Saturday Sale!

This Saturday, March 30th, is Tabletop RPG Day, and to celebrate the d20pfsrd webstore is having a one-day 30% off sale on a ton of products, including the first 10 products Legendary Games produced, from Treasury of the Macabre through Meditations of the Imperial Mystics. Of course, one of those first 10 products is our FREE art book download, Gothic Visions, but it’s still 30% off… of nothing! 🙂

We invite you to patronize the fine folks at d20pfsrd for their sale, and of course we also invite you to come by our webstore right here for all of your Legendary needs, including our newest great products like The Mad Doctor’s Formulary, Imperial Heroes, and Cultic Cryptomancia as well as all our classic products and Gothic Grimoires. Remember that with our 10 for 10 promotion, if you’re one of the first 10 people to buy any of our products from our site, you get a 10% discount code good for ANY product in our store.


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