Shift Into High Gear with a new class, and prepare for PIRATES!

Today we debut the latest in our long-running series of fantastic character class compendiums for Pathfinder RPG with a deep dive into the newest base class of them all in Legendary Shifters! This book takes the core concept of a martial shapeshifting class and offers tons of great options for the standard official class as well as a reimagined alternate version of the class rebuilt from the ground up to become the supreme shapechangers in the game! You’ll find awesome archetypes, fantastic feats, marvelous magic items, the Polymorph Savant prestige class, and so much more, all packed into 32 pulse-pounding pages of sheer unmitigated awesomeness courtesy of N. Jolly and Siobhan Bjorknas! You can grab this beautiful volume right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

Don’t forget to check out all the dynamite class collections we’ve recently released, especially for martial characters, like Legendary Brawlers, Legendary Fighters, Legendary Gunslingers, as well as earlier encyclopedias for your favorite classes like Legendary Rogues, Legendary Vigilantes, Legendary Kineticists, Legendary Paladins, and an array of awesome hybrid classes as well, like the Skinchanger, Kinetic Shinobi, Doomguard, Yakuza, and Deadeye Hexer! You can get them all organized by product category at the Legendary Games webstore, Paizoand DrivethruRPGand by searching for individual products at the Open Gaming Store and Amazon!

The clock is ticking as well on the countdown to the Pirate Campaign Compendium project for 5E and PathfinderThis spectacular new book will likely exceed 300 pages of nautical NPCs, marine monsters, seagoing spells, aquatic adventures, and so much more! We are finalizing the Kickstarter page and are looking forward to launching the project this week. We’re going through and setting up our stretch goals and pledge levels, aiming to make this project as simple and straightforward as can be for everyone. There are many details getting finalized in the run-up to launch, and we’ll keep you abreast of new developments as they occur!

One important thing to note about this project is that, while we take our greatest inspiration from the popular romanticized pirates of the Caribbean Sea in the Age of Sail, this project also provides opportunities to broaden your campaign horizons with pirate plunder and lore from cultures around the world! The ocean touches every land, and the pirates and navies in your campaign likewise should sail beyond the farthest shore in search of true adventure on the rolling sea!