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Note: This product is a part of the Gothic Campaign Compendium along with several others.

A set of 8 rules-legal, fully fleshed out, ready to play pregenerated 1st level characters created specifically to shine in a gothic-themed Adventure Path campaign, written Neil Spicer and the Legendary Games Design Team. These pregens are more than just a collection of stats—they are fully formed character concepts with identities and personalities created by the best in the industry.

Each with amazing art by Hugo Solis, a rich and interconnected backstories, a trait selection from the specific campaign’s Player’s Guide, special equipment, links to how the character fits into the campaign, and roleplaying tips. To top it all off, each character comes with preselected choices as they advance in the first few levels, and also include notes about their ultimate design goals so you know what you are working towards. As an added bonus, each file also contains a sheet of stand up miniatures for you to cut out and use for each character with Hugo Solis’ amazing art!

Built using the 20-point-buy method, with scaling notes for 15-point builds, these PCs are perfect for use with the Gothic Adventure Path or for your home campaign or "Society" organized play. This download includes two files: a “full color” version, with color backgrounds, and a “color ink” version that has white backgrounds with color ink, giving you multiple ways to print out these characters for your game table. Permission is included to photocopy and use them for your home games.

Download includes full-color and print-safe versions of this product, including the following characters:

  • Agrimar Vaskel, male half-orc paladin of the Goddess of Valor (undead scourge)
  • Dominnia Vorsaife, female aasimar summoner and her eidolon, Theodric
  • Eilinica Ziorec, female human cleric of the Goddess of Dreams
  • Ereviss Cierdel, male elf bard (detective)
  • Jevalt Ardain, male dhampir inquisitor
  • Merenso Kull, male half-elf ranger (skirmisher)
  • Xiuj Hak Leyng of the Seven-Ghost-Needles, male human alchemist
  • Ysabot Vaskel, female changeling witch and her cat familiar, Persimmon

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One thought on “Gothic Heroes: Pregenerated Characters

  • Rednal

    The Mythic Hero’s Handbook is the first – and most important – book of the Mythic Mania trilogy. In addition to offering a slew of new path abilities, the Handbook also expands on Mythic Feats (to a truly incredible degree) and adds support for Psionics, a major 3PP subsystem. As if that weren’t enough, the end of the book includes an advice column with ideas for running mythic games more effectively… and let’s face it, the basic Mythic Adventures book is functionally incomplete. This tome fills in the gaps and turns the Mythic subsystem from a headache to a way of running truly heroic games.

    I should note that despite my generally favorable impression of the book, it does have a few flaws, including at least one ability that makes no sense. However, these flaws are not indicative of the whole book – it’s an excellent tome overall, and highly recommended for ANY group playing under the mythic rules.

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