Road to Destiny now available!

They say that all roads must end, but they must also begin somewhere, and that place is here and the time is right now. A long-simmering cauldron of awesome is about to bubble over, and here it is: Road to Destiny! Courtesy of superstar author Jim Groves, superstar cartographer Pedro Coelho, and fan-favorite artist Jason Juta, Road to Destiny is a perfect low-level adventure as part of or apart from the Far East Adventure Path. Jim has skilfully woven challenges of thought and skill into his adventure, right alongside the need for sword and spell. Jim has included notes for playing with a modified version of the caravan rules for the AP or for playing without them, as well as numerous helpful sidebars explaining questions of rules and plot that are likely to arise.

This product has been long in the making. Time to rise and shine and let the sun light your path!

JR06-Road to Destiny


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