Sailing into MYTHIC MONDAY (and maybe Mythic Mythos Monday?)

Our Mythic Mania Kickstarter is clicking along nicely, but does that stop your regular weekly dose of MYTHIC MONDAY? I don’t think so. AVAST, here be Mythic Mini 17: Feats of Seafaring! Breasting the beautiful briny blue, this product brings you mythic feats like Corsair and Hoist the Colors as well as feats with both mythic and non-mythic versions like Naval Commander! Get your copy today at d20pfsrd, Paizo, or DrivethruRPG! And while you’re at it you may want to check out our Mythic Monsters: Sea Monsters for even more nautical fun in anticipation of the release this month of our first Pirate Adventure Path Plug-Ins!


But Mythic Mythos Monday? In our Kickstarter we are just $49 away from unlocking the latest Final Four favorites poll for the Mythic Monster Manual… picking your favorite cosmic horrors and eldritch abominations from Mythic Monsters: Mythos! Make it happen. THE STARS ARE RIGHT! IA! IA! FTHAGN MYTHIC MANIA!

Mythic Minis 17 - seafaring cover