Salute the Heroes! Imperial style, that is.

Another ringing 5-star endorsement for Neil Spicer’s amazing Imperial Heroes, courtesy of Endzeitgeist. He calls the full-color character illustrations by Tanyaporn Sangsnit, Frank Hessefort, and Colby Stevenson “GLORIOUS and on par with Paizo-levels of awesomeness” and reviews all eight of the characters contained herein. His conclusion:

Wow. Author Neil Spicer has created quite an array of compelling, unique characters that would not only work well as PCs, but also as NPCs – even if you don’t plan on using these as PCs, their characters and awesome artworks mean that most DMs will find some ways of making these compelling additions to their campaigns. Now, I would have really loved form-fillable versions of the characters that allow them to be printed out as a sheet and upgraded/modified at higher levels, but one can’t have everything, I guess. That being said, this collection of pregens leaves almost nothing to be desired, is iconic and cool and the inclusion of a goblin ninja is glorious. Even Ulfen barbarians and Varisian wizards get their own, very distinct spin that immerses them in a given setting and the ties to the Jade Regent storyline mean that I can happily and wholeheartedly give this a final verdict of 5 stars – not only for those interested in running Jade Regent.

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