-layered characters. It’s easy to delve into the “wants to destroy everything due to being EVUUUL”-trope with demons and the adversaries herein almost universally manage to avoid this, instead being round, nasty individuals that make sense in a twisted way, providing roleplaying opportunities aplenty, not just within the context of Wrath of the Righteous.


In fact, the writing is so good that you really, really want to use these villains – almost immediately. This miniature rogue’s gallery definitely provides some of the most depraved adversaries I’ve seen in a while – and that is meant as a compliment. But that wouldn’t be enough if their statblocks were bland or boring. They aren’t. While not all statblocks reach the level of complexity I tend to enjoy in NPC-builds, a couple of them do and that, coupled with the awesome writing, is enough for me. Add to that the slight touches – like aforementioned glyphs, like demonic trysts gone wrong, the evocative adventure hooks – and we have a grand collection of villains, well worth 5 stars + seal of approval – legendary indeed!


You can read the full review on Endzeitgeist’s website here! As always, we greatly appreciate everyone who takes the time to offer a review on our products. You help spread the word to other fans and gamers out there and you help make our gaming community great!

Unrighteous Villains web cover